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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to insulate the inside bath

vast majority owners of country houses not represent your site without a real Russian bath or sauna.However, to function properly, and really brought owners just health and strength, it is very important her warm.

How to insulate the inside bath

How warm bath inside

To know how to warm bath inside properly, you need to study the technology of the process and select the right materials.

Materials for

Article Contents

  • 1 Materials for
  • 2 Warming bath floors
    • 2.1 concrete floor
    • 2.2 wooden floor
    • 2.3 Another insulation option for wooden and concrete floor
  • 3 wall insulation bath
    • 3.1 Brick walls
    • 3.2 warming log wall
    • 3.3 wall insulation of timber
  • 4 Thermal insulation of the ceiling
  • 5 Video: warming and finish framing baths

Before begin insulation technology review, you need to understand what materials you need to prepare for work.

1. Insulating material - is the most important component in the insulation of walls, ceiling and floor bath.Today, there are a large number of heaters, but not all of them are suitable for bathing

conditions.Which of these is most adapted to high temperatures and humidity?There smy seq taken look at the most popular - polystyrene, conventional and extruded (plates XPS), mineral wool, polyurethane foam and expanded clay:

Styrofoam Polyurethane Mineral wool plates XPS Keramzit
Styrofoam Polyurethane foam Isover Pink plates expanded clay aggregate
has an open cell structure Since the installation of the material takes place by spraying, it can be open and closed cell structure has a fibrous structurefibers are arranged randomly in the vertical and horizontal direction Closed (sealed) cell structure Natural bulk material consisting of granules with porous structure
Poor pass moisture Poor pass moisture Almost does not absorb moisture Do not missmoisture not transmit moisture
light weight light weight Mid-lightweight Mid-lightweight easy
has high strength has low strength hasaverage strength has high strength pellets have high strength
average resistance to compression low rate of resistance to compression may have different indicators of sustainability to the compression of low to medium high pressure susceptibility The granules are resistant to compression
eventually begins to release toxic substances When heated, it becomes toxic releases carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide not toxic not toxic not toxic
not suitable for use under heavy load not suitable for use under load Mineral wool has different types, there are stable and resistant to high loads suitable for use under high load suitable for use under high load
Prone to decay durable, notsubject to decay Durable Durable Durable
influenced by ultraviolet rays (it can not be left in the clear for a long time) Almost unaffected by UV light, but is recommended to close the finishing material resistant to ultraviolet rays Unaffected by ultraviolet Unaffected by ultraviolet

Introduction to characteristics leads to the conclusion that most of all for warming bath inside suitable mineral wool wall and wooden floor, a plate XPS - for concrete.Expanded clay can be called a versatile material, which is perfectly suited to any of the sexes, but it can not be applied to an internal thermal insulation for the walls.

If you purchase insulation mineral wool, then the bath perfectly suited material foiled layer, which contributes to long retain heat inside the building on the principle of the thermos.For example, some characteristics of foil mineral heaters companies « Isoroc » are given in the table:

Izolayt-L Izolayt Isovent isocoria -C Izofor Izoruf
density kg / m³ 40 50 90 105 110 150
compressive strength at 10% deformation, kPa, not less 20 25 50
limit peel strength layers, kPa, not less 4 4 12
claimed tepoloprovodnosti coefficient, W / m ×° K 0,035 0,034 0,034 0,036 0,034 0,036
factor tepoloprovodnosti in operating conditions, W / m × ° K 0,043 0,038 0,039 0,041 0.040 0,042
Water absorption by volume,%, not more 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1
Humidity by weight,%, not more 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
organic matter content, by weight,%, not more 2.5 2.5 4 4 4 4

Mineral wool suitable for heat - and sound insulation works for the walls, ceiling and floor bath.But on the floors still recommended to organize several layers of thermal insulation, the first of which must be a concrete block.The important thing is that his side bypass rodents and means - all remaining materials will be safeguarded.

2. For bonding mineral wool mats or other foil insulation, and create a solid hermetic coating surfaces, it will be necessary to purchase a special foil adhesive tape.

foil scotch

Foil scotch

3. Insulation is laid between the rails crates , and means - required pieces of wood section, which depends on the thickness of the insulating mats.If, as an example take the recommended insulation thickness of 100 mm, the bars should have the same size on one side, or be subject to a double crate with perpendicular arrangement of the guides and bilayer location mats.

4. Bars attached to the wall using screws, dowels or anchor fixings (depending on the type of wall material), so you need to purchase these items required length corresponding to the size and guides, and the required depth in the wall -wood - 20 ÷ 25 mm, for the walls of the capital - not less than 40 mm.

5. When selecting a heater without a foil layer, the need to close gidroparoizolyatsionnaya film.

6. If the floor in the bath will be poured a concrete screed, then in addition to the insulation required:

- cement and sand mortar or ready-made;

- roofing;

- mesh reinforcement;

- guides for beacons;

- polyethylene film;

- damping tape.

number of materials will depend on the area of ​​the floor, ceiling and walls to insulate the room.

prepare in in se necessary, you can start warming surfaces bathing facilities.

Winterizing floor bath

As is known, a bath can be built of wood or brick, so the floor is arranged not only wood but also the concrete.Last often poured into the bath brick, but do so occasionally in wood. Anyway , concrete floor always requires reinforced insulation.

