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August 12, 2017 18:08

Rollers for painting - the secrets of successful selection tool

Rollers for painting - what is the selection tool?

In the simplest case the roller painting of walls is a wooden or plastic cylinder with a through hole, which are installed on the ends of the sleeve washer (copper or other material).The roller has a handle axis.At one end of the shaft is made emphasis on the second threaded a nut and washer, or a removable splint.The assembly ensures free rotation of the platen about an axis without coming off.On the roller is worn and fixed cover (cap) of fur, foam or other material.

This solution not only improves productivity, but also a qualitative change in shading of colors, is capable of applying the compositions on any basis.Thus droplets or splashes do not reach the other surface, the deposited layer is not pile (hair), a uniform coating, without traces of hair.

significant relief of labor and time savings when painting large surface areas (walls, ceilings, etc.) is achieved with the right determination of how best roller to paint a wall or other surface.For large area used wide (0.3 m) rolls of larger diameter.Of course, the need to comply with the measure in the selection roll size.It is better if the paint roller will allow the entire surface in a single pass, without exposing the worker considerable physical strain.

What better roller to paint walls - select nozzle

best to use rollers for applying paint on alkyd, glue, lime, water-based foundations.They give a matte or semi-matte finish.It is more difficult to obtain a glossy surface, as not every coating roller is suitable for the application of enamels or lacquers based on nitrocellulose.

Masters are advised to roll for oil paints (enamel or varnish), use a nozzle with fur.Then you'll be happy beaver lamb (lamb sheared wool) or mohair (goat).Less quality are considered the nozzle of synthetic fur.fur length is selected according to the surface quality.

The more roughness it has, the longer must be the pile.On average, this length ranges from five millimeters to centimeters.In some cases, for good coverage of rough surfaces, hair length can be up to twenty centimeters.

general, how a roller to paint the walls and other surfaces, depending on the type of composition.Thus, foam rollers are optimal for compounds with an aqueous or adhesive base.Apply to compositions comprising solvents, foam packing is impossible.Collapsing under the action of solvents, foam remains on the surface in the form of fragments and pieces of stubborn.Most often, this work will require complete cleaning and re-coating the entire surface.

Nozzles polyamide artificial fur are better suited to water dispersion (emulsion) paints and paints with solvents, as they are more resistant to the aggressive action of the latter.In addition, the nozzles on the basis of polyamide material more resistant to mechanical abrasion and easier to clean.Somewhat less resistant to solvents nozzle based on polyacrylics.

Rollers for painting texture - choose a decorative tool

Interesting effects can be obtained by using rollers for decorative painting.They provide the knurling pattern applied onto the surface of the nozzle.Working with such a roll requires some skill, but is complex.If applied in the usual roll band should overlap by three to five centimeters, when the decorative knurled nozzles to produce high-quality pattern, stripes should be applied without overlapping the edges.You must observe the symmetry of the pattern.

In a way, a kind of decorative beads can be called a textured paint rollers.They are made of foam, rubber and other materials.These nozzles are suitable to create different surface textures.You can work on the paint, depending on the nozzle surface may have a structure of small grain or mosaic panels, etc.For solvent based paints better, as mentioned above, foam nozzles are not used.

Texture paint (usually based on acrylic emulsions), due to its high resistance to external influences, it is very popular as a decorative protective facade coatings.Applying them is made not only from the outside, to cover all kinds of brick, concrete, wood and other surfaces using a roller to paint texture.From the surface of the nozzle depends on the relief pattern.

As a rule, before applying textured paint surface must be prepared in accordance with the recommendations.In general, the removal of old coatings, dust and dirt of cracks, roughness, applying a primer layer, etc.In general, the work rolls produces a surface with a relief structure, a pleasant decorative qualities, hiding small defects.