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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dry floor screed with their hands

for all, perhaps, people of any repairs in their home or apartment is a considerable stress.The usual course of life is broken, we have to experience a lot of inconveniences and, in addition, to conduct ongoing for a minute struggle with the spread of construction dirt and dust on on displaced.If the repair is carried out in the new building, then, certainly , future residents are literally on days considered, coh so you can enter its area of ​​full-fledged masters.

Dry floor screed with their hands

Dry screed floor with their hands

In short, the maximum shortening of the timing of repair (without loss of quality, of course) in all cases is Foremost homeowners desire.Come to the aid of modern construction technology with the use of advanced materials - some technological processes performed several times faster.Some of the examples - dry screed.It is the perfect solution where the level difference coating is too high, and this application can not be samorazravnivayuschihsya liquid formulations, or in circumstances where a thermo

- and floor insulation special requirements.As far as the performance is difficult to dry screed floor with their hands?Try to understand ...

What is "dry screed"?

Article Contents

  • 1 What is a "dry screed"?
  • 2 are investigated with the advantages and disadvantages of dry screed
  • 3 What and how much to purchase for the device dry screed
    • 3.1 Video: what filling is better to choose for dry screed
  • 4 Procedure works
    • 4.1 Video: installation on a dry floor screed technology
    • 4.2 Preparing for installation of dry screed
    • 4.3 laying vapor waterproof membrane and damper tape
    • 4.4 installation floor gipsovolokonnyh elements
    • 4.5 Video: error amateurish installation of dry screed and correction

If someone believes that the dry screed is extremely innovative product of building technologies, it is very much mistaken.According to the "age" of your application (in a slightly different form, of course), it is much older and concrete, and the Bole samorazravnivayuschihsya and polimerosoderzhaschih ties.Since ancient times used technique, when between the floor joists was erected a tight natural heating material (sawdust, dry leaves or pine needles, ash or coal furnace slag and etc .).Then on top of stagnation facial wooden floor - floor thus turns and smooth, warm and .And at the same time - no "wet" work!

So that the current dry screed - a long-known technology modernized, but, of course, with the use of advanced materials, ensuring high performance and sex characteristics, and convenience in conducting the coating installation.

So, consider the schematic structure of the floor, made on technology of dry screed:

Schematic device dry screed in the context of the system

Schematic device system dry screed sectional

  • positions 1 and 9 are designated, respectively, a capital floor decks (or concreted base of the first floor floor) andthe vertical wall of the room.
  • On hard based necessarily spread out a layer of waterproof material such as polyethylene film (Pos. 2).
  • Mandatory condition - the compensation gap between the « layered » floor construction and walls of the capital.This is achieved by installing the gasket of porous plastic - compensatory tape (pos. 12).
  • very "dry component" of such ties (3 pos.) - Rolled in an evenly distributed, compacted and leveled by a layer of the filling level of the granular filler small fraction (usually - expanded clay).
Here is the high-quality gravels filling for dry screed

Here is the high-quality gravels filling for dry screed

  • filling stacked on top of a dry floor panel elements.The finished systems (kits) are commonly used dual-layer (item 6.) gipsovolokonnyh plate (GVL), with a special at the edges "chateau" part - to secure connect adjacent cells.
Gipsovolokonnyh dual-layer floor elements

gipsovolokonnyh dual-layer elements of sex

  • between a floor elements are joined with glue (Pos. 4) and by means of screws (Pos. 5).
  • Over roofed technology dry floor screed can be laid under it appropriate (pos. 7) and the chosen topcoat (pos. 8).Left previously
  • gap between the wall and the "dry binders» after finishing floor covering skirting closes (pos. 11), thus it should only be fastened to the wall (pos. 10).

are investigated with the advantages and disadvantages of dry screed

Dry screed has gained certain popularity, but still "threshold" bias and wary to her still not fully overcome .Many owners housing, possibly because of lack of the right information, in no hurry to make a choice in favor of this technology.Let's try to make their own contribution to the cause of eliminating prejudices.

