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Repair Of The Country House

August 12, 2017 18:08

Repair roof of the house the roof with his hands

Repair roof of the house the roof with his hands photo home repair roof roof with his hands

Over time, even the most durable roofing becomes unusable and must be changed or the entire coating completely, or some parts of the roof.

Often, during the cleaning of the roof from the ice and snow damaged the roof covering: fly klyam-up and nails, there are deep scratches and even cracks on the surface.

As a result of falling into the potholes moisture causes corrosion of roofing material and violations inside temperature of the building.If you do not like to fix the damage and make repairs roof roof of the house, such a coating would come completely useless after only a year and a half of the torus, and it will have to re-lay.

often provoke premature deterioration of the roof opening in rebated joints and education along the lines of bending cracks, which may also appear on the surface of the trenches, craters and downpipes.

The limbs can be restored in the following way: open and re-clamp the standing seam;press, covered with paint or varnish, then good fluff Surikova putty recumbent folds.The ingredients Surikova putty are 2 parts of natural linseed oil, 1 part of red lead, attrited into powder, 2 parts powdered whiting and 4 pieces of chalk.

If the mechanical stress undergone trough, then we must first remove the damaged areas, and then to put in place new steel sheets.Stitches when it is necessary to connect the double bed-seam and fluff Surikova putty.In that case, if the surface of trenches formed small in size up to 3 mm, the cracks can be repaired using Surikova putty.Large holes are best to fill a tow, or a piece of burlap soaked in thick oil paint in historical sources felt.

To fix the hole, the dimensions of which do not exceed 14 cm, should be on the roof, pre-cleaned of dirt and dust and treated with varnish, apply a patch, attaching it with the help of oil storage facilities, tumnoy mastic.Patch should cover the damaged area on all sides by at least 10-12 cm.

roof repair technology

Land roof with a hole of more than 14 cm sealed steel sheets.This patch is placed in the entire width of the picture either fixed, placing it along the batten standing seam between the two so that the new joint (the junction of the old roofing sheet and patches) lying on the ground, but in any case not between purlins.Advance should prepare a sheet-patch, which you need to bend the edges for lying and standing seams.Then, the patch is applied to the injury site and connect primarily with the immobile folds of the roof, and then with erect.

if necessary to completely replace the cover sheet, it should take a new one and connect it with single or double bed-folds with old sheets.The resulting joints is important to carefully fluff Surikova putty.

If the sheet wall gutters corroded, replace it with a new one that you need to connect with the neighboring with double bed-folds.

Repair of the roof may include a new steel sheets and suitable topics.Pre old material should be free of dirt and dust, with a new factory to erase grease and then proolifit surface sheets on both sides.

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if damaged sheets of roofing coating must be replaced by small portions to prevent the ingress of moisture under the roof inside the attic formed through the "window".

Repair roof of the house the roof with his hands photo primarily on prepared sheets folded edge, and then connect two or three in the width of the picture.If the picture will be placed in the length of the roof, they should join the long sides of single or double standing seam.

, must be running on the lath boards or planks and roofing material covered by two layers of paint and dry thoroughly to protect the coating from the negative effects of condensation.

steel sheets, re-arranged, attached with T-shaped crutches (in the eaves) and-clamp (to batten bars).

Upon completion of repairs should be covered with paint the roof, cleaned from dust and dirt.Then, the coating must be checked for defects, and it is best to do it together.Roofer, located in the attic, when detecting holes or cracks thud gives to know about it to his assistant, chalk is marked damaged areas.Small cracks sealed using Surikova putty.

The limbs must be carefully paint over, remove any excess putty knife, followed by a score crack a piece of canvas or burlap and cover with paint.

is recommended to soak the patch in such a drying oil or a few minutes to take in a solution prepared from an iron or lead minium and natural drying oil.Wrung cloth to put on the coating surface, press firmly and carefully smoothed with a spatula or hand.When the patch is completely dry (for 6-7 days), dust-free roof must be covered with paint.

If the rust on the surface of the roofing sheets formed from the attic, damaged areas should be cleaned thoroughly using a brush with stiff bristles, and cover two or three coats of paint.Only after the removal of all defects (cracks and holes) on both sides of the roof covering can start painting.

To get a shiny and smooth surface of the roof, you need to take seriously the choice of paint.It is necessary to choose only prepared based on natural linseed oil.paint quality deteriorates when used in its preparation Coarsely pigment or a mixture of dry paint and varnish and stirred at the same ingredients by hand.

Ordinary cover stained with large centrifugal brush.The paint should be put first a thin even layer of eaves, and then, on the contrary, from the ridge to the eaves.When applying paint too thick it may wrinkle and crack when dry.When used in these cracks will be marked accumulation of moisture that will provoke a premature deterioration of the coating.

gutters removed before painting and thoroughly cleaned from dirt and dust, and then coated with several layers of oil paint.In addition, each layer should be well dried, otherwise the paint surface and bulges to the deposition of the bubble after drying.

To prevent the formation of rust on the cover and further corrosion, it is necessary to paint with a spray gun, or brush applied to the surface of the special rust converter.

When interacting with rust he provokes the formation of a protective phosphate layer, which protects the steel roofing sheets from damage.

Especially for site repairs apartments with their own hands.