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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to restore the window with his hands

Nothing is forever in this world.Windows, unfortunately, is no exception.There comes a time when, ideally, they should be replaced.However, the possibility is not always the case.The only solution in this situation - the restoration of the windows.


This process, sometimes, extends the life of old windows for a fewyears.But above all, it should be a little familiar with the theory.The windows are wood and metal, and the technology of restoration of the windows is different.Consider both options.

restoration of wooden windows

main problems of old wooden windows

  1. cracking.
  2. deformation frame.
  3. cracked connections.

What is needed?


  • grinder (sandpaper);
  • building dryer;
  • electric drill;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • spatula;
  • brush;
  • hammer;
  • small cloves;
  • stationery knife.


  • primer;
  • putty;
  • paint;
  • silicone sealant;
  • adhesive for working with wood;
  • beadings;
  • accessories.

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  1. Remove the frame.
  2. Remove all accessories and unfasten the window.
  3. Carefully remove the glass from the frame.
  4. Remove the remnants of the old paint building hairdryer.It effectively removes traces of former coating without damaging the wood of the window frame.But in the absence of such an apparatus, for these purposes you can use the sander or chemical means, based on the solvent.remont_okon
  5. purified sand the surface grinder.
  6. Prime with the frame surface and allow to dry thoroughly.
  7. Seal putty all large cracks and chipped.
  8. cracked connections in the frame corners fill with special glue.
  9. dry.
  10. again grind.Removing paint - with - windows - 485h323 ,
  11. Apply putty to the entire surface to cover and small cracks.
  12. Last grind, smoothing out irregularities.
  13. Process design primer.
  14. After drying, proceed with the coloring.Choose paint weatherproof, resistant to external influences.Excellent polymer paint suitable for restoration.It dries to form a kind of plastic covering.
  15. After drying frame, insert the back window, "planted" them on the sealant to enhance thermal insulation.
  16. The same sealant glazing beads fix, fixing them with small nails with a hammer.
  17. After drying, remove excess sealant usual office knife.
  18. Replace removed hardware (or install a new one), attach the window.
  19. Mount the frame in the window opening.

Restoration of the windows.Swedish technology

The features on the restoration of the Swedish technology

  1. Presence Technology groove around the perimeter of the window.
  2. tubular silicone seal, packed into the groove.
  3. silakrilovogo Applying sealant with "planting" of glasses.sealing , wooden windows ,

But in Sweden!We are not so simple.Domestic box requires careful fitting and sometimes even building plates to reduce the existing gaps.Today to address these gaps effectively applied liquid foam.Ultimately, the Swedish technology - a number of measures aimed at achieving a perfect seal.It involves the use of sealants and other thermal insulators, as well as the adjustment of accessories.


advantages of this technology

  1. reliable sealing of the window construction.
  2. remove misting and icing in the winter window.

Restoration of the windows using Swedish technology is quite possible, and with his hands in the presence of a certain experience in conducting such work, but more reliably bring to the process specialists.

Restoration plastic windows

Problems most often arise during the operation of plastic windows

  1. damaged glass.
  2. Broken handle (broken, jammed, turn not to the end, etc.).
  3. Problems with sealing (draft).


Broken handle

Replacing the failed handles
  1. Turn at an angle of 90 ° at the base of the handle plate, hiding mounting.
  2. unscrew the screws and remove from the holes with a screwdriver.
  3. Remove the freed handle.
  4. The same self-tapping screw a new pen, purchased in advance.
handle jammed

It happens that you can not close the window because the handle is locked in the wrong position.This stems from the lock, triggered accidentally.Look for the item provided for the emergency release.Depending on the brand of accessories, it can be:

  1. thin steel plate with a spring located in the handle area.
  2. Iron tab located under the handle at an angle to the frame.

Finding such a detail, push it carefully and try to turn the knob.If this does not work, check the verticality of the sash.Angled flap will also be blocked.Align it and try again.

In the latter case often happens, when, because of the temperature difference is deformed parts accessories, and tongue is not engaged for the desired item because of its bias.Here it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  1. Open window.
  2. Find the element that must contact the metal tab.
  3. Unscrew a couple screws in this element.Insert
  4. thin gasket between the frame and the support member to restore adhesion.
knob is rotated not fully

most common reasons for failure:

  1. Dried grease.Get a penetrating lubricant universal purpose and lubricate all moving parts.
  2. slack fold.If the lubrication problem persists, you should pre-load adjustment screw loops.To do this, remove the decorative cover of the lower hinge and lifting the flap, tighten the screw with an Allen key.Repeat the same with the top loop.artikle_921_8085vf1a034k07b5ab4ch47e46s7b0f2v1302724588

problems with seal

In most models, the problem of drafts from under the seal is achieved by adjusting the movable element response plates.

  1. Locate the mating connector plate corresponding in shape hexagon №4.
  2. Insert the key into the slot found.
  3. Move the key in different directions, choosing the right position of the movable element.clamp - pin

Damage glass

Broken glass unit should be replaced.Do not look for another way out.Immediately discard the services of experts, offering to seal the crack, becausewhen unsealing the package, silica gel, inside the box begins to absorb moisture from the outside.As a result, after sealing will damage the misted window, due to the condensate discharge.

The best solution in this case, a similar order replacement from the manufacturer.

What you need
  • rubber mallet;
  • spatula;
  • chisel.
  1. In place of the junction bead and the frame in the center of the frame and insert the spatula gently striking mallet on it, pry the bead.
  2. Consistently repeat this operation until you release the window from all the glazing beads.
  3. Remove the glazing from the frame using a chisel.
  4. Insert the new glazing, commissioned by earlier measurements made on adjusting the plastic plate.

For more information about the repair of plastic windows, you can learn from the video:

We hope that this article will shed some light on the ambiguities in the process of restoration of the windows, and you overpower its self-realization.However, if there are doubts about the skills and abilities in this area, it is best to contact a specialized firm.