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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

Glass showers : walls and door - shutter glass , partitions

Showers glass
  • glass Choice
  • Options fences
  • frame and frameless models
  • Accessories
  • design examples and innovative solutions

Comfortable and stylish, fit almost any decor and will make the room elegant- glass shower enclosures from the threshold exhibit excellent taste of the owners.These cabins are sold with a variety of designs, d├ęcor, stickers, allowing them to fit into the interior as much as possible.

Frosted glass in the shower

In addition aesthetic advantages, these cabins boast and quality.The glass from which they are made is very durable - it is first heated to the maximum, and then quenched, so it ceases durable and impact-resistant.Cabins of glass as an indispensable option for small spaces, because visually increases the space of the glass, making it the "air".

Glass shower box
Glass shower with a pattern
Round glass shower

glass Choice

If you hit on the idea to equip yourself in the shower of this type, you should start with a glass of choice.And the first thing you will certainly appreciate - is the ability to create your own, unique individual cabin design curved or straight form and with any pattern.

In terms of transparent glass can be of different types:

  • Tinted
  • Transparent
  • Matt
  • Optivayt (clarified)
  • with various patterns
  • With embossed

As a rule, shower enclosures are made of tempered glass.The average thickness of the glass in the shower partitions averages 8-10 mm.This glass is very sturdy and durable, and if broken, the risk of splinters cut it is absolutely excluded.

Tinted glass in the shower
Clear glass in the shower
Glass with sandblasted pattern
Glass shower with patterns

Walls of glass cockpit will protect the room from water outside, you are guaranteed thermal and moisture resistance.When installing the glass is very important to keep the distance between the glass and the ceiling, so that the soul does not accumulate steam and was not stuffy.

Glass cabin without roof

Options fences

fencing options for glass shower cabins are different.You can select a sliding shower curtain that move in the right direction by means of rollers.Shutters, by the way - the perfect solution for small bathrooms.The number of partitions in showers also differs - from one partition to 5 and even 6 they are fastened, usually either a wall, floor or ceiling, or to the frame.You can oostanovitsya and monolithic glass partitions.

Fences made of glass is very easy to care for a long time will retain its original appearance.With proper and careful maintenance, they are much more durable than plastic designs.Order partitions can be in any style and design, and the result is a fully meet your expectations.Especially impressive walls of triple glass, inside which you can put anything you like - from photos to herbarium - the effect is stunning.

Choice doors of glass are also encouraged.All kinds of patterns and drawings, they will satisfy the most demanding tastes. By way of opening doors distinguish four types:

  • sliding. rollers move horizontally along the rails, which is very convenient if to shower little space.
  • Swing. all the usual door open that you can pull the handle on the pull or push.
  • Folding. When you open this door, one leaf is triggered on a loop.A great option if there is no place to shower swing door.
  • Rotary .For this type of doors you will need a lot of space, so not everyone can afford them.The system is as follows: a door mounted on a magnetic catch on the fixed panels.

doors also differ on the single and double leaf doors.When you create an original design in the shower can be set and a pair of doors.In this case, fences and doors is important to pick up in the same style, so that they harmonize with each other and create a complete picture.

Sliding shower doors
Hinged shower door
Folding glass doors in the shower
Revolving doors in the shower

frame and frameless models

Shower Enclosures made of glass can be divided into two types - frame and frameless. Both can be very different forms:

  • standard;
  • rectangular;
  • curved;

frameless models are more demanding.When they are installed, it is important to carefully prepare the room.The walls and ceiling should be as smooth, to establish such a shower enclosure according to the rules.Make them either tempered glass or laminated glass.They cost much more expensive frame because of its reliability and durability.

The frame profile is typically made with anodized aluminum.It is both light and strong, so the frame allows the construction of any shape and size.Glass used for this model is more subtle, because the whole load goes directly onto the frame.It is important to carefully and follow the joints to accumulate dirt in them.Of course, they are not so long will please you with their views presentable as frameless, but it is also quite high quality.

Frame glass shower
Frameless glass shower


Integer - is the sum of its parts, so do not forget about the details.We need to find materials not only high quality, but also such that it is suitable for your model.It handles and hinges, stops plowing and bars, different seals, connectors, through which you can firmly attach the shower to the floor, ceiling and walls.Using connectors to connect the elements can be at any angle.And, of course, the most important thing to all of these parts are not rusted in contact with water.

hinges of shower enclosures come in different forms:

  • Rod. flat, so they fit into the overall picture of the design is not difficult.
  • Pendulum. Thanks to him the door can easily be rotated by a pivot.
  • shall communicate. Very elegant and endowed with a host of features.
Accessories for glass shower enclosures

Do not forget about such an important accessory, as a holder for towels, fasteners rod, and the rod stabilizers.As for the seal, it is responsible for the sealing of the cab, and because its quality is equally important.A nice addition is the fact that if any elements to fail, it can be repaired separately, there is no need to buy a new shower.

Towel Holder

Examples of design and creative solutions

If you prefer only original and innovative solutions in the interior design and the design of the shower, including, thanks to skilled craftsmen, you will be able to realize any crazy decision andidea. decorate the shower can be in very different ways:

  • very popular photo printing: colorful picture that is not afraid of moisture by coating ceramic ink and UV printing.
  • No less popular and sandblasting, when after the interaction of glass and sand-air mixture, it becomes opaque.
  • Fusing - various patterns of glass of different shades and colors;
  • Laser engraving;
  • paints painting , resistant to water.
  • If you would like to arrange a shower cabin in its class, fences and walls can be made of three-layer laminated glass-adding in the inner layer of the photo, drawing or herbarium.This will not only add elegance product, but also add the shower strength.
  • Stained different styles and colors, painted with waterproof paint.
  • Processing polishing or grinding.

choosing glass cockpit shower, you are guaranteed to get the three main criteria: strength, scratch resistance, safety.Glass showers to meet all your expectations and hope you enjoy this.The main carefully look after them and clean materials that do not contain ammonia.

Sandblast drawing
Glass with laser engraving
fluted glass
Glass blocks
Stained glass painting