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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose kitchen

Kitchen is the area where family members often meet to discuss the day's events, argue and make peace for a delicious dinner or a cup of tea.Therefore, the kitchen space should be arranged so that the members of the household was as comfortable as possible.Furniture kitchen plays here an important role.

Today, this item of kitchen furniture consists of a table and seating in different variations.Before buying a kitchen, you need to figure out what their desires and needs.To begin with, a good idea to figure out what in general are kitchenette, and how they differ.

Subtleties choice kitchenette

Options seats

  1. Chairs
  2. chairs + bench
  3. chairs + sofa
  4. Chairs + ottomans + small sofa

There are other options, exclusive models of areaseat.

presence of additional storage space for household trifles

It is clear that if there are only a set of kitchen chairs, then to store all sorts of things you need to purchase a separate pencil case.Corners in the style of "high-tech" also does not imply the presence of any containers.For such furniture is characterized by elongated legs and a straight or slightly curved lines of the armrests.But there are a number of models that are equipped with concealed cupboards.So, kitchen corners for kitchen can be:

  1. Without drawers.
  2. with drawers (not very common).
  3. with drawers that can be opened by lifting the top of the seat.

    Corner with drawers for storage of household trifles.


    Kitchenette without drawers.

box can be one big all along the sofa, and perhaps a few small.

materials used in the manufacture of kitchen corners

Upholstery upholstered parts

  • Leather environmentally friendly, easy to clean, pleasant to the touch.However, not at least the interior of this furniture is appropriate.In addition, these kitchen corners, prices are quite high, which leads to limited supply of such models in the domestic market.track
  • Synthetic leather. Practical, easy to clean, which is important in the kitchen.Today leatherette almost identical to natural leather, some even have the ability to "breathe."


  • Microfiber - the most popular synthetic material with high wear resistance, long lasting presentable.But the area with a padded, will likely have to be ordered individually.


  • Upholstery fabric : velvet, chenille, jacquard, plush, flock.The latter is very similar in properties to mikrfibre, but a little cheaper.It should be noted that the nappy option when changing upholstery lighting looks different and may not be suitable to the surrounding interior, so there have to be vigilant when choosing a color.Fabrics with a distinct longitudinal-transverse texture are salted property.

The soft - area - to - kitchen

Fillers soft parts of seats

  • Foam. As part of this foam contains flame retardants, fire resistance increase.
  • Polyurethane .Decent analogue foam having better moisture and heat-insulating properties, but less susceptible to deformation.

Elasticity, and hence the ability to maintain its original shape depends on the degree of material stiffness.Sometimes filler normal stiffness, increased rigidity, hard, soft, hyper-soft, high elasticity.High-quality filler is not cheap, but its service life can reach 10 years.

Material main body of soft kitchen corner (frame)

  • chipboard .Most often used laminated chipboard, presented in a variety of color and texture solutions.

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  • high-quality wood. Kitchen corners of the wood are far superior in terms of price and quality of those that are made of chipboard.


  • Metal. Because metal can be made part of the frame, especially if there is a folding design elements.

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  • Artificial materials.

To improve the water resistance of the corners of the kitchen is usually treated with special impregnation.

material from which made the bulk of the chairs and table.

  • tree. most enjoyable, safe, but an expensive option.
  • Metal. most rugged and durable furniture.
  • plastic and other synthetic materials. Easy and simple to maintain, relatively cheap.

dependence kitchenette models from the area of ​​the dining area.

choosing kitchen, except models and colors, should pay attention to the size of the kitchen area and the whole apartment as a whole.If you are the owners of a small-sized one-bedroom apartment, but like night gatherings with a girlfriend, the ideal option would be a folding kitchen.When assembled, this furniture will not take up much space and reduce, and without having a small area.And by expanding the sofa, you will be able to offer the guest a full bed without sacrificing comfort.


Single story - kitchen corners for small kitchens.It is clear that if they wanted you vtisnete confined space a large corner sofa.Here, a small corner sofa with short sections of the seat or single sofa under a wall, or an option with a bench.For micro-kitchens, unfortunately, have to be content with very small kitchenette, or rather, a dining area with chairs or ottomans.Although, today, practiced alternative solutions for limited spaces.For example, the popular kitchen corners, where a bench-sofa dining area combined with a window sill, as seen in the photo.


Also, do not forget that the style in which made furniture dining area, should not stand out from the overall concept of kitchen design.Kitchen facilities must be not only functional but also decorative.