Insulation of floors in any bath should be given special attention, since they must withstand high humidity and temperature fluctuations between the rooms and the ground.Therefore , before attempting to install the multi-layer "cake" of the wooden floor or a concrete device, it is recommended to fill the entire surface of the structure under the expanded clay baths middle fractions or slag.

layer of expanded clay will depend on the thickness of the walls of the structure.It should be, least , twice thicker than they.It should be noted that if it is possible and allows space to make a mound of expanded clay is thicker, it will only increase the efficiency of insulation.If the bath is built of brick and is installed on on a concrete foundation, it is recommended to fill expanded clay almost the entire height of the foundation tape.

Пол с засыпанной керамзитовой "подушкой"

Underfloor strewn claydite "cushion»

concrete floor

to concrete floor bath was warm , need to do a number of operations that take place after the results of the pipe drain (it must be previously raisedat the height of a future tie).The work consists of the following stages:

  • Gro nt ext utri strip foundation is well compacted, and the walls are covered with waterproofing compound.
  • Further, the ground is filled with a layer of sand 80 ÷ 100 mm thick, moistened and compacted.
  • Top sand is laid roofing felt with a stop at the walls on 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.Blades fit overlapping 120 ÷ 150 mm, it is desirable to hold them together with waterproof tape or glue between a thermal method using tars mastic.
  • Next on roofing material is poured concrete block with calculation , to the future floor screed was below the height of the basement about 50 mm.
Warming ties expanded clay

Warming ties expanded clay

  • Next, concrete block is distributed over the entire surface evenly.In addition, it is possible to lay slabs XPS 50 mm - they have sufficient rigidity and safely can withstand the load, not to forget that prior to laying concrete block should lay a dense polyethylene.
Plates of extruded polystyrene is also ideal for warming the floor in the bath

slabs of extruded polystyrene is also ideal for warming the floor in the bath

  • On prepared so surface laid reinforcing mesh with cells from 50 to 100 mm.
  • Top reinforcing belt exhibited beacons, which will be aligned and concrete screed.
  • If sewer hole is located in the center of the room to warm, the beacons are placed at a slight angle to it, so that when the lining of concrete formed a small bias from all sides of the room to the drain.
  • Further, the perimeter walls of the lower part is glued or attached in any other way damper tape.This measure will save screed from deformation during temperature changes, as compensates for thermal expansion of the material.
Damper tape around the perimeter of the room

Damper tape around the perimeter of the room

  • on reinforcement mesh is laid prepared concrete, mixed sand and cement in a ratio of 3: 1, and is leveled by means of the construction rules.It is advisable to enter into the special plasticizers, which are on sale - this will increase the quality of the coating.Often used for filling ready mixes for screeds with pre-optimized structure for areas with high humidity or external work .
  • After solidification and tie and set its strength, its impregnated waterproofing composition (primer) deep penetration.
Ready concrete floor with a drain in the center

Ready concrete floor with a drain in the center of

  • By drying the soil is laid ceramic tiles.Another option - on the concrete floor joists can be installed with wooden flooring.Good processed on board it should be fixed at a distance from each other in the 20 ÷ 30 mm.

wooden floor

For wooden baths are traditional wooden floors.To arrange them properly, except for insulating operations necessary to provide high-quality waterproofing.Do not forget about ventilation floor - for this foundation in special channels should be left.

The wooden floor in the bath

wooden floor in the bath

Works on the device and floor insulation, manufactured in such a sequence :

  • primarily supplied to the bath drain pipe. Stoke usually placed in the middle of the room, and all the insulation material and the overlap is arranged around it.
Sewer advance is supplied to the selected location

Sewer advance is supplied to the selected location

  • In compacted soil plank roofing material, which should climb on the walls on 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.
  • concrete block is placed on top of waterproofing.The greater the thickness, the better, but between its surface and beamed ceilings should remain the ventilation distance at least 200 ÷ 250 mm.
  • Further, on waterproofed layers of roofing material protruding part of the foundation laid floor joists.All wooden elements of the floor are kindly requested to handle antiseptic compounds.
Floor beams , resting on a foundation

Floor beams, resting on a foundation

  • on the bottom of joists are nailed or screwed cranial bars, which are mounted board subfloors.
Flooring subfloors

Flooring subfloor

  • subfloor covered steamtight film, which closes beams and slabs and boards, roofed in between.
  • Then, on the rough floor between the joists insulation keeps - it may be mineral wool or the same concrete block.
On top of the waterproofing is laid insulation film

top of waterproofing insulation film stacked

  • Top heating material closes still one layer vapor barrier film.
Top - another layer of hydro vapor barrier

Top - another layer of Hydro

  • Perpendicular to the joists are fixed joists on which arranged wood flooring.In the middle is a hole - it will be coming out the drain pipe.
Laghi - guides for flooring with a bias to the drain

Laghi-guides for flooring with a bias to the drain

  • on to style nailed rails, cut at an angle of 5 ÷ 7 degrees toward drain - they will crate mountingwaterproof wood floor.
  • between bars crates stacked foiled insulation layer up and fastened together foiled same tape. thermoinsulator must completely cover the bars crates .
Sealing joints foil insulation

sealing joints foil insulation

  • Top foil insulation is laid at an angle of not flowing, well-fitting finishing wooden flooring.