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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to glue the ceiling tile without the proper experience ?

How to make the work at no additional cost?

Before gluing the tile, the ceiling is necessary to properly prepare.For this simple action is required:

  • Remove all the old ceiling coating (paint, plaster or panel);
  • Ensure the relative flatness of the rough ceiling;Fill the
  • all the cracks and irregularities;
  • Prime the rough ceiling primer deep penetration.

All this is necessary in order to lay tile quality and rested on the rough ceiling.But how to glue the ceiling tile?When the rough surface of the ceiling structure has been prepared, it is necessary to proceed to the selection of the right adhesive and its preparation. Important! In preparing the draft surface of the structure is necessary to use goggles to protect your eyes from construction dust and fragments of concrete or plaster.

The order of the work connected with the ceiling tile

In order to understand how to glue the tiles on the ceiling, watching videos is not necessary.It is enough to remember the order of operations and some features are responsible for the final quality of the maintenance activities.Start standing with the definition of the central part of the rough ceiling, from which the bonding process begins.To do this, pull the two nylon cord on the ceiling diagonals.Pulling on the cord allows you to find the point that will be the center of the rough ceiling.

way, hence the question arose of how to glue the tiles on the ceiling diagonally.The fact that many people thought that the material thus does not fit.This is a mistake, with the process technology does not differ from the standard procedure.

Important!Only use nylon cord, for easy thread will sag, making it impossible to achieve a precise marking results.

Once the center is found, the two cords stretched across the found point.This will divide the entire structure into four equal squares.It is these lines and will form the basis of tile bonding material.

Choosing and using a special glue

Many novice repair wizard asks how the glue to glue the ceiling tile.The answer to this question is quite simple, because for such purposes only, a special composition, which is designed for this type of work.In some embodiments, the rough ceiling structure such as gypsum plaster may be used, which is prepared in the same proportions as when plaster walls.But it is best to use only special solutions, which are provided by the tile manufacturer.

Important!Properly selected and prepared the composition is a major component of the work of this type, which excludes the negligence and carelessness in this matter.

composition is prepared according to the instructions, which can be found on the packaging.If you deviate from the set norms, material fasteners guarantee completely canceled.Apply the composition to the surface with a notched trowel, which excludes the possibility of applying more solution.

For more detailed information on the repair process, you can use to view the special materials, which include the clip titled "how to glue the ceiling tile, video."The material itself is mounted on the incised lines, which became visible after stringing nylon cord.Adhering clearly defined boundaries, you can achieve the highest quality repairs.