What are the main advantages of dry screed:

  • When the device of floors on such technology combined mass of all materials - much less than during the filling of the "classical Ties".This gives tangible savings and strength, and Supplementary Accessories tv etc. and transportation of all necessary and rise to the floors.
  • Work on the device dry screed does not require any additional equipment - quite normal hand tool.No productive mixers for mixing large quantities of the solution, no, especially , cement mixers are simply not needed.
  • floor filling technology solutions based on cement always requires a sufficiently long - sometimes even up to 1 month for a period of hardening of the screed, the complete set of its strength, reduce humidity to certain level.When installing dry screed that there is no shortage - move on to the next steps can be immediately after the laying of gypsum fiber elements.This much reduces the time of construction or repair work.
  • have owners an opportunity sufficiently flexible scheduling repairs.The fact is that when held work on pouring the "wet" ties, this process usually covers at once all the premises and, consequently, for a long time completely paralyzed all the other "manifestations of activity" in the apartment.But when the device dry screed work can be carried out in stages - for example, moving from room to room.Moreover, in a very large premises it is possible even to separate them in the area, with a consistent "closed" areas.The quality of the coating of this in any way will not be affected.
The dry screed can be laid on sections

dry screed can be laid on sections

  • lack of "wet" processes with this technology - it's a big plus for those who are most afraid of the inevitable dilution of the mud construction.Dust, of course, not be able to get rid of, but it is less trouble.Yes, and the dust from the dry expanded clay backfill is not as allergenic as the one that gives dry cement.This is very important in cases where the family there are people who have a tendency to asthma attacks or allergic predisposition.
  • If there is a need for a device of any ties, it implies a fairly large thickness of the floor created - not least 20 - 30 mm.When you fill any mortar similar thickness it will give a very large mass, and therefore - an additional burden on the overlap.Not all buildings and not under any conditions such permissible, especially in old houses.The use of dry backfill helps greatly to solve this problem - its weight far less.
  • Dry gravels filling itself is excellent thermo - and sound insulator.Consequently, gender, made dry screed technology also acquires these useful performance.Thus, the coefficients reflux eploprovodnosti should not be higher than 0.12 W / m × ° By , and backfill thickness of 30 mm gives noise levels drop by about 40 dB .
  • Despite on ease , seeming «fragility" instability dry the buried layer, obtained as a result of the floor will have high strength properties.If done properly, in compliance with the technical recommendations of the distributed load on a floor area, for example, fixed furniture can reach up to 1,000 kg per square meter.Resistance to a point of force application and temporal dynamic loads also great - the coating must withstand without deformation force of about 400 kg.

way, such strength allows to construct even on such floor light interior partitions, for example, using a frame of galvanized steel profiles and sheets of drywall.The more powerful the walls, for example, from Paso-ridge gypsum board or brick, of course, on the floor of the dry screed will not be tolerated.

On the floor of the dry screed is quite possible to install the light interior partitions

On the floor of the dry screed is quite possible to install the light interior partitions

  • more convenience device dry screed still and that in such a floor is very comfortable, with sufficient layer thickness, discreetly placed a variety of utilities or corrugatedtube wiring cables.
  • As already mentioned, after end of the floor installation on dry technology tie can go directly to the floor of the selected finish.However, there is virtually no restriction on its type - fit any in existence, with, of course, respect the features of preparatory work for each of them.

would be unfair if you do not mention the gender disadvantages, made by the method of dry screed, and some restrictions on the use of this technology:

  • It makes no sense to arrange the floor on this technology in extremely close quarters - in such circumstances is incredibly difficultwill ensure the correct, uniform and dense distribution of dry backfill.
  • Oddly isolates such antennae on top, but it will always be very afraid of moisture or spilled on on lu liquid.If the water will be able to penetrate through the top layer of decorative coating in the filling, then with probability close to 100% have shoot floor - own moisture will not evaporate and means, may appear smell of dampness and other effects of getting wet.In other words, if the room were the risk of water splashing onto the floor, then the dry screed must be rejected.
If dry screed accidentally soaked with water , it can not do without dismantling the cover

