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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shelves for food with their own hands

Budget and hardworking owner there is nothing more pleasant than doing useful things for the house with his own hands.And if the construction of large pieces of furniture like beds and cabinets require special plumbing skills, then make a shelf in the kitchen under the force of even lovers.In this article you'll learn all about how to build a beautiful and functional kitchen shelf.


  • General characteristics
    • Choice
  • Design Methods shelf support
    • Natural wood and chipboard
    • Drywall for
    • shelf Decorative shelf
    • Shelves - butylochnitsy
    • Sliding shelves
  • Corner shelf in the kitchen with his hands
    • sketch Creating
    • Production shelves
  • Creative ideas

General characteristics

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home, because it is here that gather all family members toenjoy a delicious meal, talk and relax.Therefore it is very important that reigned in the kitchen enabling a relaxed atmosphere, and the key to comfort is always in order.If everything is in place, no need to waste time and nerves on a quest - to reach out enough.That is why every kitchen needs in setting up all sorts of shelves and cupboards.

The main requirement for any shelves - compliance with the overall interior design, and this applies not only to the color, but also to the shape and size of the structure.

shelf - on - your - kitchen - hands

most common mistakes in selecting and installing kitchen shelves:

  1. Shelf does not fit in texture or color to a basic furniture.For example, if the kitchen is dominated by bright pastel shades, the massive shelf with metal edging is clearly inappropriate, and vice versa.
  2. dimensions and characteristics of the shelves must conform to its functional purpose.So, if you need a shelf-drying dish, it is not necessary to use massive narrow planks, since the water very quickly spoil the tree - it swell and "bloom."In this case, suitable products of stainless steel with drain holes.Metal shelves in the kitchen utensils withstand the weight, and the water they would not stagnate.
  3. Mounts and brackets should harmonize as much as possible the color of the shelf and the wall.If you do not meet this condition, the shelf will stand out from the general interior and evident homely spot.

design Choosing

By choosing the design of future shelves must be handled as carefully.By design, it should be understood not only the appearance (decor), but also functionality.

The following guidelines will help you to choose the shelves for dishes, made in different styles:

  1. Kitchen in the style of hi-tech suit of minimalism in everything - choose the neat shelves of strict forms, with a small thickness.Acceptable use of LED backlighting.Optimal materials for building shelves: metal, glass, plastic.
  2. Kitchen Scandinavian style can decorate the shelves of solid wood, lightweight chipboard, pallets and crates for vegetables.Interior allows you to "roam" and plenty to dream up, using the most innovative materials, such as logs or timber, planed sea.
  3. If your kitchen is done in a country style, classic or Provence, set light decorative shelf on thin metal legs.Elegant forging give a lightness and charm.Also interesting will look artificially aged threaded parts.
  4. For kitchens in modern style suitable glass construction with metal inserts.
  5. modern interior style rejects the use of shelves, wine racks or grids.
  6. Corner shelf in the kitchen will save space using the selection area to the maximum.

easiest way to make a rectangular shelf made of wood chipboard go, so if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to start with elementary designs.The main thing - remember that the size and thickness of the shelves should correspond to the dimensions placed on them things.So, for storing spices rather narrow plastic shelves, but will need something much more powerful for cereals and conservation.

Placing shelves should be so that they could reach to all members of the family, or vice versa - could not, when it comes to young children.


If you want to use the space along the wall, it can be hanging shelves in the kitchen in several rows.


methods of fastening shelves

methods of fastening kitchen shelves depend on many factors: the material from which they are made, load, design, etc.However, the determining criterion is all the same stuff.Below we will explain in detail how and from which it can build a shelf for dishes.Before sharing the shelves by type, should stipulate that the construction design are mounted, floor and sliding.And if the first two more or less clear, the racks in the kitchen should be considered in more detail.

Natural wood and chipboard

most common type.Wooden shelves in the kitchen with his hands can make even a teenager, what will certainly please his mother.

To make a shelf of wood will need the following tools and materials:

  • actually very material - particle board, board or wooden boxes;
  • punch (drill the concrete wall to install fasteners);
  • jigsaw (cutting wood);
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • sandpaper different grits (sanded wood surface);
  • compass (if present rounded elements);
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • brackets or assembled console for hanging shelves;
  • stain on wood (if you tint);
  • brush;
  • alkyd paint (alkyd varnish is better to take, because it is more resistant to moisture).


form of wooden shelves can be any, but it is better to make them traditional rectangular or triangular, if placed in a corner.Round or oval shelves suit not every kitchen and mostly suitable for large premises.

to wooden floor served for as long as possible, pay attention to its decoration and protection - Use paints, tapes for edging, do not expose the tree to excessive moisture.

Tip: for a small kitchen should not do thick bulky shelves.It will look not soundly and comfortably, and very cumbersome.

Plasterboard shelf

Kitchen shelves of plasterboard are only suitable for storing dry and not heavy subjects.Positioning should be as far away from sinks, stoves, steamers or multivarok.Since the plaster is very sensitive to moisture and is not able to withstand heavy loads, shelves of plasterboard better installed closer to the windows, and more for decorative purposes.

To increase the strength of plasterboard shelves need to strengthen its metal profiles on the back side.What can be put on a shelf?Put it on a small musical columns, statues, vases with dry plants or spices.

Plasterboard shelves look very naturally and gently, especially when it comes to interiors in the romantic style.

to work you will need:

  • drywall;
  • metal profile;
  • mounting tape for covering joints;
  • screws "gypsum plasterboard-tree" or "metal";
  • fasteners "corners";
  • putty;
  • materials for decoration (paint, fabric, wallpaper, mosaic, etc.).

