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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of doors to the bathroom and toilet : installation with their own hands

Installation of doors in the bathroom
  • Tips on Choosing the doors
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wooden
  • of chipboard and MDF
  • Setting his hands
  • Expansion opening
  • Collecting and assembling boxes
  • Preparation leaf
  • Features
  • door installation

If you decide to install your own door to the bathroom, it is likely that you will be faced with some difficulties.Firstly, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the tub and toilet - a room with high humidity.Therefore, when installing the doors in these areas must take into account some of the nuances.Qualified experts say that the principles of the establishment of the bathroom door the same as when setting the door in the other rooms.It is necessary to understand these principles to an independent installation of the doors was not possible even for those who have very little experience.

The doors to the bathroom and toilet

Tips on Choosing the doors

So, initially it is necessary to determine the model of the door.Experts recommend a choice to engage in the door after the main repair in the bathroom will be completed, astoo cumbersome bath or shower may require an additional increase in the door connector.Of course, the design intent and the overall style of the bathroom and adjoining premises are very important when choosing a door.But do not forget about some of the features.

A combination of doors in public areas

Before you start looking for the door is necessary to specify its size. It only takes a few minutes and will save you from unnecessary doubts directly to the store.It will need to measure the door slot width, length and depth.In addition to the door to choose more and the door frame.Usually it is realized separately and is a plate that is cut off at the desired dimensions.Total of paintings takes three: two of them are cut off by the opening height and one cut into two equal parts, equal to the width of the opening.

learn how to correctly determine the size of the door to the bathroom, read our article.It will help you avoid a lot of mistakes.

Installed in a box in the bathroom door

It is important to take into account the high percentage of humidity of the room, and even if there is a good ventilation system to choose a model that is resistant to moisture and steam, which significantly prolongs the service door.Another criterion for selecting the door for the bathroom is that they have heat and sound insulation, which is especially important for bathrooms and toilets.

Plain door for the bathroom

materials for the manufacture of doors in the bathroom may be different.

If you just choose a door to the bathroom, read our article about what are the doors to bathrooms.The information will help you make the right choice.


Are the resistance to moisture and a pair of leader, becausethey are not afraid of no water, no heat and will not deform.Glass is also known for its heat and noise insulation properties, besides the material most environmentally friendly and safe.They are made of such high-strength glass door, so the likelihood of a break or deform the door is very small.

The glass door to the bathroom

very popular glass doors are not only due to their properties, but also bright and unusual design.There are a variety of models of doors made of glass.

To decorate these doors used elements made of plastic, wood and metal, decorate them with special paints, mosaics and films.To make the bathroom design more "light", spacious and unusual glass doors fit very well.The disadvantage of such doors can only be considered a high price.

Doors made ​​of glass in the bathroom with a pattern

glass doors to the bathroom covered in detail in our other article.We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this information before buying.


Another material that is ideal for rooms with high humidity, - plastic.These doors are also not subject to deformation.The advantage of such doors is a good insulation of heat and noise.

Plastic doors are very diverse in color and form, they can mimic a variety of materials.The advantages of PVC doors also include the availability and low price.These doors are, of course, inferior to the aesthetics of the door made of wood or glass, but will be an ideal option for a democratic housing.

PVC doors


Classics doors to toilets and bathrooms are considered doors made of wood. But, unfortunately, these doors are very unstable to moisture and temperature, so that can be deformed and collapse.This does not mean that these doors can not be used in these areas.

A prerequisite for this type of door is a special impregnation of wood with antiseptic solution and varnishing.Wooden doors, of course, will make your interior more noble.By price segment, these doors also not cheap.

Solid wood doors

of chipboard and MDF

widespread due to accessibility and cost.From above they are covered with laminate.The variety of models makes it possible to solve virtually any design problem.However, like wood, veneered doors are unstable to high humidity and temperature changes.

bath and WC MDF doors

choose from the variety of the appropriate model will have you, but do not forget that by providing a small budget for the bathroom door and save now, it is quite possible you will have some time to change it, which would entail new costs.

Setting his hands

Installation of doors required:

  • hacksaw and miter box;
  • drills and screwdrivers;
  • chops or PH2 PZ2;
  • pen drill 16, 18, 20;
  • mallet;
  • chisel;
  • level;
  • pencil (construction or normal);
  • construction knife.

From the materials we need the following:

  • screws for wood (black / yellow);
  • foam;
  • cloves under the bead and cashing;
  • sanitary silicone;
  • substrate (plastic / wood).

