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August 12, 2017 18:06

Upholstery metal doors with their hands

Input metal door is considered an essential attribute of any house or apartment.But often it is not a standard look of satisfied home owners.Especially because there are different versions of trim metal door - it can make an entrance in the house in accordance with the taste of its owner.


Upholstery doors with their hands


following tools and materials are needed when working on the upholstery of metal doors:

  • glue - epoxy, "moment Universal";

  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • staple gun;
  • brush;
  • stationery knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • scissors;
  • layout tools: tape measure, pencil or marker.

to work with laminate, MDF panels and wood in addition to these tools, you will need:

  • jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • screws.

Getting Started

  1. First of all, the door removed from its hinges.Then it is laid horizontally on the support, as a stool which four can be used.
  2. dismantles fasteners and fittings: handles, locks, hinges, peephole.
  3. If a door trim replacement, the old coating is removed.The surface is cleaned of contaminants.
  4. Measure the door leaf.

More recently, metal doors just covered with paint or lacquer.But this method is not satisfied with the discerning consumer.Upholstery metal doors is considered more practical and aesthetically pleasing version of its registration.interior doors , laminate

To do this, the following materials are used.



Upholstery Colour Options doors - the most familiar and habitual way of decoration, known since the 90s.Modern vinyl leather types are significantly different from the material of the time.It is even close is very similar to natural leather and has similar characteristics to it.In this case the material costs are much lower.Door upholstery vinyl leather - the most economical version of their design.

vinyl leather Advantages:

  • most affordable price compared to other door upholstery material options;
  • resistance to moisture, fading and temperature changes;
  • high elasticity;
  • simplicity of care - imitation leather to clean any detergent;
  • good level of durability;
  • excellent sound and thermal insulation properties;
  • large variety of textures and colors.

trim and doors , vinyl

very serious shortcomings of the material applies its "vulnerability" - the presence in the house pets increases the risk of damage to the door trim.When facing flaps should buy vinyl leather lining.This may be a foam, 10-20 mm thick, or izolon - better and more modern material.

vinyl leather door trim

  1. Over the door is applied to the adhesive surface.Insulation (foam or izolon) is applied to the canvas and smoothed over the entire area.
  2. excess material trimmed the size of the door.
  3. leatherette cut to size prepared.Moreover, its width should be more than 12 cm on the web.
  4. If upholstered outer side of the door, the adhesive is applied to the upper sash ledge on the back side, and this place is pressed imitation leather.Using bar-stronger rules will help to fix the finishing material.
  5. When decorating the inside of the fabric, taping starts at the upper end of the door.
  6. Upholstery with little tension smoothed from top to bottom and checked for bias.
  7. Likewise glued the entire perimeter of the door - first on the hinge side, and then the leaf side with handles and lock.At the lower end of the work carried out in the last turn.
  8. When upholstering doors on both sides, the material in the bonding locations should not go overlap - it is bad to stay.
  9. Trim off any excess vinyl leather.
  10. Cut holes for fittings.Better if their size is slightly less than necessary.
  11. Installed hardware and fittings.


material properties

Initially developed laminate flooring, but the quality made it possible to use the material for the upholstery of doors.The web panel has a thickness of 0.7-0.8 cm and consists of four layers:

  • bottom - water-resistant paper impregnated with paraffin or synthetic resins;
  • main - fibreboard;
  • top - resin-impregnated paper with various patterns;
  • protective - glossy polymer film with antistatic properties.

use laminate as trim front doors - the perfect solution, as it has many positive qualities:

  • Affordable price - despite the fact that the cost of luxury laminate is significantly different from the material economy class, such interior doors will be cheaper,than when using solid wood or MDF.At the same time it will have a noble and respectable.

steel laminate finish

  • resistance to fading.
  • decorative properties - exterior doors, coated laminate, does not differ from the more expensive items, decorated with natural wood.It may have a different pattern, but is most often used imitation of wood.
  • Easy to clean - laminate flooring is easy to clean using the detergent.
  • high level of acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • resistant to damage and contamination.


addition to advantages, laminate finish door has its drawbacks:

  • Loss of use of the material in the finishing of the door facing the street.Laminate does not tolerate high humidity and temperature changes - it swells and loses appearance.Therefore, the material is used only for the upholstery of entrance doors in apartments.
  • careful use of chemical agents in the care - of their high concentration of coating damage the door.Acceptable use only a mild detergent solution.

Facing door laminate

  • At the door perimeter on liquid nails fasten wooden slats of a suitable material to the main color.

  • laminated panels going shield, which is cut using a jigsaw according to the parameters of the web between the rails.

  • On the door is applied glue.

once - lined door - laminate

  • Shield is placed on the web and presses the load.
  • After drying, the adhesive on the door fittings set.

Plates MDF

quality material

MDF (fibreboard) is made of pressed wood chips.Bunch is a natural material - lignin.MDF pads have different types of coverage:

  • laminated film - is the most popular, because it has a high performance;

laminated mDF

  • vandal-proof plastic - the most rugged version of the cover;

  • natural veneer - less durable than previous materials, as afraid of water, but it looks very nice and is also popular;

MDF veneer

  • powder paint or enamel has its advantages - gives the panel brilliance and resistance to chemical and physical effects.


advantages of MDF panels:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • strength;
  • a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • large variety of colors and textures;
  • ease of care.

Like all materials, MDF panels have certain disadvantages:

  • cost of products higher than previous versions - they are cheaper than the elite structures made of wood, but more expensive upholstery economy class;
  • material does not react on exposure to moisture - like natural wood;
  • easily damaged when applying abrasives, so only the cleaning solutions used in the care.

Installing MDF panels

  1. door leaf is cleaned and degreased, then painted.This is done to improve the contact surface and MDF panels.
  2. Along the perimeter of the door are made through holes for the screws, which step -. 10-15 cm at the door
  3. glue is applied.
  4. MDF panel is placed on the flap and secured with screws.In this case the cap screws that secure the inner plate are under the outer cladding.In order that they are not stuck in the outer panel, screws utaplivajut in sweat.
  5. drilled holes for fitting and installing.

Wooden array

Wooden array - an elite kind of plating metal door.In its capacity as using different types of wood treated with special means.

This option upholstery has undeniable advantages:

  • unique, high-end design;
  • elegance;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • large variation of colors;
  • good heat and sound insulation;
  • high strength.


Disadvantages wooden door trim:

  • high cost;
  • great weight;
  • poor moisture resistance.

installation solid wood is similar to metal door trim products MDF panels.