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August 12, 2017 18:05

Children's room Baby

kid needed a warm room, with the ability to regularly ventilate the room.It is necessary to illuminate the room properly.It is necessary to provide noise isolation rooms, full or partial, to any sounds did not wake the baby.For example, a proofing - a sound-insulating material in three layers, or any other.


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  2. Making children's room for the newborn
  3. Construction of a children's room for the newborn
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first in life is to be a newborn little room enoughbright, cozy, cause you positive emotions, because they will feel your child.


necessary to finishing materials, as well as the floor, walls and furniture, toys were still environmentally friendly, and did not represent a danger to the child.Therefore, the walls need to be painted or to paste paper oboyami.Potolok be dyed safe paint.

Flooring is best to lay cork or high quality laminate.Cork floors - eco-friendly, fairly warm, easy to clean, safe.You can make the floors of floorboards made of natural wood, varnished.Carpets in the room are not necessary, since they accumulate dust and are a source of bacteria.Also, therefore, do not need to hang lush draperies on the windows.Hang lightweight curtains of light shades.You do not need to do three-dimensional bright shapes on the ceiling of the room for the newborn child, as well as steps with a variety of levels, they are perceived as a threat to the child.

Making children's room for the newborn

good that the room was painted in pastel colors, as they are calming.Try to arrange a nursery for a newborn in such colors as to be light and quiet as possible.

Psychologists believe that the room for a child bright colors needed as an additional incentive for the development of the brain, but quickly growing and developing brain needs a rest, for example, use a cream and chocolate colors for painting.

Construction of a children's room for the newborn

overriding in the room is the bed.It should not be small, as it is necessary to take into account the rapid growth of the child.Choose a fairly comfortable, hypoallergenic materials produced from a bed (wood).

You can also put a chest of drawers where you store clothes and diapers, as well as baskets for storage of toys.It is necessary to put a chair or small sofa for Mom.It is necessary to mute the blinding sunlight curtains as newborn eyes hypersensitive.To scatter light, buy lamps with shades.Artificial light should be identical to the natural one.You also need a nightlight.

about changing table need to arrange additional lighting, as this is a place where you do massage crumbs, swaddle him process the umbilical wound.

Children's room for the newborn girl in the main draw up in pink tones and room for a newborn boy is usually formed in blue.

Photo Children's Room for newborns

Photos children's room design for a newborn, you can find below.