If dry screed accidentally soaked with water, then cover without dismantling do not

  • should not be considered a dry screed as an option, if the premises are planned some constant increase of dynamic loads.So, it is not suitable for rooms with a high intensity of the flow of people to dance or gyms, game rooms in preschool, is not allowed in rooms with high levels of vibration.Her proliferation sphere - quiet homes or offices, where it is fully justified.
  • Never dry screed is performed in cases when a building project in the premises provided for the slope of the floor surface under any, even a slight angle to the horizon.
  • not suitable dry screed, if the floor will be located in the thickness of the water or cable heating.The only option - to lay on top of a dry screed film infrared heaters.

What and how much to purchase for the device dry screed

We must still once again to emphasize an important point.Dry screed called not only the dry filling, which is distributed by on the floor surface.The general concept includes the whole range of materials, which was shown in the diagram on top ( except only baseboards and topcoat

There may be some variations -.. For example, in the selection of variants of the filling, for example, under certain conditions it may be advantageous to apply the fine expanded clay orexpanded sand (perlite), crushed blast furnace slag or gravel fines. Moreover, there are situations where the condition of the original flooring is that requires absolutely no alignment. Then you can do the plates of extruded polystyrene foam, which on top will be closed allsame sex gypsum fiber elements. this, too, will be considered "dry screed».

Yes and gypsum fiber panels are also not some dogma. They are certainly convenient, but instead often used OSB yl waterproof plywood, thin sheetsasbestos-cement plates - everything that has the necessary strength, evenness of the surface and at the moment is for the owners of the most economical option in terms of acquisitions.

Nevertheless , in a private residential, construction or repair of an apartment greatest demand is for complete sets, produced by some of the leading manufacturers of building materials.A typical example - the whole range of such "dry screed" by the famous company « Knauf ».

Specialists of the company developed a set of four technological dry screed with its own individual characteristics, which got its name from the first bu sq m echeskogo alphabet - "Alpha", "Beta", "Vega" and "Gamma".For the conditions of a dwelling house or apartment with the need to align the base is considered to be the optimal set of "Vega".Here it is, and to consider how variation nt to I independent installation of dry floor screed.

To make it clearer to the reader how much material must be purchased for work, consider an example in which a set of "Vega" (OP 131) is prepared for long 5 rectangular room and width of 4 meters (total - 20 m²).Planned filling thickness - 40 mm.

So, for you will need:

1. A layer of waterproofing membrane .Some sources may be found mention of a certain special membrane - especially do not believe it.Use ordinary plastic film is dense enough (not less than 200 microns thick), so that it could maintain its integrity under the influence of dry backfill.

Suitable conventional polyethylene film of at least 200 microns

Suitable conventional polyethylene film thickness of not less than 200 microns

Such film should be completely laid out the entire floor surface, with a stop at the wall vertically, about , 150 mm.In addition, the adjacent foam strips necessarily stacked overlapping each other, also 150 - 200 mm.Thus, you can start from the calculation that 1 square IU mp mp oschadi acquire a stock of about 1.15 m² film.Very often it sell folded in half in the form of a sort of "tube» - then we can divide it one broad canvas.Other price film is very low, so if you want to, you can leave reliability its and two-layer form.

2. The edge damper tape. The importance of this component of the kit already mentioned - it will be possible to compensate for fluctuations in the size and volume dry screed.

A 20-meter roll of tape edge damper

20-meter roll of tape edge damper

Available in rolls of a width of 100 mm and length 20 m .The required amount - the perimeter along the length of the room.In our case the perimeter - 18 meters, then there will be only one roll.(Usually they are implemented intact, without cutting length).

3. Dry backfill for floor..