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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to decorate the window sill

window of a city apartment - it's not an easy opening for the penetration of light, but an independent interior detail.Therefore, you need to decorate it with an appropriate attitude.As an example, you can decorate the window sill amazing flowers or bonsai, which will create the effect of a miniature surrealist garden.Learn how to decorate the window sill.How to implement bold ideas into practice?Is it possible to build a folding table-sill?


  • Why You Need
  • Difficulties design
  • Solutions
  • Installation-sill table
  • How to decorate a window sill with his hands
    • Design watering can in the form of vases
    • color original toys and pillowsburlap
    • Beautiful pots with plants
  • How to decorate a window sill in the nursery
  • Conclusion

Why You need

Most residential homes being built in the era of total built-up under the Soviets, were equipped with miniature kitchens and bedrooms.designers logic is not entirely clear.The savings on the most popular residential areas in the apartment reached the point of absurdity.Especially considering optional balcony, pantry, double living room.Perhaps the party leaders so wanted to wean people away from traditional cooking battles on political topics.Although it seems to us no less fancy than Khrushchev without communicating room with thick walls.

However, owners of small-sized housing tried to visually expand the space, make it more comfortable to stay.The term "reduction" in the first place got nonfunctional massive mezzanine.This vestige of the builders of the Soviet past is striking, is still found in the projects of modern residential complexes.

From a design standpoint, as the experts insist, these facilities did not seem to be a good solution.Bulky design reduces the visual space, compress an already tight food room.This equally applies to washing machines (which has no place in the kitchen), dryers, cabinets.


unfair to overlook a kitchen windowsill.The painful struggle for space can lead to victory.A little reflection on a functional and a practical component, the light can have an idea of ​​the prevailing countertops, adjacent to the window sill.

Difficulties design

first about the pitfalls that surely will follow the event since the conception to implementation.

1. Violation of traditional heating.

countertop, being a continuation of the sill, is likely to become an obstacle to the natural window to heating and the room in general.The heat from the radiator according to the laws of physics goes up, preventing fogging the windows, warming drafts.The air curtain must not meet in the way of obstacles.

2. Stability.

  • wide design provides additional support.This is a great alternative to the classic kitchen table;
  • narrow design immaterial issued outside window sill, thereby creating a reliable stability.However, a small lever that supports the panel, can not cope with more weight.

3. Thermal resistance.

Modern windows and window sills are made of PVC.PVC is resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, ultraviolet rays.However, not recommended for sill-table stuff.



give optimal solutions, leveling the pitfalls, which we mentioned earlier.

  1. air curtain will not experience barriers if cut into the countertop parallel holes.They can decorate ventilation grilles.
  2. In the role of support may make furniture legs with mounts for fixing.
  3. optimal material for countertops is MDF.He highlighted the strength, lightness and resistance to high temperatures.Decorate the windowsill in the kitchen can be like a normal plastic furniture edges and decor means, which are discussed later.
  4. It is advisable to provide a frame made of slats for the construction safety.

Installation sill-table

worktops must be designed so that the sill was built under the window.This will give the structure greater stability.Here are some recommendations how to install the countertop:

  1. on MDF sheet on the back side draw a shape the future of the emerging desktop.
  2. Cut out the shape using a jigsaw.
  3. File off the edges, apply furniture tape.
  4. make a frame made of thick boards.
  5. Attach it to the back of the sheet.
  6. Construct feet of beams for a table in the shape of P or T
  7. canopies Attach leg.
  8. Connect all the elements of furniture using screws.
  9. canopies Attach the windowsill and assemble the entire structure.

How to decorate a window sill with his hands


If you want to transform a dull window sill in a separate piece of furniture, let your imagination run wild.As the decorations are ideal glass vases, pots bizarre shapes with plants, colorful bottles with candles and other fillings.And all these elements of decor to easily create their own.

You will need:

  • unwanted household accessories;
  • ribbons;
  • colored paper;
  • rhinestones;
  • fillers for pillows;
  • burlap;
  • glue;
  • paint brushes;
  • buttons, thread and needle.

Designer watering a flower vases

  1. Take an old watering can.
  2. Clean from dust, paint, rust.
  3. Paint paint.
  4. Glue beads, rhinestones, ribbons.
  5. Insert the flowers or plant a plant.

original toys and pillows from burlap

  1. Take a burlap material and cut on the patterns (are freely available on the web).
  2. as fillers suitable foam, old rags or unnecessary padding of mattresses.
  3. Sew all of the pillows or toys, tamp the filler.
  4. Decorate additional buttons, beautiful textile preforms for needlework.It all depends on the imagination.

Beautiful pots with plants

flowers - on - kitchen

in flower shops in large quantities presents a charming flowering plants in the original pot.If desired, decorate them can be further colored paper, beads, sequins, paint.Amazing plants with spreading leaves, dwarf trees will definitely gaze in such an interesting design.So advice.

  1. When decorating the window sill flowers do not think, as a larger place on the sunny side of the vegetation.Sometimes one or two pots with amazing content enough to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  2. kitchen windowsills best left to the pots with herbs (basil, dill, coriander).Moreover, this type creates the proper environment for cooking, but also different practical component.During cooking, you can pick a few leaves and chop in the sauce.Plant a couple of days will make up the new shoots loss.

How to decorate a window sill in the nursery


Children's room - not a greenhouse, so from massive pots on the windowsill should be abandoned.The best solution would be the design of the windows with garlands made of felt, collector's car models.This design solution will appeal to both children and adults.

How else can decorate the window sill:

  1. Fill clear vases with small stones, shells, imitation emeralds and rubies.On a sunny day these vases is passed through it sunlight, breaking it.It looks great.
  2. summer and fall very naturally look on the windowsill fruit vase on a long stalk.The atmosphere of comfort is also achieved with coffee beans and wine stoppers, placed in large glasses.
  3. Put in a transparent tank specific object from your collection, and next position in random order the remaining components of the kit.Such a composition will definitely attract guests and casual visitors.
  4. On New Year's holidays, you can decorate the window sill spruce toys and pine twigs, toys.


Overall, decorate the window sill in the home can be anything.It is only necessary to consider the appointment of the premises.The child has the sense to put on the windowsill like toys with light helicopters, racing cars models.Window perfectly framed garland of felt.

The kitchen is interesting look trays with fruit, pots of herbs, porcelain figurines.In principle, you can arrange all the decorative elements on the windowsill.The main thing is to keep it clean at all times.The rest can be left to the imagination and enthusiasm.