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August 12, 2017 18:06

4 alternative ways of finishing the bathroom

Basically, finishing the bathroom tiles made to perform, in extreme cases, plastic panels. This imagination of our people, usually ends.The fact is that the above materials are best suited for use in wet environments.That may be so, but almost all the released sight of the fact that modern technologies allow to modify the properties and characteristics of virtually any building material.This fact forms the basis of alternative ways of finishing the bathroom.

This is what will be discussed in our article, in which we will look at options for finishing the bathroom rooms are non-traditional materials.

Decorating a bathroom tree

Have you ever met a bathroom, trimmed with wood paneling or a rack?On this question 90 percent of people will answer "no."Meanwhile, this material is often used in European countries for finishing the bathrooms.Benefits in the bathroom using this material long - firstly, it is only natural material and, secondly, it is an individual style.That only is the smell in this room.

It should be understood that the tree is not adapted for use in conditions of high humidity and poor ventilation - it quickly rots, it is got all sorts of animals and bacteria quickly develop mold.It is from these properties and necessary to rid the wood first.For these purposes, various antiseptic and impregnating lacquers based on polyurethane.Edit so you need every single casing element before the start of its installation.

Well, it looks like a modern bathroom with wood trim, you can see for yourself in the photo.

Finish Bathroom tree room

Decorating a bathroom tree

Finish Bathroom tree

Finish bath tree

Finish bath room clapboard

bathroom finishing clapboard

Bathroom tree decoration

Bathroom wood trim

Finish Bathroom tree

Finish bath tree photo

Decorating the bathroom tree photos

Finish bathtree photo


bathroom wallpapered room basically, bathroom decoration can be carried out virtually any kind of wallpapers except textile - protect from moisture can be again, using lacquer.There is an interesting and long-known way to protect from moisture wallpaper.First, they opened the front side with a thin layer of PVA glue, which prevents change their color when exposed to solvents contained in virtually all varnishes.After drying, the adhesive is applied and the paint itself - cover the wallpaper you need two, and preferably three layers of lacquer, giving each of them to dry completely.

When finished wallpapered walls such protection may not be enough - you need to simultaneously take care of a good ventilation of the room.

In addition, some semblance of wallpaper for the bathroom is a mat - it can also be used for wall decoration bathroom without any additional protection.It is sold in rolls meter wide and can have a different color and pattern - so choose an acceptable option for you is practically no trouble.

Wallpaper in the bathroom photo

wallpaper in the bathroom Photo

Finish the bathroom wallpaper

Decorating the bathroom wallpaper

Decorating the bathroom wallpaper photo

Decorating bathroom wallpapered room photo

Decorating the bathroom wallpaper photo

Decorating bathroom wallpapered room photo

Art painting the walls in the bathroom

Finishbathroom with the help of artistic murals accurately and fully personalize the character a bath owner.The ride is not cheap, but the result is more than pays for all costs.The possibilities of this method of finishing the walls, and floors, too, are endless - for the most part, it all depends on the skill of the artist.In principle, the artist's work can be combined with structural plaster - in this case added to the drawing and more depth perception.

Like other forms of alternative finishes, decorative painting requires additional protection from moisture.Again, the best assistants in this matter will be all sorts of impregnating and varnishes.

Wall painting in the bathroom

painting the walls in the bathroom

Linoleum for bathroom walls

Have you ever heard of such a material?Due to its high price it is rarely used - and his fame, he can not boast.His code name "linoleum" He was due to external similarity with the representatives of the flooring.Actually linoleum wall is a thin panel made from a homogeneous synthetic material.He does not have any pads or fabric bases - there is nothing to rot and moisture to be afraid of nothing, too.

Decorating the walls in the bathroom by a wall linoleum performed a very specific way - not only that his fixation on the walls used a special glue, so it is also a good warm up to speed gluing process.

Deficiencies in the material two - firstly, it is the high cost and, secondly, just like that, in the store to buy it will not work.This material is produced exclusively to order.On the other hand it is good as it is possible to create the necessary material for you coloring and drawing.

Linoleum for the walls in the bathroom

Linoleum for the walls in the bathroom

By and large, if you look more deeply to understand the possibilities of modern building materials, we can conclude that finishing bathrooms can be done in almost any material of artificial or natural origin.All depends precisely on its ability to resist moisture - and this ability, as you understand from this article, it is possible to give any material, even toilet paper.

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