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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sectional doors with their hands

Sectional doors are used today for insulation and sealing of various (including garage) space.These structures consist of a spring, absorbing fluctuation of the web, and other accessories guide.Self fabric is equipped with special mechanisms intended for remote opening / closing by remote control, the bundled.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors

Sectional doors are found mainly in those areas where space is limited.When opening the blade rises, which significantly saves free area.

The design of sectional garage doors

Design sectional garage doors

Attention!Gate panels are executed in any color, in the manufacture of coated with a special polymer coating, which protects the structure from corrosion and ensures a long service life.

If desired, the fabric can be embedded durable acrylic window to highlight the garage, and thanks to insulated sandwich panel design can operate in a wide temperature range (up to + -50ᵒS 70ᵒS).

The construction of the gate

Door construction

also is to provide the security of such a structure, because the closing provides a special locking system that allows you to automatically block the panel immediately after lifting.With proper operation and strict adherence to the manufacturer's instructions construction will last about ten years without repair and replacement of individual elements.Now, find out how to assemble

sectional doors with their hands .

gate scheme

Driving gate

Species design

Article Contents

  • 1 Species design
    • 1.1 Construction vertical lift
    • 1.2 constructions high rise
    • 1.3 Construction of standard lifting
    • 1.4 Constructions low rise
  • 2 Step 1: Prepare the equipment
  • 3 Step 2. measurements
  • 4 Step 3: Preparation of the opening
  • 5 Step 4.installation of the sectional door
  • 6 Step 5: Check
    • 6.1 Video - installation of the sectional door
  • 7 designs System sectional doors

Modern sectional doors are suitable for all types of premises.

Attention!Garages and lined before, often do not meet current building standards, so that the gates are produced in different versions.

gate options

Options gate

Construction vertical lift

destined for garages with a large lifting height.Sold exclusively in the building hypermarkets and distinguished by the fact that they occupy minimum space during installation.

high rise constructions

Such gates are more expensive and are used where low height does not allow for the vertical lifting of the web.The high price is due to the use of hangers, special guides and plenty of supplies.

Design Standard Lifting

used in rooms that are fully ready to install, with a minimum height of the lintel at least 18 cm. All the elements are made of stainless steel.The easiest and most convenient option, because the most popular.

Constructions low rise

Low lifter gates are suitable in conditions of reduced height opening (lintel).Attached to the ceiling control elements and torsion springs, and if it is low, then the whole apparatus is fixed to the rear part of the guide.More specifically, such a device comprises:

  • torsion bar;
  • winding pulleys;
  • balancing springs.

possible to start preparatory work after selecting a suitable design.

Step 1: Prepare the equipment



Before you get started, you should prepare all the necessary tools.

  1. Laser Level is especially necessary if the gate width is greater than 5 m. The fact that the usual water levels allow a certain error (from 1.5 cm to 3 cm), which is not allowed when installing the sectional door.
  2. Electric drill for fixing individual items at height.
  3. Punch 1.5 kW for making holes in the concrete.
  4. Other tools: screwdriver, wire cutters, pliers.

Attention!This list of tools is incomplete, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the gate opening and the quality of training.

also require different fastening elements, regardless of whether the walls are made of concrete or of unconsolidated sandstone.



Step 2. Measurements

Scheme for measurements

scheme for measuring

Before ordering sectional design need to carry out detailed measurements of the opening and the room in general.

Step 1. First measured value of H - opening height.This does not indicate a specific height, and a place to enter the machine.Let's height is 200 cm. In this case, you must specify the order of 30 cm more, t. To. After a clean installation of fare will be 180 cm.

Step 2. further measured lintel (h).From this parameter depends on the type of the chosen design.

Step 3. defined aperture width (B).The resulting figure is increased by 2 cm on each side with future designs.

Step 4. defines the technical gap (b1, b2), a minimum of 8 cm on each side.This will provide easy access to the elements of fastening for servicing.

Step 5. At the end of the garage is measured depth (L).A feature of the sectional door is considered the fact that the web is raised to the ceiling, so depth must be greater than the height.

Step 3: Preparation of the opening

Preparation of the opening

Preparation opening



After measurements and training tools ordered the gates themselves.Typically, the manufacture takes about two weeks.During this time, the opening can be prepared.

Step 1. First plastered walls and ceiling (if it has not already done so).This is quite simple: after mounting rails gate access to unprepared areas will be inaccessible.

Step 2. checked the plane of each wall towards the neighboring.

Attention!If the opening is not in line with the walls, then set the gate will not work.