Expansion opening

At the entrance to the bathroom there is a small threshold of 5 cm. It provides additional protection to the living rooms of the apartment in case of flooding.The specificity of the door assembly to the bathroom is the presence of a small gap of about 5 cm between the threshold and the door, which is required for additional ventilation bathroom.

some simple mathematical calculations we can conclude that the door remains connector height of 190 cm, while the height of the classical doors 200 cm. To install the door on all the rules, keeping the gap will have to either increase the doorway, or shorten the door itself.Note that not every opening can be increased, and not every door can be shortened.

Consider the first option when we decide to increase the height of the door connector.

If the design has a plaster base, it will be enough to increase the gap quickly and easily:

With grinders and saws with large teeth height of the door opening can be increased for 10 minutes.It is necessary to protect the premises from dust, becauseit will be quite a lot.

In the case where the wall is made of asbestos-cement sheets, the opening can not increase becausejust above the opening passes the steel strip, removing we weaken the entire structure as a whole, resulting in cracks.In this situation it will only decrease the door.

Expansion of the doorway to the bathroom

Shortening door

If the door opening can not be enlarged, the choice of door is best to stop at the door of wood, sincethey can rasp without disrupting the functional properties of the structure.Naturally, this somewhat reduces our capabilities in building conceived style bathroom.

Collecting and assembling boxes

Before the establishment of the door frame must be shut down with the gap under the door. It is important to create a good waterproofing of the door panel to protect it from moisture.Very well suited for this diffusion waterproofing adhesive tape, which can be easily mounted on the entire inner surface of the opening, which must be clean and smooth.

Now go to the next step - the establishment of assembly and door frame. When the door frame assembly is purchased, then the establishment of the door you will take a small amount of time.It takes just the right places to twist the screws and install the door leaf.If the items purchased in the analysis, first need to collect a box, and only then install the door and carry out the final adjustment.

Collection of the door frame

stages of collection and assembly of the door frame:

  1. shorten the length of the rack Lutkov to 200.5 cm, based on the classic door height 200 cm plus 0.5 cm in the gaps...between the frame and the hinged blade.Shorten
  2. Lutkov top and bottom 60 cm. With a thickness profile view of the box 2 and multiplied by 0.5 cm. To clearances.If the door to the bathroom more than the standard, the calculations must be made based on the width of the door.
  3. Next cut a profile on Lutkov thick at its widest point, making the sawed poperek.Po lower edges of the box to remove the excess part of the profile, which serves as the vestibule for the door.
  4. bathroom door should open easily and close tightly, so it is important to carefully hold sidebar canopies.At a distance of 20-25 cm. From the edges of the grooves denote slot sheds on the right or left side of the door, depending on where it will be opened.Also you can use a loop sheds, then install the doors will be much easier, becausethey do not need to embed.
  5. For the convenience of collecting components of the box on the floor, and then set the entire structure in place.
The installed door frame

Lutkov ready! Optionally, you can do without a threshold (which is often done in homes where there are children and the elderly), but this makes the installation process is somewhat more complicated, and will not protect against flooding.

The door to the bathroom without a threshold

Preparation leaf

order to install the door in the bathroom is also required to prepare for the establishment and the door leaf.

These include:

  • sidebar tabs,
  • loop,
  • setting knob.

If canopies not, hinges are mounted and the establishment does not cause problems.

to establish a latch necessary to make a hole with the end of the door with a drill depth equal to the length of the latch.Use the pen to make a drill hole for the handle (drilling accurately and on both sides).Now fasten the latch with self-tapping screws.

To install the handle, you need to:

  1. In one of them to insert a square and a small screw to fix it.
  2. Pass the square in the slot for the latch and strengthen it on the canvas.
  3. second part of the handle mounted on the protruding square.


Installed in the bathroom door

Features door installation

box WPRO installing doors for the density and integrity treat all cracks with assembly foam.Do not forget that the foam tends to expand, so give it to dry thoroughly, approximately 6-10 hours.At the same time make sure the spacers 3-4 in the doorway, so that later no problems with opening and closing the door.

Installation of doors in the bathroom

hang door leaf is only recommended after complete drying of the foam.For better ventilation, do not forget to leave a gap at the bottom of the door or embed itself in the ventilation grille cloth, this will significantly prolong the service door.

Installed in the door of the bathroom