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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculator power light bulbs

order not to overpay for the extra watts and correctly place the light sources at home need to be defined in advance with the type of light bulbs and its power.It is extremely important to choose lighting fixtures such illumination that man was comfortable to be in a particular area.Measured this magnitude in lux is equal to the luminous flux that falls on the surface in the area.
There are three types of brightness lamps:
• dull, apply for the bedroom;
• average - for bathrooms and office;
• Bright - Living room, kitchen, hall.
Calculate the light level is very important about this it can be done in the formula P = p S / N, where P is power, S- area, the amount of N- fixtures.Naturally, this process has an error, and the results are approximate.

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compute power quickly and accurately

Given these features efficiently using energy calculator online to make calculations of the recommended power.To do this, you need to enter in data space program, the length and width of the room, as well as the number of lamps used and its form.In the last line select the type of room and click "Calculate".In just a few seconds, the result will be wattage based on pre-specified minimum dannyh.Veroyatnost mistakes, the main thing, correctly specify the necessary parameters for the calculation online.

When using power calculator should take note that the coverage is divided into about lamp selection ain and the local, the main light and additional sources (lamps, sconces, lamps).A light intensity at different artificial light sources are different from each other.

Room Measurement
premises Length m
premises Width m
number of lamps piece
Lamp Type
Halogen lamp
LED Led lamp
Type Children komnataGostinayaSpalnyaKoridorKuhnyaVannaya komnataKladovaya, garage
calculation results
lamp power W

subjectall the nuances of lighting installations can achieve accurate results, lighting calculations with an online calculator.

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