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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a bath enamelling

With bath is used to lose attractive appearance over time.There are traces of rust, a variety of stains, gloss matte layer inferior.These are signs of the old product, kicked the bucket.Meanwhile, the replacement of the bath is economically viable now.In addition, the installation of new plumbing will probably be followed by repair of the entire bathroom.An alternative to this solution - an independent restoration of the baths, which enamelling fallen into disrepair.The market offers a variety of materials for plumbing updates.


  • General principles of
  • Choice enamel
  • Acrylic mixture
  • Preparing the surface of the bath
  • Enameling
  • bathroom after enamelling

General principles of

for restorationenamel paint used not as you think it is reasonable, and specially formulated epoxy resin based material.Two component consists of a hardener and a basic compound.But despite such a complicated name components to work with the dye as easily as with a conventional paint.The only experts recommend before applying to practice on another surface.Otherwise possible stains or stains.


The vast majority of the compositions presented in the market for enamelling baths are highly toxic.Use security tools, ventilate the room.Choose respirators with breathing modules developed to protect against three mediums or solvents.

Choice enamel

If you have a cast-iron enameled bathtubs one of the options of paint restoration involves applying a secondary layer of enamel.The work begins with the selection of recommended tools for enamelling.The best choice would be the substance of the well-known manufacturers - enamelling baths with their hands using reliable materials priori is reliable and durable.A favorite among colorful compositions by far the company's products Tikkurila.The adhesion of the secondary layer to the base, if the recommendations will be strong, with the enamel dries quickly.


have quite good data paint domestic producers - Epoksin, Epovin.The compositions include a low-end segment, but the quality and durability in their height.curing agents Term up to four days.

An important role is also played by the color of the product.Often in the process of enamelling at home the wrong choice of color leads to a sad spectacle, when from under a fresh coat of paint looked through lots of darker hue.Choosing a shade of mixture, you must always be aware of the color line.Prefer the same color or darker shades.Otherwise you'll have to invest in a second and third layer.

Finally, when choosing a mixture of enamel should be carefully examine the manufacturer's instructions.It turns out that a two-component mixture after fusion and curing compound retains sufficient fluidity for only 30-45 minutes.If you delay, thickened composition does not lie even layer and enamelling work will be a parody of the plaster.


bath ready in advance of the paint application due to the rapid thickening mixture.Mixing enamel should be immediately before the enamelling process.

Acrylic mixture

Recently gaining popularity a new principle for the restoration of bathrooms - enamelling acrylic.With this method, instead of the two-component epoxy dyes used so-called "Ekovanny" and "Stakrily".


Unlike the previous version, acrylic paints are less harmful to health and much longer retain fluidity.Accordingly, working with such mixtures is much easier and more efficient.Even a beginner will cope with enamelling baths acrylic without apparent difficulty.

So, we found that two types of enamelling Enamel:

  1. Epoxy two-component paint.
  2. Acrylic paints.

Surface preparation bath

choosing paint, you should immediately proceed to the preparation of the surface of the bath.According to the instructions, the paint will fall exactly only pre-cleaned and treated with the coating.Otherwise the enamel will flow down to the bottom of the bath.


The main requirement to the base before enamelling - the creation of a matt structure.It is necessary to ensure smooth rough state throughout the coverage area.Sometimes the temperature also depends on the quality enamelling.Some mixes cold surface lie badly.In the cold season to achieve optimum conditions - to provide ventilated and warm room, virtually impossible.Therefore enamelling leave for the summer!

preparation process includes the following steps:

  1. Please wash tub with aggressive detergents like "Pemolyuks".The main purpose of this procedure - degreasing.
  2. followed by vigorously polish coating to achieve a smooth matt.As a weapon often used grinding "grinders" with a special grinding wheel.As an alternative to perfect any drill with an appropriate nozzle.What to choose tools for polishing and enamelling baths, you can find reviews of the inhabitants.In use, Angle unit, be extremely careful.Do not be in a frenzy to approach the case, otherwise the probability of getting a bath with a hole in the middle.This case studies.If you do not have in stock or grinder or drill, it is possible to fix sandpaper on the timber and run manually.
  3. next item of surface preparation for enamelling - removing the enamel residue and dust.This will help the detergent.You must fill in Placing in the water household chemicals in the bath and leave for an hour.
  4. After the wizard is usually the water is drained, carefully wipe with a clean cloth basis.The quality of grinding is easy to check by sending a stream of water on the treated surface.If the coating quality degreased, the liquid will flow continuous flow.In that case the drops will appear, the work is done inefficiently.
  5. Place drain further dried by means of a home dryer.The fact that this area often remains wet even after natural drying.Pre remove the drain piping, and other openings.
  6. The final stage is to clean the dust by vacuum cleaner without strong attachments.Even the smallest dust particles remain after the comprehensive treatment, so it is not recommended to skip this step.


This is the most important stage, which depends on the quality of the coating.Look carefully all aspects of enamelling baths on video.

This stage includes the following required items:

  1. Preparation enamel
  2. Separation composition into two equal portions (the first will go on applying the base layer).
  3. Topcoat application by brush 70 mm wide.Start at the edges, thin, slowly moving along the perimeter.Generally, enameling technique may vary depending on the materials.
  4. Conducting strip from one side to the bottom, the composition further spreading in the transverse direction.Repeating simple manipulations, you should treat the entire surface.
  5. Careful handling of the bottom and the area around the drain.
  6. Re-enamelling base.And secondary enamelling is carried on free of wet coating.This technology in narrow circles is called "wet on wet".
  7. Checking coating quality, which takes place 15 minutes after applying the second coat of paint.Here the foundation is being scrutinized for the presence of stains.By the way, smudges are always formed.
  8. Smeared stains by gently stretching the thick enamel up and down.If you delay, the drop will not be available yield.

bathroom after enamelling

enamelling baths , in - home - conditions

Treated bath allow time for natural drying.After a period specified in the instructions on the package enamelling mixture must drop to cut holes for draining outside.After install drain piping in its place and wipe dry with a new cover.

If enamelling was done strictly according to instructions and there are objective difficulties, the coating will please you more than one year.Of course, in many respects the result depends on the quality selected materials and painting process.But in practice, people who have never held a brush in his hand, an excellent job with enamelling baths with their own hands.

Summarizing, we can positively say that enamelling - not an easy task, but not unrealistic discharge.If you feel the enthusiasm and the desire to update the old plumbing, storm new heights for yourself!