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August 12, 2017 18:05

Garden arbor with their hands

Today more and more popular to buy building lots, but even more fashionable - to equip them yourself.For example, garden furniture with their hands - it's not just comfortable and beautiful, but also the proof to yourself that you can do everything, if only to want.So, where to start?


  1. Construction stages gazebos
  2. Drawings gazebos
  3. Photo gazebos with their hands
  4. Video building gazebos with their hands

Construction stages gazebos

first, thoroughly cleanse the selected area on which we plan to build a gazebo with your hands, from various debris, unwanted building materials and rubbish.

If you have any stumps or snags, it is better to get rid of them right away, as later will make it much more difficult.

then determine what size we want to build our gazebo.For example, the total number of people that can fit the structure is 15-16 people.Make your own drawings, or take ready.The following article you will find drawings of gazebos, but they are suitable for other types of gazebos, not like the photos in the article.It is planned to place where our foundation will be poured, followed dig a hole the right size and build formwork.

pergolas to give their own hands did not require such a scope of work, such as the construction of a country house or other premises, but some of the procedures in all building processes is still similar.

Despite the fact that the gazebo - a space open as possible, the design must be strong enough to protect her from being in the rain and wind.

The next phase - installation of the vertical load-bearing structures, and then the floor beams.Vertical design bind specific logs and all this is covered by conventional floorboards.

Wooden structures covered with primer deep penetration, and finally painted in any desired color.As a rule, most people who have made summer houses with their own hands, prefer the pleasant unobtrusive pastel shades, close to beige and brown.

Combined with green foliage looks very harmonious.It is necessary to remember and take into account the fact that, whatever the weather conditions each year gazebo is again to paint in order to make it minimally exposed to destruction.

roof gazebo for your hands, as shown in the photo, it is best to do a flat and slightly recessed into the design.To the rainwater that falls on the roof not accumulate there, but could drain, installed homemade downspout.

Near the main gazebo can dig a small pit, if you can call it that, that can go below ground level up to 70 centimeters.The sandy soil is added to a small amount of gravel to form a natural drainage for adequate sewage.It can be equipped with a special little area for cooking BBQ (the only thing you need to immediately make sure that the top had no branches).

If you decide to build a gazebo made of wood with their hands, and do not forget about the area for children - yet another small platform on which to install the swing.

The final phase - upgrading our arbor: Set barbecues, tables and other necessary accessories.In the shops, you can put a soft colorful cushions on tables put massive candles in elegant candlesticks.Since gazebo - is mostly open design, its virtual walls should be protected from prying eyes and create comfort.This can be done using light light tyuley or special tents.

noteworthy that modern wooden gazebos with their hands - it's not just a sad little "hut" with cracked green paint, as we remember from childhood, but the whole entertaining mini-centers in which there is a placeand barbecue, and for quiet secluded conversations, and for entertainment of kids.

Drawings gazebos

Please find drawings of garden arbors:

Photo gazebos with their hands

offer view photos of garden arbors made with his own hands:

video gazebo building with their hands

We invite you to watch video clarity building gazebos with their hands: