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August 12, 2017 18:05

air heating system for private homes - especially devices and circuits

traditionally mounted heating circuit in the buildings for different purposes - the water (stoves, fireplaces, "goats" and so on do not count), but as a coolant in it can be used and so-called "nezamerzayki".In private residential buildings and apartments have recently become established and electrical systems (the most common options - heating cables, mats, infrared devices).

But if you ask the question, what is the air heating, it is unlikely that 10 people at least two correct answers.Although for use in a private house this type of system - more than an attractive engineering solution.What it is, it is the characteristic feature, and much more - this article.

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Functional principle

air heating system installed in various configurations, depending on the heated area, number of floors of a private house and a number of other factors.In short, her job is to heat the cooled air mass is supplied to the heat source, followed by diverting their "channels" that are responsible for heating individual rooms.

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air heating system in its structure may be different elements, depending on the specific project.The main (basic) are:

  • heat generator. Air heaters can serve the boiler, water heater, fireplace, heat gun.There are other options, such as solar panels;

  • ducts. Actually, the channels through which air flows circulate.Sales have different versions of such products.Differences in the material section (circle, rectangle, square) sizes.The articulation of individual sections of the simple, so installation on its own does not represent any difficulty;
  • exchanger (economizer heat exchanger).Set not always, but for large systems are generally mounted;
  • Accessories (valve, fan, distribution heads, grilles and a number of other elements of the system).

Options air heating

of 6 circulation of air masses - forced or natural (gravitational).The latter kind of system is mounted, usually in small single-storey buildings.

It is characterized by a certain inertia (due to the architectural features of the building), but the circuit is non-volatile (no need to use fans and other electrical appliances), and its installation is cheaper.In fact, this advanced heating furnace of a private house.

heating system with forced circulation advantage that air can climb from the outside (open loop).

Consequently, there is a possibility of its regular refreshment.And at any temperature "overboard", while the quality airing of rooms in winter way of opening windows and doors, in some cases undesirable.For example, if small children at home, "capricious" plants and the like.Less clear - higher installation costs and the need for continuous en / software.

air heating Features


on th One of the most important - no leakage risk. They do not happen at all, given that the coolant is air.We can also add that the freezing of the system is possible.For a country structure, in which the owners only occasionally visited by - more than relevant.

high efficiency. To understand better, you should understand in detail, thereby reducing costs:

  • Professionally executed installation of the system will ensure its efficiency of at least 93%.Given that the water circuits for the indicator rarely reaches values ​​of 75%, the advantage over weighty.
  • consumption "fuel" is minimal.Firstly, due to the high inertia of this type of heating system (heating water heats up faster).Second, the heat generator operation more "gentle".It is only activated when the temperature drops below the limit, which is set to automatic.Therefore, its operation - is alternating periods of peace and inclusion.
  • Pipes battery (radiators) in such systems are not used.If we compare the total cost of installation of the equipment, the costs for heating the air is slightly less than water.
  • possibility of combining heating and air conditioning functions.After installation in the private structure of the air-type heating system acquisition of other home appliances category "HVAC equipment" is not required.

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Quick installation system. Even if I have to do it yourself, do not require specific tools and accessories.For example, "iron" for plastic pipes and a number of other non-household.

Silent air system. Firstly, the coolant through the pipes do not "rustle" that some people are very annoying.Secondly, the owners of private houses will never face such a "surprise" as regular water hammer.Especially if the structure is more than 2 floors.

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Minimum list of works provided for MOT. From an operational point of view - quite a profitable system.

reader, for which these arguments are not very convincing, we can give one another - a long service life of the air system.Compared with the water heating in excess of about 2.5 - 3 times.


If carefully grasp the essence of the claims that are made to the air heating system is its "benevolent", we can conclude that they are, as well, and everything in this world is relative.

impossibility alteration. What exactly?That is the question in the first place and should be checked.

dependence on electric / battery. This only applies to heating systems where air circulation is organized force.The same can be "put in opposition" to almost any contour of heating, except perhaps those where nonvolatile boilers (TLO type) are used.

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need for more frequent intervals TO. Service need any technical equipment (mechanism, system).The thing is, how well it exploits the host.With regard to the air heating focuses on the timely removal of condensate and soot inside the ducts.However, professionally designed system provides, how to minimize these "flaws" and to facilitate manufacturing operations.

air systems can not be installed are operated by private or other structure. Again, not quite true.At design chosen method of laying cable channels.Basically, there are hidden schemes.Some of them really do not just alter.But what prevents envisage installation of various trim panels, the installation of suspended ceilings.If you choose the right kind of cloth (eg cloth), they will cover most of the duct.

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author recommends not to judge so unique about these shortcomings and their amount.Ideal does not exist - it's common knowledge.A variety of cons can "smooth out", if we understand the principle of air heating, especially by mounting the system on the project drawn up by a professional.

air heating cost

It is appropriate to indicate only approximate data, since the costs depend on the circuit structure, the equipment used, the structure of the architecture, and so on.

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contracting firms evaluate their services for installation (without materials) in the range of 920 - 1 140 rubles / m2.If all to do with their hands, the item in the budget will be absent.But for the development of the documentation is better to pay as independently carry out calculations is unlikely to succeed.

It is worth noting than fraught with errors in the design:

  • Permanent drafts.
  • presence in the room background noise at home.
  • overheated air and drainage facilities.

And this is just the basic, most often "have the place to be" trouble.

General information enough.Solve the reader, whether you need a heating system in a private home.But the fact that this system will eliminate the many problems associated with the water circuit - definitely.