Decorative shelf

Quite often decorative shelf in the kitchen doing the same style, to organize a small complex, where you can store a beautiful collector's dishes, original figurines or salt shakers purchased while traveling.


Tip: small decorative shelf can be fixed with the help of ready-made fasteners, creating a spectacular contrast combinations with the help of color or texture.For example, the color for the console shelf pastel shades of blue or black brackets for shelves made of rough wood.

Shelves - butylochnitsy

This is a separate "elite breed of" shelves that take root in the kitchen connoisseurs of noble drink.Butylochnitsy specifically designed for wine storage in appropriate conditions.Each sommelier knows that wine requires careful and respectful attitude, otherwise it quickly loses its taste.

unique bouquet properties are saved only when the correct storage of the bottle - in a strictly horizontal position.What happens to the wine, which is just in the cupboard or fridge?A plug is slowly but surely penetrated the oxygen, is fatal to the blend.It reacts with bacteria and the wine beverage flavor changes.

Butylochnitsy allow you to store the bottles in an inverted inclined position, completely blocking the access of oxygen.Moreover, to be sure, these shelves look very elegant.


course, one kitchen shelves is enough for 3-5 bottles, otherwise it will turn into a wine cellar.

Sliding shelves

Gradually, we come to the most interesting and the most popular type of kitchen shelves.Retractable shelves today, every day are becoming in demand.Minimalism in vogue for more than 3 years, and this trend continues to hold, only diluted by new trends like eco-style.The sliding mechanism saves a maximum of space, to save the owners from unnecessary movements and use every square centimeter useful.


are several types of drawers: they shelf panels for storing caps, baskets for food, butylochnitsy, bread bins, etc.

drawers Advantages are obvious, especially if we are talking about small kitchens.So, from the most common close "Khrushchev" can easily make a functional and pleasant kitchen, using this technology.In addition to the pull-out shelves are also popular sliding tables, seats, beds, etc.Minimalism combined with ergonomics - perfect for the modern housewife.


For small kitchens are the best option racks, baskets.They can store vegetables, cereals, breads or other products that need regular airing.


Corner shelf in the kitchen with his hands

Any furniture you can make your own hands, as if to show a modicum of imagination, the ordinary objects can become exclusive interior decorations.This rule also applies to the kitchen shelves.Instructions outlined below will help you make an original and comfortable corner shelves for dishes, pickles or bulk products.

material for the manufacture of chipboard structure served as cropping, remaining after the construction of the kitchen units.Such pruning can be bought in any furniture shop for a low price.With the construction of this shelf will cope anyone who knows how to handle a drill and work will take a maximum of 7 hours.

What tools are needed:

  • electric jigsaw;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • sander or sandpaper;
  • iron;
  • drills on a tree of different diameters;
  • hexagon 4 mm;
  • knife cutter (can be ordinary durable knife stationery);
  • pencil;
  • square;
  • compasses;
  • roulette.


Accessories (can be purchased at any hardware or furniture store):

  • konfirmat - 16 pcs;
  • bead belt suitable tone for chipboard - 10 m (preferably 12 m);
  • hinged loop - 4 pieces;
  • screw - 8 pieces;
  • cap - 16 pieces.

sketch Creating

Before building anything, you need to create a sketch on paper or, as in our case, on the computer.

Detailing future product:

  1. Two shelves with a radius of 19h90 cm
  2. Two shelves with a radius of more 19h110 see
  3. Two racks 60h26,5 see
  4. Two racks 44h26,5 see

15 16 17....


shelves Adjust sketch to the size of the kitchen, prepare the necessary materials and start construction of shelves.


  1. first step is to saw the sidewall.Make chipboard sheets counting, starting with a flat plot of 3-10 cm. If there is a clamp, you can fasten them two sheets and cut in one fell swoop two identical sidewall.
  2. no upper lip on the inside of the rack, and its dimensions are slightly less than the outside.Note that even if you are using a new chain saw jig saw, then chipped edges can be formed.You can fix this sander or hand sanding.
  3. okleyte details Thermoband.To do this, attach the tape to the side edges, cover with a cotton cloth and warm iron.Proceed as bonding tape to the chipboard.Processing internal curves, apply only to the iron spout.Tape always slightly wider end, so neprokleennuyu part should be cut with a knife stationery.
  4. When the excess will be truncated, process corners with fine sandpaper to remove the contrast adhesive strip.As a result, you get two neat desk.
  5. Now you can collect design.As the beams using the same rectangular pieces of chipboard, of equal length.Carefully choose the width of the rack is not advocated for the upright.
  6. To regiment looked original, the interior trim rack in two places.slot length must comply with the shelf width.
    06 07
  7. Fasten the lower and upper rack SCREW using square or angular clamp.
  8. in 8 mm from the edge of the drill, suitable for konfirmat, make a hole, deepening the second milling stage is not more than 2 mm.
  9. When the hole is ready, fasten parts SCREW.Tighten up to the stop, to the junction between the parts has disappeared completely.The main indicator - light crackling sound during tightening.
  10. Attach the inner vertical rack at any suitable distance from the outside.
  11. Install top shelf, attach it to the outside of the rack first.
  12. Drill and fix it SCREW.During drilling the drill keep clear a shelf perpendicular to after twisting konfirmat not form a bulge.
  13. In the same way, attach the shelf to the inside of the rack.
  14. 're just stick decorative cap to cover fasteners and hang the shelf space to its rightful place.In this case, on the corner do not need to use any additional fasteners as chipboard quite robust and bend it almost impossible (in any case, the weight of cans and dishes it is not enough).

Creative ideas

Finally, we offer you material for inspiration - a photo collection of interesting options kitchen shelves that can easily be done by hand:

19 20 22

Original shelf in the kitchen (photos) from a conventional pallet: