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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to use a laser level

Unfortunately, many people are building their own home or making repairs in the apartment, complaining that they have not obtained even build walls, partitions or floors.This often happens because you have to know how to use modern construction tools.And the main of them - is a laser level, with which you can achieve maximum accuracy of the horizontal or vertical surfaces.


  1. Why do I need to use a laser level?
  2. Working with laser level
  3. What you need to know when working with a laser level?
  4. Videos use a laser level

Why do I need to use a laser level?

Many builders use the old primary level - "approximately", and how to use a laser level, they do not understand.For any builder engaged in repair and construction work, such a device is a must.After all, it can be used on any vertical or horizontal surface celebrate all the irregularities and defects.With the help of such a device can be aligned walls, wallpaper glue, laid tile on the floor and walls.Even the doors and windows can be installed correctly if you learn how to use this tool.

Working with laser level

There are two types of leveling (laser level) - prismatic and rotary.Prism is very easy to use, but the measurement range - about 20 meters, so they are only suitable for domestic use.Rotary are much more expensive as theirs distance can reach more than 100 meters, so they are often used in construction work.

If you understand how to properly use a laser level, it is possible to equalize any surface quality.The device is mounted on a tripod, and you need to configure it manually or wait until he established himself.There pendulum and electronic leveling instruments;one stops flashing, and other foods - this means that you can get to work.

On the surface you want to align, there should be a line, a point or crosshairs - depending on the device.If the appliance must be aligned manually, as in the other levels, it has an air bubble.You must manually configure the device so that the bubble has moved to the center.If it is self-leveling level, after installation on a tripod, he ceases to fluctuate, and there is vertical and horizontal laser line on the wall.

If the appliance is installed in the correct location, the line will be visible not only on the wall, but also on the floor and the ceiling.It is especially important for builders intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines.This device is often used by tilers, which is very important to lay the tiles on the line to horizontal and vertical lines were strictly at an angle of 90 degrees.

What you need to know when working with a laser level?

If you look at the video attached to the article, how to use a laser level, you can quickly learn to use it properly.By this device the bundle and glasses;they are necessary in the case where the device has to use in sunlight - with glasses will be better visible laser line.Also, care should be taken that the laser beam does not hit in the eye, as it can damage the retina.

Using the laser level can be designed only horizontal line, vertical or cross-shaped line from 4 angles of 90 degrees.But it is possible to expose and slanted lines: this self-leveling mechanism is disabled, and the level is fixed to a stand at a certain angle, - the line is obtained on the wall at an angle.

Videos use a laser level