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August 12, 2017 18:07

Designed in the hallway hruschevke

inconvenient, poorly thought-out plan, the tiny size - here is how to respond to his hall owners of apartments built in the distant 60th years.But this disadvantage, when the smart approach can be presented as a kind of zest, beat everything so that the room will become functional, and design in the hallway allow Khrushchev to give all the shortcomings of dignity.The embodiment of this idea in practice and is the subject of this article.


  • Features hallway design in Khrushchev
  • value of color in the interior hallway
  • The role of lighting in the design of the hall in the Khrushchev
    • Design ceiling and lighting
  • Ideas hallway in Khrushchev
  • Decorating the walls in the hallway Khrushchev
  • furniture in the interior of the small hall in Khrushchev

Features hallway design in Khrushchev

task magical transformation cramped, dark, with a lot of doors, and often narrow hallway Khrushchev, is not easy.First, where to start, make a plan, which indicate:

  • style.It should not be sharply contrasted with all the other rooms, but on the contrary, harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the apartment;
  • material, which are planning to decorate the walls;
  • what the floor;
  • lighting;
  • furniture.It must be functional in order to use the maximum amount of useful.

value of color in the interior hallway

color in the interior plays a crucial role:

  • it forms a mood;
  • about it depends on how it will be perceived space;
  • visually change the proportions;
  • harmoniously matched color will not look like something foreign.

is believed that if a small hall, the wallpaper or paint should be bright and self-colored or with a small figure.This is true on the one hand, but on the other - contrasting accents are also needed, becausecontribute to a sense of completeness to the interior hallway Khrushchev:

  • pastel colors creates an atmosphere of peace;
  • bright color will make a joyful, cheerful note.

It is a design solution used in the design of the hall in the Khrushchev, whose photos taken below.Here and warm shades of yellow, green and cold combined organically:

  • yellow optically pushing the walls of the room;
  • green color - creates a sense of spaciousness.


That's what the designers are advised regarding the use of colors in the design of the hall in the apartment Khrushchev:

  • combination of black and white colors bring to the interior a stylish hue;
  • neutral tones, namely beige, cream, natural, natural colors - a good background for the selection of individual elements.Their purpose - the creation of the strokes of light music in a small hallway Khrushchev;
  • elegant looks not only entrance, but the entire interior of the apartment as a whole, combined with monochrome colors;
  • floor or carpet on it, and in some cases, and for the wall, it is advisable to use the transitional tones of beige and brown, calm blue, soft yellow.The fact that they are not very bright, will allow the surfaces stay clean longer, but becausedark and not call them, do not oppress the will;
  • some small surface areas, small parts on the ceiling fixtures in rich colors - this is a great accent color.


The role of lighting in the design of the hall in the Khrushchev

With the help of light can create different color compositions.Highlighting the hall, should follow these principles:

  • on lighting for the hall is not worth saving.Particular attention functional areas - the space that hosts the mirror, closet with clothes;
  • priority - as close to reality;
  • should seek to organize the coating, the light does not create shadows.Its source - the ceiling.It, is not released, but as it dissolves in the stream of the scattered light.This creates the illusion of a large space.Having made a mistake, we run the risk of making a small hallway in Khrushchev even less;
  • except for fixtures in the ceiling, it is necessary and local lighting.It will allocate any particular element of the interior, create a small light area in the remote corners;

ceiling design and lighting

ceiling design should be chosen taking into account the requirements for coverage of a narrow hallway in Khrushchev:

  • it should be, if not white, it is enough light;
  • just painted acrylic enamel ceiling - and a good budget option, but its perfect smoothness is imperative.If there is the slightest flaws, they all show up as soon as we turn on lights.This option needs fluorescent lamps or halogen lamps.They are placed for decorative moldings or in the clear;
  • to narrow hallway without any turns, appropriate mirrored ceiling, stained glass or glossy stretch.Stained glass is especially beautiful.It's all lit from the inside.The lack of one - very expensive;
  • most optimal for the price and complexity of installation - plasterboard.The scattered light will create on it lights inserted with respect to the web of the ceiling at an angle.Relative to each other they have a cross arrangement.

Design of the corridor - in - Khrushchev - photo - 1

Ideas hallway in Khrushchev

Design hallway in Khrushchev intended to extend at least visually its borders.There are several ideas for the hall in Khrushchev:

  • actively use the mirror.They are placed on walls, furniture and ceilings.The latter option is particularly advantageous.Well solve this problem and one large mirror on the wall.It is necessary to raise the floor by 40 centimeters Lamps placed near the mirror, reflected in them and create the impression of space.The same effect is given two mirrors located on opposite walls facing each other.We do not need massive frame on the mirrors.Mirrors inserted in niches or shelves are rear wall also serve this purpose.The successful solution of the mirror-wardrobe.It closes a clothes and perform their direct function;


  • add space to the glass doors leading into the room.Blanking the door, on the contrary, it will conceal;
  • if the coating on the floor hallway smoothly into the room, then this technique also contributes to a greater sense of distance.Especially works well diagonal arrangement of the flooring;


  • hall will be visually more spacious, if a doorway into a large room to expand, and remove the door altogether.If you can not do without them, then let them be sliding or in extreme cases, open the side of the room;
  • -colored walls and floor with a fine pattern - a very effective combination;
  • large objects in the foreground looks a winner, and little better place away to avoid the impression of chaos.

Decorating the walls in the hallway Khrushchev

When choosing finishing materials, do not purchase those that will take away part of the already small volume.And those are:

  • drywall;
  • panel;
  • stone natural and artificial.

popular and practical material are wallpaper for the hallway in the Khrushchev.No special requirements, but still:

  • accounting for dust and mud load becauseentrance is directly connected with the street.Therefore, the invoice will suit any but practical in the first place;
  • moisture is very important, because they often have to wipe, and then washed;
  • bamboo wallpaper, pasted below, bright wallpaper protect against contamination.Clean up is easy, and they look original;
  • in a narrow hallway and high ceiling will visually bring to the floor a horizontal pattern on the wallpaper.A low ceiling pripodymet vertical pattern that is more relevant to Khrushchev, have any substantial width.When the low ceiling of the hall is combined with a small width, the vertical will make it even more;
  • one wall in the hallway in the Khrushchev can be wallpapered in a contrasting color.That it did not look as evidence of bad taste, repeat the same tone in some subjects -. Floor vase, upholstered stools and other

furniture in the interior of the small hall in Khrushchev

to furnish a narrow hallway in the Khrushchev - a problem noteasy, but it is solvable.To create a harmonious interior, you should know:

  • bulky, occupying most of the space furniture is unacceptable in a small area;
  • important thing is to respect the proportions;
  • functionality of furniture it will reduce the number to a minimum;
  • choosing for interior furniture, pay attention not only the beauty, but also on ergonomics;
  • sometimes the room is so small that the standard furniture to simply not fit.Bail out an individual project.You will make all the necessary taking into account all the available nuances.And above all, your interior hallway in Khrushchev will be exclusive;
  • if your hallway makes a turn, you need a wardrobe that will nicely fit into a corner, ieangular;
  • not conceals space furnished with a smooth polished surface that can reflect the surrounding interior.The presence of elements of the glass makes the interior airy, more open;
  • cabinets on legs, opening the floor areas are also expanding volume;
  • open hanger is better not to use.They look not the best way, especially when the family is great and they are always a lot of clothes.


In conclusion, the main motto when creating the design of the hall in the apartment Khrushchev - minimalism and ergonomics combined with impeccable taste.Some ideas for the hall in hruschevke you can learn from this video: