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August 12, 2017 18:07

Venetian plaster in the kitchen and in the bathroom - soft tone positive

Venetian plaster in the bathroom for a special atmosphere

Shower - one of the ways of pleasure at any time of the year.In the winter, coming in from the cold and stood under a hot shower, you feel as alive and poured force frozen in the cold body.In the summer, in the heat, bathing brings relief.However, the room for water procedures should be comfortable, to an order of magnitude increase positive mood after a tight water jets.It is for these purposes and is used Venetian plaster in the bathroom - every centimeter of it is saturated positive.

Going into the bathroom, trimmed with Venetian plaster, you will see the marble wall, and the first impressions of what he saw will be a delight.Later, a closer look closely, you can hear what like it is not marble at all, but the admiration of the texture of the walls will not go away before you.However, whether to cover this material wall in the bathroom, knowing that the usual plaster afraid of dampness?Definitely worth it, especially as the Venetian plaster in the bathroom fit for a particular technology.Often

protect from moisture plaster coating made of a special synthetic wax , but many brands of Venetian plaster already incorporate special components, and therefore does not need wax protection.

Remarkably, Venetian plaster in the bathroom, you can cover the walls and ceiling, creating something like a grotto.And at the joints with other materials, so that moisture does not come under the plaster through cracks that the joints are coated special acrylic sealant.The only place where it is not necessary to use plaster - are areas where the water jet directly fall.Undoubtedly, the water splashes falling on the shiny surface of the translucent "marble", would look nice, but, as you know, drop the stone wears away.In an extreme case it is possible to cover the entire surface of the plaster walls, and in the places alleged direct contact with water, apply on top of a thick quartz glass.However, if you have a shower, no problems with the plaster will not arise.

Venetian plaster in the kitchen will give comfort to family feast

In many homes there is a tradition to gather in the evenings in the kitchen as a family, discussing over a cup of tea all happened in one day.At this point, the kitchen seems to be more comfortable on the fact that a number of people sitting close, but believe me, Venetian plaster in the kitchen is able to increase the feeling of comfort repeatedly.It all depends on what kind of tone stucco selected and a drawing was given to her at the finish of the walls.Many are accustomed to the fact that the kitchen walls are covered by a washable wallpaper or tile combined with enamel paint.But Venetian plaster in the kitchen will look much better, because like the tile does not absorb odors and well washed from fat splashes as enamel.How is this possible?With conventional waxes, natural or synthetic.

itself plaster - it's pretty homogeneous translucent mass , despite the fact that it contains tiny fragments of crushed stone to a state of flour rocks, first of all - marble.Typically, to get on the wall of a colorful texture, you must divide the whole structure into several parts and each add a particular shade of color in common.But you can buy and Venetian plaster, a part of which already have pigments, so get an interesting pattern or uniform pearl (gold, silver) surface.Drawing on the walls can be created solely by any strokes randomly overlap.A polished finished waxing, you can achieve incredible depth of the pattern, as if the walls are actually slightly translucent patterned marble.

Venetian plaster in the kitchen and in the bathroom - the harmony of decoration

The first thing to keep in mind that you do not pick up furniture for the kitchen decoration, and the other way around, the kitchen and the bathroom is updated with the situation.Before starting repairs look after Venetian plaster in shades of furniture in the bathroom and the kitchen, so you do not get that set mahogany, and wall decoration - with a greenish tint.Such color dissonance no house will not stand, run away to the neighbors.

Beauty walls created during the process of laying the plaster.The fact that for bathroom and kitchen plaster should be performed particularly dense layers , therefore, imposing trowel regular smear the mixture to be stronger than his smear clean spatula, preferably flexible enough.Compacted layers so after drying it becomes smooth and shiny as a mirror, is not afraid of moisture and thus "breathe", so that the fine resist fungus and harmful bacteria.This plaster can be cleaned with a damp cloth on the wall, even if there is no waxy coating, to impose that still does not hurt.

When finish Venetian plaster in the kitchen is complete, you can arrange the set, invite neighbors and houses for tea and enjoy the friendly circle of transformed kitchen.Just do not forget that prolonged contemplation wall products can result, and neighbors - overstay.