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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a corner kitchen

Choosing furniture for kitchen - it is always an important decision, which should be approached with the utmost responsibility.At present, there is no problem of shortage of kitchen sets, in stores you can find a myriad of modern, beautiful and ergonomic furniture.If only the right solution for you is a corner kitchen, then in this article you will find all the answers to the questions: will learn about the main styles of kitchen corner, their pros and cons, as well as how to make the kitchen corner with his hands.


  • Features furniture
  • Styles corner kitchens
  • Types corner kitchens
  • Advantages and corner kitchen disadvantages
  • Materials for corner kitchen
  • difference between factory and home-made furniture
  • Making corner kitchen
  • Corner kitchen with his hands
  • Corner kitchen.Video

Features furniture

distinctive feature of the corner kitchen - is its amazing capacity compared with linear kitchens.Form headset allows maximum advisable to use all available space, and thus, it is advantageous to save it.Due to the angular layout kitchen space becomes more comfortable, in addition, this furniture is decorated much like a small room and great room.

Typically, triangular corner suite kitchen is located perpendicular to each other along two walls.The square room occupancy suggest not only a corner kitchen and table, sofas, chairs, and even chairs.

Among the features in the design of the interior is possible to allocate the following nuances:

  1. It is important that the working area was well-lit.This applies to those cases where the open kitchen equipped with a stove or sink.Most often, LED lamps are mounted in the upper boxes above the work surface.
  2. countertops can be placed along the window sill.This site is not only natural light area, but will be an additional decoration expressive cuisine.
  3. glass hanging shelves will help make space a small kitchen less cumbersome.Along one wall may only be placed lower cabinets and a sink, and along the other - to add the upper hanging lockers.

example of how to look like a traditional kitchen angular in different stylistic interpretations, you can see in the photo.

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Styles corner kitchens

Stylistics corner of your kitchen can be oriented at a total clearance of the entire house: in the classic version, and can, in a more avant-garde.

  1. Classic dishes are elegant and rich.Facades can decorate extra curly products, glass doors.Such kitchens are usually built in appliances.
  2. Timeless country style looks great in a large country house.Such angular kitchen are made of natural raw materials.Furniture decorated with various thematic accessories, inserts made of cloth in the box or with flowers.
  3. high-tech era of late modernism, a large amount of metal in the interior.This classic style is combined with modern technology.The graceful lines, cabinets with glass doors, cabinets on metal legs.
  4. harmony between the bright and flashy colors distinguishes expressionism.In this case, the various elements of the kitchen corner can have different colors, but it is a whole harmonious composition assembled.This also applies to plastic compounds with wood, glass or metal, where food fittings made of metal, wood of the casing, and sliding elements are made of plastic or glass.Expressionism in this case has many manifestations.
  5. Vanguard peculiar presence in the interior of three different colors, one of which is necessarily the most striking, and it identifies the main lines of the boundaries between kitchen elements.
  6. Often you can find the corner kitchen design, made in a minimalist style.Often this style woven three colors, as the basic material for furniture is plastic with a frosted glass finish.
  7. in the spacious loft is practiced - is the interior in dark colors.A rigorous design, emphasize the lines with the addition of metal headset.Modern appliances successfully combined with a suite of gray, brown or black.
  8. New XXI Century - techno style.Corner kitchen filled with strict geometric shapes of cabinets and appliances in combination with a frosted glazed separate zones.

Dimensions headset must be selected individually, taking into account the technical possibilities of the room.The main requirement - it's height and width.

Types corner kitchens

comfortable and ergonomic angle kitchen are a profitable option for saving space of small rooms.With this suite kitchen area will be involved as much as possible to perform their useful functions.Basically, there are 3 main types of angular kitchens:

  • set in the form of the letter "L" when the furniture is built along two walls.The most viable and popular option of accommodation corner kitchen, which is suitable for premises with any floor plan and dimensions;
  • sometimes, and often over large areas, you can find U-shaped kitchen.In this case, the kitchen is built along three walls, forming the shape of a "P" letter.Very convenient solution, since cooking and eating has just three comfortable surface;
  • circular set, where the working area is located directly in the center of the corner kitchen.For example, set "L" or "U" -shaped set of furniture in the middle which has a hob and sink.To afford such a volume set, the floor space shall be not less than 35 sq.m.

