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August 12, 2017 18:07

Conduct electricity in bath

As you know, a bath is a building with high humidity and temperature.In this connection, the wiring in the room has its own characteristics, and above all, different from the installation of electrical wiring in the house, which we wanted to tell you.

  • basic requirements
  • Mapping
  • basic process
  • calculation appropriate section
  • accessories Choice
  • Laying street
  • Internal wiring
  • Video instruction

basic requirements

Among the main requirements for the wiring in the bath isolated:

  • layout should be an open process in the steam room and washing along the shortest path to the electric appliances (such as a lamp).
  • scheme must necessarily include circuit breakers and RCD.
  • not install sockets and switches in the steam room.All electrical fittings must be mounted outside the room, at least at the entrance.
  • Protection of electrical outlets and switches should be not less than IP-44 (accessories with special protective covers).Class protection for bath fixtures should be not less than IP-54.
  • forbidden to conduct the wiring above the oven.
  • To place a must do grounding and lightning protection.
  • Connection cables may only be in terminal.
  • Do not place the conductive track in metal pipes, if the room has high humidity.Metal protection should be used only if the line will go through the wall.
  • insulation have to be non-combustible.The best brand of wire in this case - VVGng.

Just to give you some useful tips on wiring installation in the bath with his hands:

  • When laying outdoor use wires with a cross section of not less than 16 mm.sq., because in the modern bath can be such a powerful electrical appliances, like electric stove, heater, water heating boiler, washing machine, heat gun, etc.
  • between the wooden wall and switch / socket be sure to set the protective metal plate.Under
  • cable channels puts a thin strip of sheet asbestos, which is a refractory material.
  • For internal use product works with heat-resistant insulation.
  • It is advisable to carry out cable laying in a ripple of flame-retardant material.Firstly, it prevents the spread of flames when spontaneous combustion isolation.Secondly, it will look more beautiful than fixing the wiring on insulators.


We offer to your attention the wiring diagram in the bath:

Wiring all elements

Scheme noted the following elements:

  1. place I
  2. Ground
  3. power line main breaker
  4. circuit breakers (RCD)
  5. Zero tire
  6. Group breakers for lighting, sockets, etc.
  7. Automatic three-phase circuit breaker to zero stove
  8. for the stove

also offer to your attention one more option for installation of electrical wiring in the bath:

Proper connection of the RCD and circuit breakers

By analogy, it is possible and independently draw a diagram, the main thing to note all the elements andspecify the exact place of their accommodation.

Distribution Box is recommended to hang in the vestibule or rest room, asroom data have low humidity.

basic process

To make the wiring in the bath with your hands necessary to conduct a set of measures, namely:

  • implement cable cross-section calculation;
  • pick up all the constituent elements (sockets, lights, etc.);
  • transmission lines to bring to the room (on the street);
  • implement the wiring inside.

Let us briefly examine each of these steps, and then give you a graphic video of the event instructions.

suitable calculation section

At this stage it is necessary to calculate the cross-section of cables to the future electric bath was able to withstand the load current.

Selecting the wire section

It is best to consider the calculation technology as an example.

For example, in the bath, we will have 5 lamps at 100 watts, electric oven, stove, washing machine and heater (in the restroom).The average power of the stove is 4 kW, a washing machine - 2 kW heater consumes an additional 2 kW.Total we have a 8.5 kW power consumption of all electrical appliances.To this figure must be added a minimum headroom of about 20%, which would be the result of 10.2 kW.To determine the amount of current by which we can choose an appropriate cross section, it is necessary to split our total output voltage (typically 220 V).The result is that 10200/220 = 46 amps.It is advisable to opt for a cable cross-section 6 baths mm.kv., which is able to withstand these current loads.

draw your attention to the fact that on the same principle calculates a suitable circuit breaker.Only in this case it does not use all the power devices and circuits required, for example, lighting for the furnace or separately.

accessories Choice

Using the advice that we have provided to you, you need to choose the electrical fittings and other components for electrical elements in the bath.

As we have said, for sockets and switches in a bath is best to use VVGng cable or more expensive counterparts - NYM.Minimum cross-section for the outlets should be mm.kv. 2.5 and 1.5 for switches mm.kv.

lamps must be water proof, and their characteristics should be suitable for rooms with a high temperature (for steam).At the outlets and switches the degree of protection should correspond to these criteria: the entire body is sealed, it is additionally protected by a cover, as shown in the photo above.

Choosing the wiring for the bath or sauna, give preference to products with copper conductors, asthey miss methods higher current values, and thus not as prone to mechanical damage.

sure to purchase the number of materials with a stock becausesometimes comes marriage or calculations are inaccurate.

Laying street

At this stage, the wiring is necessary to bring to the street to shield visor bannomu own hands.There is an air and underground laying.How to choose you, we're not counselors, but can only tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.Air method

wiring pads cheaper, but at the same time durable and less (due to being used with the aluminum core conductor suspended in air).Very often there is an open line with strong gusts of wind or mechanical damage.

The air strip transmission line


method Underground method of laying time-consuming and very expensive (because of the cost of an armored cable).Despite this underground wiring more reliable and durable.

Underground laying of transmission lines

Underground method

Yet, our advice - air strip wiring to the bath, asIn this case, you can save your money and do everything very quickly.Damage to the air line is very rare, so it makes no sense to overpay.

Internal wiring

At this stage it is necessary to carry out wiring in all rooms in the bath.As we have said, it is necessary to use the open wire laying in a special ripple of flame-retardant material.In summing up the line to the outlet, start from the bottom strand is necessary, making the knee U-shaped (this will prevent the ingress of moisture into the fitting).When the whole track will be completely carried from room to room and connected with fittings and fixtures, you need to connect to the circuit breakers.

strongly recommend you to work done after an electrician to have it checked the correctness of your efforts.You are, after all, an electrician, a newcomer, and maybe make mistakes, which can later lead to serious problems.For the fact that a qualified electrician check all the wiring diagram in the bath, you give quite a bit of money, but it will be quiet at rest in its own steam room!

Video instruction

We offer to your attention a video installation of wiring in the bath with his hands.Instructions will help you to answer some requirements you may have and more clearly show you all the technology!

visual instructions of electrical work

YouTube Preview
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