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August 12, 2017 18:06

The box for the drawing : installation instructions

Without Hood can not do none of the kitchen, because then couples from cooking will have nowhere to go, and they will leave on the ceiling and walls are unsightly grease stains.However, buy hood - it is only half the story.Not every model will be attractive to look in the kitchen - sticking pipes and ducts will spoil the look.To refine the design and fit harmoniously into its interior were designed boxes.These are special boxes, which are hidden in all the wires and pipes.In this article, we'll show you how to choose and install the exhaust duct, as well as how to do it with their own hands.


  • Choosing the hood
  • Select box
    • Box Plastic
    • Box Metal
    • Decorative boxes
  • Box with your hands
  • Boxes for drawing: photo

Choosing the hood

exhaust duct design specifications and determined kind of vent.So before you get to the creation or selection boxes, you should pick up the hood properly.

There are several varieties of extracts depending on the method of attachment:

  1. Open - the most expensive in which all design elements are visible.The high cost is due to the fact that designers have to work hard to create a neat and beautiful model in which all the details have been outside, but it does not look untidy.
  2. Embedded - these hoods are almost invisible in the interior of the kitchen, as integrated into the headset.All their parts placed in a box, so that only the facade remains prominent on the control panel.As a result, the model takes up little space and does not overload the design.

Thus, open the hood most often mounted on a spacious kitchen where squaring technique allows you to install and use it not only functional, but also with the decorative side.Built-in models suitable for the interior in the style of hi-tech and minimalism.

also extract classified by shape:

  1. Island - drawing attached to the ceiling and not in contact with the walls.These models look good on a spacious kitchen with a work area in the center of the room.
  2. Wall - drawing fastened to the wall.Such models require a free space and high ceilings as occupy a lot of space.Most often they are used as a beautiful design element.
  3. Built - compact models relevant to small studio apartments.
  4. Corner - design and method of attachment of these models are similar to the wall.The only difference is in a triangular shape.These hoods installed in the case, or if the hob plate is placed in a corner of the kitchen.

Despite the large variety of shapes and technical features of almost all hoods have a common drawback - protruding inner elements.The only exceptions are expensive designer models, but because of their high cost can afford not everyone.To get a neat ventilation in the kitchen and not have to pay for it through the nose, we suggest to install a decorative box for the drawing.

Select box

Standard equipment almost all models of cooker hoods includes a metal box, which is intended to conceal the place of connection technology to the vent.Typically, this telescopic part, which can be increased in height depending on the height of ceilings.Although the presence of such a conduit is considered optional, it is present not always, but in some cases can be made of plastic or stainless steel.Most often, it has to be bought separately or make your own.

If you decide to buy a duct for drawing, the store offers only two options: plastic or metal.In both cases, the products look quite decent, but have different performance characteristics, so you need to push off from them.

Box Plastic

The most common type of ventilation ducts.The popularity is mainly due to the low cost and ease of use.It is small in height, saving space under the ceiling.Thus, the cross-sectional area of ​​the plastic box 55h110 circular duct is approximately equal to 90 mm in diameter, boxes and more suited to the size of the duct 60h204 125 mm.


Despite the higher level of air resistance as compared with corrugated pipes, plastic boxes of aerodynamics still enough for a complete removal of steam.When choosing such products for the extraction is necessary to look at his passport outlet diameter, to choose the appropriate size of the box.

Plastic ducts for exhaust are highly durable and resistant to mechanical damage.In the kitchen with tension ceilings box can be sewn under the ceiling painting.Many boxes are stacked on top of a headset, and it becomes quite noticeable.Unlike corrugated pipes for plastic boxes easy to care for - just wipe the surface from dust.It can be painted or wallpapered to match the finish of the walls in the kitchen.

Box Metal

Metal box looks very stylish, especially if the kitchen is made in the style of hi-tech or loft.Products can be made from steel or stainless steel sheets.In the first case, steel coated with a special corrosion-resistant polymer dye.This hood is very durable, but over time the protective paint wears off or crack, and the surface will begin to deteriorate.

metal - box - to - extract

Another thing - a box for the drawing of stainless steel.This surface is not afraid of high humidity.But in this case, has its unpleasant nuance - on stainless steel is very visible fingerprints, and to maintain accuracy in the box, it will always have an alcohol wipe.

