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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wooden shelf with his own hands

Wall Shelves are replacing bulky furniture.Today, more and more people prefer the compact and ergonomic design, allowing to accommodate a maximum of items.Wooden shelf, made with his own hands, will give your interior a touch of individuality and creativity as a homemade shelf can be the embodiment of your most unusual requests.


  • Description of shelves of wood
  • Types shelves
  • load on wooden shelves
  • shelf made of wood with their hands
  • wall shelves with their hands
  • Decorative shelf for flowers with his own hands
  • Wooden shelfwith his own hands.Video

shelves Description of wood

Before you start tinkering shelf made of wood, it is necessary to understand that it represents the subject of the interior, and what kinds of shelves there.

most standard shelves in any apartment or house are almost indispensable accessory that plays a role as a decorative ornament, and the most sought after item of furniture.In the office are on the shelves of folders and documents in the kitchen - dishes and other kitchen utensils, and in the hallway shelves are a repository of all sorts of materials at hand: lipstick, gloves and keys.Externally, it is a furniture product that has no front wall, which is made of different kinds of raw materials and is intended for the storage of various items.

classic material for the manufacture of shelves - this tree.With the tree is easy to operate and handle, and its service life is quite large, provided that the wooden shelf will be in optimal conditions with minimal humidity.In this apparent advantage of this material.First of all, it is: a high quality finished product, strength, durability and, most importantly, environmentally friendly.

Typically, shelves mounted most often made of wood, due to the fact that they are quite strong and durable.Processed additional protective coating wood, able to serve you for many years.

Photo wooden shelves made to meet a variety of stylistic solutions, you can view below.





shelves Shelves are:

  1. Wall.

Such shelves are usually placed on a desk, sofa and bed.They are usually fastened arms, which, in turn, be mounted on a special pins.

Wall divided into:

  • classic.The most common shelf because of the simplicity of its design and ease of installation.Are both square and asymmetrical;
  • floor.Looks like a muffin shoes, are relevant in large rooms, corridors and hallways.This can be a shelf for shoes of different sizes, made of wood pieces;
  • open and closed shelves, usually wood can be carved and often serve as a decorative interior decoration.They are made with a sliding glass without it.
  1. Suspended.

attached directly to the wall with ropes, straps, chains, and other fasteners.

  1. Corner.

positioned between the adjacent walls in the corner.Fastening angular shelves can perform as a wall or a ceiling.

Materials for shelves:

  1. tree.
  2. Metal.
  3. Glass.
  4. Wood chipboard and fibreboard fine fraction.
  5. gypsum sheets.
  6. Combined shelves of two or more materials.

By its design features are shelves:

  • cantilever;
  • with the walls on the sides and without them;
  • rear wall and without it;
  • vertical design and horizontal;
  • with doors;
  • stacked;
  • having rounded corners and straight;
  • inclined and straight.

in terms of a particular design, you can make the right shelf, illuminated or not, match the color of the walls in the room and the overall texture.


load on wooden shelves

Before the production, it is important to decide on the shelves the maximum permissible load on them, which depends on such nuances:

  • thickness of the wood.The more objects you want to stay on the shelf, the thicker should be the board.In addition, the smaller will be on the board of knots, the tougher it will be;
  • mounting method.The finished wooden structure can be mounted on the wall using metal brackets, bars, or special lugs.The most reliable and durable fastening brackets are;
  • number of fixtures on the shelf.We are talking about the long shelves for the preservation designed to withstand heavy weight.For example, a shelf length of 3 m must have at least 5 half-meter mounts at a distance from each other.


shelf made of wood with their hands

Production shelves of wooden parts should start with the selection of the necessary work tools.In order to equip the storage space you need:

  • 2.5-3.0 cm thick wood;
  • bar section 2x3 m;
  • 1 metal bracket (with closet width 80 cm);
  • pencil markings;
  • building level;
  • screws;
  • drill.

stages of manufacturing of wooden shelves in the pantry:

