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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath of sleepers with their hands

Bath - the perfect complement each cottage.Construction bath time-consuming, effort and money.Traditionally, the baths erected from the log, but the cost of this material is not happy thrifty owners.In search of an alternative building materials, many have found a way to the baths Construction of the sleepers.How to build long-lasting, reliable and, most importantly, inexpensive bath of the sleepers?


Pros and cons of baths from the sleepers

First of all it is necessary to understand what is a sleeper.Sleepers are inexpensive lumber treated with creosote - a special compound that protects against corrosion tree.Creosote - a toxic preservative, prolonging the life of the sleepers and preventing defeat fungal material, mold and parasites.Ties are used for laying railway tracks.They are often written off production for a variety of reasons, ranging from small manufacturing defects, ending with the expiration date.Usually such decommissioned sleepers erected chalet buildings, including baths.

What are the advantages of bath sleepers:

  • low cost timber;
  • easy installation;
  • short installation time.

But, as often happens, for cheapness comes at a price.Creosote different specific smell, which is enhanced by heating, so a long time to be in the bath is very difficult.But most of the gardeners has been more than a dozen years of putting up with the discomfort and continue to build a bath of sleepers.

Construction stages

Choice sleepers for bath

At first glance it may seem that ties all the same, and to choose not particularly necessary, but if you know some of the subtleties, you can buy a high-quality material.First, determine what ties you buy - new or written off in production.Of course, the "delayed" sleeper will cost much cheaper.In addition, the old sleepers is one weighty superiority - for 10-13 years are almost completely erode the acrid smell of cresol.


Decide on the number of sleepers, based on the squaring of the project and future bath.For a small bathhouse with a steam room and sink need to buy at least 100 sleepers.

Carefully inspect the sleepers before buying.Very often ties write off due to old age and wear, so if you do not see everything in person, there is a risk to buy rotten stuff, rotten from the inside.Tap on the tie with a hammer, and if you hear a hollow sound, then the material will serve you no less than 20 years.

Before making a final decision on the construction of a bath of sleepers, once again weigh all the pros and cons.Even high-quality insulation of walls, floor and ceiling will not cure a specific smell cresol, so consider whether you are willing to make such sacrifices.


So, the right amount of cooked sleepers, now is the time to lay the foundation.Foundation for a bath of sleepers chosen based on the characteristics of the soil, the building features of the project and the financial capacity of the box.On what types of foundations are and how much they will cost, you can read in the article "How to save money in the construction of the foundationĀ»

is worth noting that the majority of experts tend to advise pier foundation for baths, but the strip foundation will not behave worse, and servemuch longer.


When the foundation frozen, you need to take care of waterproofing.Bath - a pretty wet place, and if in the area groundwater lie close to the surface, you need a good waterproofing.To this end, the concrete surface of the foundation you need to coat with liquid bitumen mastic, on top of it in two to three layers of roofing material to lay.

baths Installation of sleepers

Assembly baths of sleepers similar to the assembly of the framework.Lay the first row on the rails that separate it from direct contact with the foundation.Between themselves, sleepers need to dress the finger jointed.The first crown is not necessarily attached to the foundation.After laying his blow out the gap between the lower crown and the base mounting foam.


On the crown of the sleepers lay insulation jute, moss, tow or any other material for caulking.Over the rest of the insulation lay wreaths bath, do not forget to fasten their thorns way.It is recommended to use additional connection, cut out on opposite ends of the sleeper holes nageli.Please note that all the holes for the fixtures you want to cut to within a few millimeters.Otherwise, the room will be uneven.

During bath installation should be closely monitored to ensure that the internal walls of the building were as smooth, because if external error can mask the siding or other exterior finish, the internal irregularities hide so easily.

external finish of the bath sleepers

Windows and doors "bump" in the box of the building after laying and fixing all the crowns height baths.Creating a window and door openings - a very laborious process that requires certain skills to work with cutting equipment and a fair patience.Calculate the size of the openings and cut them in markup using a chainsaw.


Since even cresol impregnated sleepers are not immune to the impact of external factors on 100%, better to spend additional processing antiseptic.Top sleeper recommended linseed oil or varnish to prevent swelling from moisture.

After the overlap of the roof and the primary insulation of walls, floors and ceilings made repeated konopatka sleepers, interior decoration, installation of furniture and equipment.If you want to save on the purchase of special furniture for the bath, be sure to read the article "Furniture for bath with his handsĀ»


Interior finishing bath of sleepers

Traditionally, for finishing baths the interior space using different types of wood.If you use the boards, it is necessary to accurately calculate the length of each element, customized for the desired size and ensure that the fasteners were completely hidden.Sticking a nail or screw can not only severely scratch the skin, but also burn.Furthermore, since a constant humidity bath in all the "open" metal fittings will corrode very rapidly.


most economical and rational solution is to trim clapboard.The elements are attached to each other grooves and joints without the use of metal fasteners.If you decide to spend the interior trim paneling, first set the crate along the entire length of the walls in increments of no greater than 0.5 m. It should be borne in mind that siding "eats" a lot of space, so for a small bathhouse it is not the best solution.Start lining installation is recommended with wall angles in front of the bath.