Decorative boxes

There is another category of boxes that perform a purely decorative function - the most secret design and integrate it in the kitchen interior.These boxes can be made of wood or drywall.In the first case, they do look like lockers, extending inside the duct between the shelves.This is a very convenient option, because you both get an extra locker and hide it unsightly parts drawing.The airway tube does not take too much internal space, and the rest at your disposal.

Box - to - kitchen - to - hood , built -modification

box for extraction of gypsum board will simply hide the pipe extending from the hood to the ventilation duct.It can make a small niche, hang shelves for spices, but the best according to designers - mount light.Spot lights, or LED ribbon will provide an additional source of light and enliven the interior.Also, plasterboard box can be painted to match the walls or wallpaper paste over the same, to make it at all noticeable.

Box with your hands

If none of the options in the stores provided you do not like, or you do not want to pay for a product that is easy to do yourself, offer to make a box for drawing their own hands.In this chapter we will look at features of a box-cabinet because it is the most convenient and common form.

What you should know for the manufacture of high-quality box:

  1. draw its detailed scheme before purchasing materials and assembly of the product.It should reflect the size of the box for the drawing: its height, width and depth, number of shelves, fixing doors, etc.To fit it neatly into the kitchen, box depth should be the same as in kitchen cabinets, otherwise it will stick out.The same applies to the height, but if desired it can be varied in its sole discretion (for example, to make the cabinet to the ceiling or slightly lower than the cabinets headset, and then put on top of a beautiful flower or a statue).The width of the box is determined by the width of the hood.
  2. To build a box to use the same material from which the rest of the kitchen cabinets are assembled.Usually, all the furniture for kitchens made of particleboard.It is important to cut out the details of that at home is not so easy to do.It is necessary to strictly sawing at an angle of 90 °, so that the assembly did not arise distortions and cracks.Also cut should be no chips to almost impossible to do, using the jigsaw.As a rule, after the first pruning all the ends of the pieces of particle board grind grinder with an abrasive disc.Accordingly, it is necessary to cut with a small allowance for grinding 3-5 mm wide.
  3. After polishing all ends need to paste over the special furniture edge right color and texture.To glue the edges, attach it to the end and draw on it the heated iron.
  4. If you coped with the saw cut parts, assembly should not cause difficulties.As the fasteners do not use nails, screws and special furniture - SCREW.Before them to screw, drill drill hole, placing a special drill mold.This not only makes the drill hole for the thread SCREW, and chamfer for his hat.
  5. Every detail of the box must be fastened with at least two SCREW.
  6. the back of the box, close the sheet hardboard, nailed his little nails.
  7. Facade is the most problematic part of the design and execution requires special care.Instead of the usual doors, which have yet to produce, many people prefer to use the blinds.If you like classic door, they can be done in two ways: two vertical and one horizontal door that opens upwards.You should choose, proceeding not only on of personal preference, but also depending on the tenants of growth - low people may be uncomfortable to raise the horizontal door.Do not use to create a transparent glass facade, since it would negate all attempts to cover up the pipe and other details Hood.Setting mirror in this case is not very good idea because it will be above eye level and can not increase the space visually.

Untitleddraving - 1

Of course, there are other ways of mounting boxes for drawing, but the DSP is the most easy-to-handle material.If the kitchen set made of wood, or you want to be diluted with plenty of metallic surfaces of wooden boxes, then be prepared for the fact that it will need to cover a special antiseptic impregnated and several layers of moisture-resistant lacquer.If the material you choose drywall, use a special water-resistant type, otherwise this box will last for long.

1287507402_montazh - built - hood

Setting box for drawing is not so difficult, if you come to work responsibly.This item allows you to transform the interior and use the kitchen space more efficiently.Ordering the production of boxes in the furniture shop, you overpay a certain amount as a small size of the order.It is much better to do it with their hands, but this will require at least basic carpentry skills.If not, you can try to collect a box of drywall or still use the services of professionals.

Boxes for drawing: photo

Finally, we offer to see how you can fit harmoniously into the interior of the box to the kitchen hood.Perhaps, one of the photos you will find the solution for your kitchen.

Metal - air duct

box - to - extract - on - kitchen

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