Such designs have the correct horizontal form, therefore unacceptable even the slightest error in the construction of the garage.Of course, the gate can be placed on curved surfaces (have to work), but in this case the strength of fasteners and aesthetics will be called into question.And in the winter will blow out the snow and cold air, resulting in freezing room.

Step 3. multideck and off with metal lintel area.

Attention!With no experience of training are best left to the professionals of the garage, and already at the end of work, check results when using the level.If the specifications are not met, then the owner will often make repairs and replacement parts, and service life, respectively, will be reduced.

Step 4. Install sectional doors

Main point of attachment overhead vertical guides and mounting bracket for the torsion mechanism

main point of attachment overhead vertical guides and mounting bracket for the torsion mechanism

Attention ! Self connection paintings - extremely complex process , cope with which only experienced wizard.Therefore better order already ready gate and set their in frame .

Step 1. Initially removed or strengthened all fragile coating.Checking if the floor is horizontal (margin of error in this case - only 1 mm).If everything is OK, you can start preparing for the installation of panels.It must be remembered that these gates are quite expensive, so with the web should be handled with the utmost care not to accidentally damage.

Step 2. Further markings applied for mounting rails.The first fixed vertical profiles - they are attached to the wall by means of mounting screws (different such a long leg).Then, focusing on the vertical profiles, fixed horizontal guides.It is important that "tracks" located strictly at a right angle with respect to each other, otherwise the web can not rise.

Mounting the horizontal rails

Mounting horizontal guides

Mounting the horizontal rails

Mounting horizontal guides

Mounting the horizontal rails

Mounting horizontal guides

Step 3. Next collected panel (if not purchased ready-gate).It should be all carefully zamerivat, t. To. The sectional door, as mentioned above, do not suffer distortions.Yet if any formed, it can not be used for alignment of different sized plates or assembly foam, otherwise design sizes will be further impaired.

Instead, make better use of rail pads of different thicknesses.

Step 4. then mounted controls and the lifting mechanism.Checking the accuracy of the measurements.

Before starting the installation work should refer to the manufacturer's instructions.Many companies (such as "Alutech", "Hormann" or "Dorhan) steps describe the installation of the structure.Features installation work may vary depending on the manufacturer, but in general it is a simple procedure.

Installation of the web

Installation web

Step 5. After installing the panels are fixed additional elements (lock, hinges and handles).Castle should be given special attention - it must be of high quality, that is to designed to protect property...

Catch safety device Hormann sectional doors

Catch safety device for sectional doors Hormann

Installation of additional elements

Installation of additional elements

Handles sectional doors

sectional door handles

Step 6. are installed springs, which are responsible for opening / closing the gate.At the final stage of the fixed stops necessary to limit the movement of the web.



Mechanical system of protection against spring break

Mechanical system of protection against breakage of the spring

Attention!If you are installing a model with automatic gate opening, the need to install more electric drive.For the correct installation and connection should also read the instructions for the device.

Electric gates

gate Power

Installation automation

Installation Automation

Unlocking the drive from inside the premises

unlock the drive inside

premises with proper approach and the correct calculation of the gate installation takes a maximum of one day.

Installing the web

Installing web

Step 5. Check

main indicator of the correct installation is the presence or absence of the lumen at the lowered cloth.In this case, the seals are properly carry out its functions to seal and protect the garage from falling precipitation.It should be noted that the outside seals should be invisible.If they can be seen, the measurements were carried out properly.



further examined the bottom panel.The fixed bottom seal must fit snugly as possible to the floor.If a gap is found, the design is checked by level.To fix the defect level is not regulated by the guides.

last checked balancing (balancing spring).They may be located on the sides or on the profiles of the torsion beam - it depends on the area of ​​fabric.If you raise the gate at 1.5 meters, the spring must be in place, not falling and not rising.

Video - Installation of the sectional door

designs System sectional doors

Installation of doors with standard lift

Installation of doors with standard lift

Assembling the lower panel

Assembly bottom panel

Assembling the front panel

Assembling front panels

Assembling the top panel

Assembling the top panel

Installing the vertical rails

Installing vertical rails

Installing the vertical rails

Installing vertical rails

Installing horizontal rails

Installing horizontal rails

Installation brackets

Installation brackets

Install spacers

installation spacers

Installing panels


The torsion mechanism

torsion mechanism

The torsion mechanism

torsion mechanism and cocking spring

Fixing to the ceiling

mount to the ceiling

Adjusting cables

Adjusting cables

Gates mounting parts

gates mounting parts