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August 12, 2017 18:08

Services scavengers or what cesspool emptier

Highlights at the sanitation

Everyone, at least once in his life, saw the car with the help of which the pumping sump, but few people know how the name of this car.And the name of the machine is very simple - cesspool emptier.It contains a ilososnye installation comprising:

  • pump;
  • sleeve (or hose);
  • tank (special metal container).

Highlights at the sanitation

By the way, it is very easy to save money on sanitation services, agreeing about the pumping sump together with the neighbors.After all, the cost of services provided includes not only Pumping, but also the cost of gasoline, the contents of garbage, etc.

Besides the usual cesspool pumping, as the following occurs:

  • solid residue diluted (without this process Pumping impossible);
  • Cleaning of sewage, if required by the site owner;

Additional services include the use of various drugs during pumping bio-based.They provide disinfection of septic tanks, containing a variety of microorganisms.

Highlights at the sanitation

Pumping sump eliminates the site owner not only from unpleasant odors, but also prolongs the life of the cleaning system.

septic pump out a large amount of their own is unlikely to succeed.This lesson is not easy, so the easiest and efficient appeal to specialist services, has a modern and reliable equipment.

How to choose a company that provides services to sanitation

If you have just recently purchased land for the first time faced with this problem, we recommend that you heed the following advice:

  1. To begin, ask your neighbors how they solve thisthe problem or contact the nearest local authority, to which your territory.So you will be able to know where to find the nearest organization or company that provides pumping services.
  2. try to negotiate privately with the workers.So you can save a decent amount of money.
  3. if the contract did not work, enter into contracts with the company, which indicates timing of the services provided and the scope of work, cost, fees, liability and addresses of the parties, and any other additional conditions.
  4. Pay the agreed amount in cash or pay with cash, if the contractor is a legal person.Be sure to keep all checks and receipts, at least until such time until the end in Pumping drain hole.

How to choose a company that provides sanitation services

cleans cesspool own

Those with septic tank is filled slowly, and you can not hire any services.The main thing that the drain hole was not much solid.Such cases include, for example, a country house, which the family rarely comes and rests there for a short time.

To make pumping a drain hole, enough to have two things:

  1. fecal electric pump.It can be easily purchased at many hardware stores and construction, since it is not an expensive device.In principle, it is possible to use a simple water pump, but it is required to provide to the filter, so that it is not clogged.
  2. containers for collection of faecal sludge.It can be plastic or metal barrel for chemical reagents.Well, if the cover is closed tightly.

Clean out the sump yourself

The process of self-pumping drain hole is not difficult, but if you use a plastic septic tank, it is best to seek professional help, because it is easy to damage.