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August 12, 2017 18:05

As a self- clear overgrown land - step by step instructions

This problem can be solved relatively simply - to invite experts.8 hours of operation (and equipment) for stubbing and leveling the area will have to pay from 15 000 to 20 000 rubles.And if you do not spend money and clear overgrown land on their own?As with anything, and that take into account - with all of this and we will investigate the proposed article to the reader.


It is with this and start any business.

  • Drawing plot scheme.Moreover, the most detailed, with all the distortions of recesses, and so on.If this wasteland, it should be clarified immediately with the boundaries of their allotment to not work "idle", the processing someone else's territory.
  • inspection area and the terms of tasks.Much depends on how much land is overgrown and the purposes for which it is planned to clearing.

For instance, he needed the whole, for a breakdown of the beds and the landing of fruit trees and shrubs.In some cases, the owner of the newly acquired put primarily interested in only part of the territory - to start building a house.At this stage of training it is advisable to explore the soil to determine its characteristics.If you plan on equipping wells, the drilling of a pair of test pits and soil analysis experts prompted about 19 000 rubles.

  • of a list of necessary work in accordance with their priority and complexity.In fact, this is the schedule of events.The situations are different, so cleaning can be complete, the entire area or in a separate segment.And the rest of the territory can be left for another time, or to work in parallel with the construction.For example, if the regeneration will involve the excavation bucket, then the same time and a couple of tree stumps can be eliminated.

why a particular recommendation on this point is not - the owner always knows best how better to organize the work.

exemplary procedure for clearing the site

  • Removal of grass.
  • Cutting shrubs.
  • Tree cutting.
  • uprooting stumps, burning remnants of the root system.
  • Loosening the soil and leveling.
  • Delivery and laying of soil-ground (humus).
  • fertilization.

often necessary to calculate the necessary equipment and the number of assistants (if required).No need to explain that one and the same tool to perform all process steps will not work.Yes and assistants constantly is also unlikely to be needed.Perhaps they have to involve only some stages.

Something in the economy is always there, but for certain types of works on clearing the site will require equipment that is used in everyday life is extremely rare.It is worth considering what to buy, and that, for example, to hire a specialized organization or time with friends.Most likely, you will need transport and waste disposal - which, where it is to take, where to take out the garbage, how much it will cost you about - these points also need to think in advance.

might need

Brush Cutter Besides household implements - axes, saws, shovels, pruners.

  • brushcutters.
  • Kustorez (if trimmer low power, and can not cope with this task).It could be
  • scissors (with long handles for pruning).
  • cultivator.
  • Chainsaw.

procedure and peculiarities of

«cosmetic» Cleaning.At this point must be removed from the territory of all the things that do not require the use of a tool - broken branches, construction (household) waste.This work does not require heaps of assistants.In fact, it is the preparation for the implementation of the plan drawn up.All that is collected, stored on the segment area, from where it will be easier to remove transport (or easier to burn).

way, ash (fly ash) is still useful as an organic fertilizer, so you need to think about how to keep it, so as not inflated by the wind or washed away by rain water (if the site is on a slope).


removal of bushes and tall grass.The work depends on how much overgrown portion.But limited to the trimmer or cultivator is undesirable."Completely," should go with a shovel.This work will take time and effort, but it's worth it.Why?Mechanization does not relieve the soil from the roots and spores.Trimmer only would cut the stems, and soil cultivator shovel.As a result, after some time again will appear young shoots, and will again do everything "in a circle."

Note!In some cases, you can use chemicals, although this should not be abused.Before use, you need to examine the manufacturer's instructions and ask about the weather forecast (especially wind speed and direction).

What to consider in the application of "chemistry»

Firstly, the result will be not earlier than in two or three weeks.Will have to wait.

Secondly, if the landing site to prepare the cultures after cultivation herbicides it can start only after about 2.5 months (depending on the type of drug).

cleaning Felling trees Should I remove everything?With this you need to decide at the stage of marking the territory for resettlement.In places where it is planned to organize a children's playground, gazebo or something else, and you can leave the trees - to shade the segment area.By the way, some horticultural crops also do not like direct sunlight.

  • bring down tall trees alone do not, especially if located next to the adjacent, already inhabited areas.
  • All wood can be efficiently used, even chips (mulch).Therefore, remove stems and branches with the territory is hardly feasible.This wood and the renovated / Accessories (eg hedges), and ash for fertilizer territory.
  • uprooting stumps.The easiest way - with the help of an excavator, but it is not always acceptable.Drive on the territory of the technique is often possible (especially if it is undeveloped), and the result after the sale in order quite difficult.But do not worry - there are several effective ways to get rid of the stumps with his hands.


How to uproot the stumps without technology?

Method 1

entrenched themselves in a circle, then chop off (cut chainsaw) roots.Will only have to shake the tree stump and remove.


Method 2

To cut drilled several deep holes into which is poured a solution of ammonium nitrate.Next summer, you can burn the stump.During the year "chemistry" impregnate all wood structure so that the material is easily ignited.If you can wait - the best option.


Method 3

Rather, for those who like exotics.You can land on the cut mushrooms - mushrooms - and harvest.Their colony gradually, over several years, drain the wood, and the stump will turn into dust, which will be easy to remove.

After uprooting stumps should be treated well, or not the fact that remaining in the soil the roots will not let the new shoots.

  • People a lot of ways - pour gasoline and burn, pour lime and others.Choosing one or another technology must be provided, as will be further used this "penny".
  • If you decided to leave the stump to decorate the territory as a garden "chair", then it must be processed - to remove dust from the core and soak (smear), special means, and then cover, such as varnish.Otherwise it becomes a habitat of insects in it (and close) appear moss, mold, fungi and so on.

Everything else - tillage, fertilizing, laying topsoil - at the discretion of the owner, so the details of this stop is not necessary.Especially since the main task is completed - a site cleared.