Large manufacturers of kitchen furniture have long practiced the production of angular sets because of the wide demand for them, but not all manufacturers have to offer options specifically for areas with limited quadrature.Given the dimensions of the Russian "Khrushchev" domestic factories began to produce a compact corner kitchen, suitable even for small kitchen.Such kits are provided with a plurality of drawers, pull-out cabinets and railing system, all in order to maximize the use of space design.

Appearance angular headset depends on the color of the furniture, style and texture.Built in dark colors are not suitable for a small room to visually enlarge the area, it is better to use a beige furniture, milk or light gray.

Kitchen Art Nouveau fit remarkably red, blue, green and yellow shades.Classic options are flawless in combination with wood, the color will suit cherry, walnut and apple.In such an interior will look impressive extra shelves made of wood.

If you need to expand the building - choose interior with horizontal stripes.However, due to the vertical strips or elements in the kitchen corner, they look higher.

Designers are advised to set solid color to combine with metal fittings, and other designer accessories.

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advantages and disadvantages of a corner kitchen

Benefits corner kitchen:

  1. Compact.Kitchen cabinets can be purchased off the shelf, make to order, and also to make a corner kitchen with his hands at his discretion.Such furniture is easy to implement in any room, because the advantage of homemade options is that they can fit even in the most non-standard layout.
  2. There is a possibility of installation in corner pedestal sink.
  3. Ergonomics.This concept involves not only saving kitchen space, but also built-in versatility of the interior.In addition, both walls can also be used for other purposes, placing them cupboards and appliances.
  4. Proper positioning eating area.It is located on the opposite side of the work area.
  5. The corner kitchen reasonably allocated storage areas, cutting and washing, cooking.
  6. Compositionally corner kitchen benefits over other types of working furniture.

Disadvantages corner kitchen:

  1. presence of traumatic acute angles located at the passage to the room.If the passage between the input areas and cooking too narrow, it is preferable to be angled kitchen worktop with rounded edges.
  2. not always convenient to open closets and cabinets located in a corner of the structure.When designing a kitchen is important to provide a system of a smooth opening and closing of doors.


Materials for kitchen corner

From raw material used largely depends not only aesthetic appearance of the kitchen, but also its service life.Because every room has its own humidity and temperature, to the choice of materials for the manufacture of kitchen corner must be approached very seriously.

materials for furniture:

  1. most commonly used in particle board as a kitchen frame.For facade can be used with chipboard aluminum profiles.

more rigid material MDF is also well suited for the creation of the main frame set.In addition the material is resistant to extremes of temperature and humidity.

  1. For countertops do not need to splurge and buy only high-strength materials such as stone, glass, chipboard, plastic, steel.It is preferable to choose natural stone due to its high strength.However, this material has a high cost.Glass is not the most practical option is used only in specific areas of design.Table top made of chipboard - a viable option, both in price and in their properties.
  2. Duration quality of the furniture also depends on the hardware that is attached to a normal pulling out lockers, soft closing doors and so on.Everything hinges, of course, must be made of high-quality steel, aluminum or plastics are not suitable for this purpose, as will serve you no more than 2 years.less durable materials can be used for decoration plinths or handles.

difference between factory and home-made furniture

Kitchen set made with their own hands, the benefits are not inferior to the factory of furniture.Rate it yourself, you can lower the summary characterization.

  1. Dimensions:
  • own hands: manufactured according to individual preferences;
  • factory: manufactured according to specific standards.
  1. Design:
  • own hands: the furniture complies with kitchen master;
  • factory: range represented different styles of kitchens.
  1. Quality:
  • yourself, you can choose high quality raw materials for the manufacture of a corner kitchen;
  • quality of the materials used in the manufacture of furniture in the factory conform to the state standards.
  1. Cost:
  • reasonable price of consumables is selected independently on the basis of the type of design, its functionality;
  • addition to design features furniture factory price is also determined by taking into account the retail markup.


Making corner kitchen

Selecting corner kitchen is strictly individual, because every room has its own characteristics and size, under which it is sometimes quite difficult to enter a new set.The kitchen is custom-made is expensive, moreover, the results can sometimes be different from the customer's expectations.In this case, the only correct solution is to make your own kitchen.

before a corner kitchen with his hands is important to make an accurate measurement of space for furniture.Advance should also determine the number of items that will be included headsets.

Typically, a standard set of furniture includes:

  • sink with cupboard under the angle;
  • wall cabinet above the sink;
  • two tables along the walls on both sides of the sink;
  • two wall cabinets above the tables;
  • place for a plate or a special stand for it.

Combine furniture can be a variety of ways, depending on the requirements.

  1. carefully determine the size of the ceiling, then the middle of the wall, and then on the plinth.Due to the curvature of the wall may be different sizes.To measure the parameters must be upright.measurements
  2. Corner sink should be installed first.This process can cause many problems, as the cleaning necessary to make holes for communication plum, water hose, for connection and washing.With sink in the corner continues assembling the rest of the furniture.
  3. route calculation vent is also necessary to carry out in advance if you are going to make a hood over the stove, mounted in the cabinet.
  4. For the front of the kitchen corner, use laminated chipboard, MFD, or the most expensive material - wood.For countertops and will fit these materials.In recent years become popular for countertops granite made from granikouta.
  5. In order to make the drawing of the kitchen cabinet, use the diagram below.

material - for - manufacturing - kitchen - mebeli2

width of wall units must be a multiple of 50 mm (for example, 250 mm, 300 mm).

Attach all the details you need to konfimartami screws for furniture.We should not forget the fact that the particle board on the structure friable and may collapse at frequent twisting konfimartov.

  1. rear wall cabinets and wall cabinets should be made of fiberboard, since this material is more pliable when cutting than particleboard.
  2. If you follow a certain style - and the lighting system should be organizing appropriate.In the context of techno style, or Hi-Tech does not fit the classic version, when the kitchen lights lamp in the center of the room.In such cases, to cover the area and eating area can be LED lights, built-in hanging lockers.Complement the interior can be stylized lamps, floor lamps and other unusual lamps.

Corner kitchen with his hands

to independently manufacture the corner kitchen you will have to spend a lot less than if you buy a ready set.In addition, the market can pick up all the necessary materials are cheaper, and make your kitchen in a unique design.

  1. Before you start creating your kitchen, decide with its design, dimensions, height and width.Plan the location of the cabinets, drawers and wash drawing.Where will settle dishes and other kitchen utensils.
  2. In connection with the received data, configure the drawing future kitchen, it will allow you to better navigate the dimensions and parameters.
  3. Make sure the measurements of the walls in three places: under the ceiling, in the middle and on the plinth.The drawing must also be taken into account where it will be cut into a gas pipe and extractor.Maximum reflect in detail in the drawing, all the parameters of the kitchen and then make a map of the cutting material.This map should indicate the details of the assembly of each module.For example, to build the cabinets, you will need:
  • top;
  • bottom;
  • side wall;
  • shelves;
  • facades;
  • light back wall of chipboard;
  • edge.

Do not forget the countertop and apron.

  1. Cutting parts order the same place and have acquired the CPD.It will be cheaper and more convenient.In this case, the cutting card is useful because it allows you to determine how much material you will need, how much will be left after cutting.If you can not make a map of cutting yourself - make it in a furniture store.
  2. Indicate in map cutting width hinged lockers multiple of 50 mm, ie 200, 250 or 300 mm.Mounted units are made of chipboard 16 mm thick, for outdoor units - 18 mm chipboard.
  3. Get hinges for cabinets and matching pen.
  4. Prepare the walls and the floor along which the angular furniture will be located.For this wall oshtukaturte if necessary, and angles - Line.
  5. To assemble the corner kitchen you need the following set of tools:
  • pliers;
  • hammer;
  • jigsaw;
  • roulette;
  • knife;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver;
  • punch;