  1. make pencil marks on the wall and decide so, how many shelves should be placed on the back of the closet.A preferred embodiment of the placement of stories -. In increments of 30 cm
  2. Using a level, make a horizontal line.
  3. make a layout, attach the pre-cut to size pieces of wood.The length of one on each side should be 30 cm (this is the standard depth of the shelves, allowing to set it 3 liter jar or box).
  4. When mounting the bar using the Allen screws.Three screw is needed for long bars, and two - for short.
  5. Work only with the treated wood.To do this, cut the board proshkurte sandpaper or a grinder with a special nozzle.
  6. to the bar to the wall with screws, attach the board.The length of the screws is defined in the 3.5-4 cm.
  7. If you do not have a special tube for furniture, buy it.It is necessary to ensure that the shelves do not sag under the weight of the load.
  8. Cut the pipe size corresponding to the height between the floor and the first shelf, fasten the first shelf.
  9. Insert the pipe and fix the flanges.
  10. The same principle will strengthen all other shelves with each other.
  11. its easy and uncomplicated actions we've got a compact and handy wooden shelves, where each shelf can withstand fairly heavy loads.


wall shelves with their hands

before a wooden shelf, read the instructions for its manufacture and assemble a set of tools required.

to work you will need:

  • electric drill;
  • knife, pencil, ruler;
  • wood thickness 1.5 cm;
  • sheet of plywood for the walls of shelves 6 mm thick;
  • sliding glass;
  • rack for glasses;
  • sanding Bulgarian;
  • brackets;
  • studs and screws;
  • dowels.

stages of manufacturing the wall shelves with his own hands:

  1. This shelf of wood materials wall type is best done on a pre-planned drawing.In this case a rectangular design.Its dimensions can be seen in the figure below.15
  2. Saw jigsaw timber according to the available sizes.
  3. In order to neutralize the unsightly sections, paste over the edge of melamine.For this hot iron walk on the edge of the saw cut on the spot and then when it is pasted, cut the excess pieces with scissors.
  4. On the horizontal parts of shelves, retreating along the edges of 5 cm, make a hole.At the same drill diameter must not exceed the diameter of the fixing screws.
  5. Assemble the shelf.To do this, cut from a sheet of plywood wall for future shelf and screw it to the horizontal planks.Attach the guide rail for glasses.Fasten all the details of the shelf as shown in the figure below.Wall - polki4
  6. to the side wall from the end, attach the brackets.Then make a mark on the wall, drill holes, insert the dowels, and in them - the screws, so much so that the last few were from the wall so that you can hang a shelf.
  7. Insert the glass shelf and hang a new location.Wall shelf ready.These wooden shelves can be successfully used as a stand for flowers.

Corner wooden shelves are made on a similar principle:

  • parts are cut from pine angular shape, a thickness of about 5 cm, according to the drawing;
  • then paint them in the desired color;
  • with screws and drill the shelves are mounted in the corner of each other.That's all.Making these shelves will not take a lot of time, and everything else, this furniture looks very nice.


How to select and prepare the wood:

  1. should choose only dry raw materials in the market.And if in your attic or on the balcony there is a suitable timber, but damp, then dry it thoroughly.Spread on each other and press down the tree with something very heavy.This is done so that the tree does not warp, as the finished furniture.Before
  2. furniture manufacturer is required to prepare a tree in a proper way: grind with sandpaper, then cover the stain and color.
  3. color wood edge and shade itself directly wooden shelf must be the same.In harmony with the furniture should be chosen and brackets.

Decorative shelf for flowers with his own hands

This original flower shelf can be placed on the wall, and it will save significant area of ​​the room.A model for the production of wood is recommended to use, as the most accessible and pliable material.

to work you will need:

  • wide wood planks, 2 pcs.length 700 mm;and 3 pcs.length 280 mm;
  • narrow boards, 3 pieces.length 280 mm;
  • paint for wood, paint;
  • sandpaper;
  • drill;
  • hammer with nails;
  • decorative twine.

stages of manufacturing decorative shelves for flowers:

  • Then, using nails fasten to each other long and short board as shown in the figure.


  • Before starting work, prepare the wood, sanded it with sandpaper.
  • The narrow short planks attach to horizontal wide.This will stop the flowers from slipping off the shelves.


  • up on long boards perform drill-holes for wall mounting.
  • Then treat the wood stain and varnish.Proshkurte uneven corners and in the completion of the design cover layer of lacquer.
  • into the prepared hole thread the twine and secure units.Shelf ready, it can be hung on the wall and decorate with flowers.


Wooden shelf with his own hands.Video