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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the installation of the shower tray

process arrangement bathrooms - quite an important part of the repair of the apartment.As a rule, bathroom does not always have the desired size, because most of the buildings housing were built long ago.Because of this, space saving is an important issue when deciding which installed shower tray is the best option.Setting this element - a laborious process, but it gives a positive result.


  • Species pallets
  • necessary tools
  • Installation capita saucer on legs
  • Installation saucer on the floor
  • Set pan on the floor
    • Step 1. Waterproofing
    • Step 2: Install
    • barrierStep 3: Fill
    • floor
    • Step 4: Decorative facing

species pallets

depending on the type construction saucers can be divided into such types:

  • flat (from 10 to 18 cm);
  • superflat (from 6 to 10 cm);
  • deep (25 to 35 cm).

On the criterion of the product shape , made the following classification:

  • round pan;
  • polygonal;
  • product of arbitrary shape.

Modern manufacturers represent a wide range of designs, among which the best shower tray kupitmozhno in a universal form - quadrant.Such a structure allows the product to install in the corner, taking up minimal space in the room.


Depending on manufacturing material saucers are of the following types:

  1. acrylic shower tray - a modern version of the product which is lightweight, wide range of shapes and colors, as well as practical - small scratches are almost invisibleon a surface.However, such a design is not too strong, but because you want to mount or reinforced bottom.
  2. Cast Iron Saucer - expensive, but very strong and durable product among peers.The downside of this choice is the monotony of forms.
  3. Steel products - a high shower tray is durable, relatively low weight and low cost.However, it is less durable in comparison with cast iron bottom and makes noise under water, in contrast to the acrylic structures.
  4. tray of ceramic material - has a high aesthetic value, considerable cost and durability.However, such designs are not very resistant to damage, as well as cold.
  5. Marble saucers - is the most expensive products, which are quite practical, the procedure warmer than ceramic counterparts, but are fragile and prone to chipping.


necessary tools

Install shower tray with your hands is quite feasible, but for the realization of the conceived ideas need to prepare a lot of tools:

  • punch;
  • components for pallet;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver;
  • set screws;
  • sewer pipes;
  • plastic dowels;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill with drill bits for concrete;
  • set of plugs;
  • penoplex;
  • concrete solution and the capacity for it;
  • sand;
  • trowel;
  • silicone sealant.


Installation capita saucer on legs

This embodiment of the installation is the easiest and most suitable for implementation in any room, since it does not require the preparation of flooring.Consider the detailed step by step instructions to perform work.

  1. Prepare bought the product and place the future of support so that they were parallel to the main axis of the saucer.
  2. Then, in accordance with the type of construction, it is necessary to measure the distance from the axis 4 and the marker noted thickened holes on the bottom.

Important! axis pallet - is a line that connects the opposite corners of the product if it has a rectangular shape.And in the construction of the semi-circular type, it lies between the corner and the center of the arc.

  1. at marked locations, drill grooves 3 mm in diameter.This extreme caution: to avoid damaging the integrity of the saucer, not deepen drill more than 10 mm.
  2. Then secure support beam.


  1. Perform installation of the shower tray on legs.For flatness geometry use builder's level.
  2. on the surface of the wall, apply a marker height of the upper side of the pallet, and make marks on the distance of 100 mm from the corner, which will host the axle mounting brackets.
  3. along the axis under the edge of the saucer, drill grooves depth of 8 mm.
  4. The holes insert plastic dowels, which is necessary to fix the bracket with screws.
  5. on top of these elements, apply a thick layer of sealant and hang to drip tray.
  6. Once the product "sit" the most tightly Complement siphon.


Installation saucer on the floor

Installation of self-supporting shower floor - simple but laborious process that requires the utmost accuracy.To pleased with the result of the wizard, you must adhere to the instructions exactly.So, step by step guide as follows:

  1. Prepare the required tray and check all connections for drainage.For greater reliability grind sandpaper place interfacing shower and floor construction.
  2. Apply silicone sealant peeled place.Move around the perimeter of the square, about 1 cm from the outer boundary.
  3. Measure the wall height of the extreme side of the product and apply to marking marker.
  4. then drill grooves and Mount the plastic hooks that stabilize the position of the structure.


  1. Set cup and saucer on the prepared area and press down strong pressure.This will allow the adhesive composition firmly fixed on the bottom of a floor covering.
  2. then pull and set the trap.
  3. The resulting gap between the tiles and Saucer to be filled with silicone sealant and special plastic strips, which are usually supplied with the product.
  4. tray is ready for use.


Set pan on the floor

This method is the most time-consuming because it requires careful preparation and construction skills.However, efforts are rewarded with a reliable and long-lasting result.Installation Guide to the floor pan as follows.

Step 1. Waterproofing

The first step in installing the shower tray is the waterproofing of the place where it will be located.To do this, you must perform these steps:

  • display in the center of the saucer sewer;
  • carefully check each element of the system for chips or cracks, in order to avoid possible leaks;
  • fill the allotted corner sealant or fibrorezinoy and output sewer pipe output by 15 cm above the floor;
  • let dry for 24 hours.

Important! not recommended to put a plastic drain, even if the manufacturer assures its reliability and durability.Replace it with a brass or steel to avoid any unpleasant incidents and construction served for decades.


Step 2: Install the barrier

Once a place in the structure carefully sealed and paved drainage, you can proceed to the computation of the protective barrier.The process is performed in the following sequence:

  • mark the height of the barrier lines and the perimeter of a brick, which should be at least 5 cm above the level of the sewage pipe;
  • prepare water-resistant solution, thoroughly mixing it in a tank with a trowel or spatula;
  • ratio of cement and sand of 1: 1, and be sure to add liquid glass to provide excellent water repellent design characteristics;
  • lay on the brick perimeter, putting him on edge;
  • let dry for 48 hours.


Step 3: Fill the floor

This process occurs in the following sequence:

  1. initially need to make base casting using self-leveling cement composition.The layer should be as smooth, filling the entire space of the corner, and have a thickness of 5 to 8 mm.
  2. Treat reinforcing waterproofing surface after drying.For this fit the mastic FIBERPOOL, Dekoprof or others.
  3. After the insulation layer is completely dry, knead solution.To do this, use a tile adhesive and cement.
  4. Slowly, apply a layer of concentric circles, gently increasing the thickness of the layer from the drain hole.Try to maintain the level of curvature, as bumps and rough transitions can not be hidden under the lining.
  5. When the composition is dry, smooth out the surface to remove irregularities and roughness.


Step 4: Decorative facing

External shower aesthetics - this is an important factor that should be considered when the repair work.In this case, the best solution would be facing the floor mosaic tiles, because it perfectly hides small errors when pouring.Use a glass mosaic designed for bathing, as this material has antislip characteristics and does not lose visual appeal over the years.


recommendations to the process:

  1. Before installing the shower saucer need to decide what design is planned as a whole: shower bath or shower.This is necessary in order to hold power in the construction, if the plans to install the shower enclosure.Connecting to the network takes place via copper cable with a cross section of not less than 2.5 mm.Also, it must be double insulated.Be sure to provide installation breakers, to ensure safety.
  2. Despite decorative shower trays, photos of which adorn the design magazines, the design should have a good sound insulation.The sound of the water lapping on the tray do not like the owner, as well as its neighbors.Modern technologies allow to use a lot of options for insulation, so do not neglect it.
  3. best tool to check the position of the water level of a saucer.

Installation Manual pallet can be considered in detail in movies: