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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design studios

Studio any footage has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account when drawing up a design project.Give flavor and originality can be any room.Usually this type of apartment consists of a kitchen, room, hallway and bathroom.


  1. Stages interior design studio apartments
  2. design options
  3. Photo Studio for design

design studios can choose based on the wishes of the owner of property.Clearly dividing the area into zones, thoughtful decor, lighting, choosing the best technique you can make a modern apartment with a designer twist.The main aim in the preparation of the project - to combine the aesthetic appearance and functionality.The article presents a variety of options photo studios design.

Interior Design Stages studios

Many experts believe that it is better to give preference to the following styles: pop art, minimalism.Interior decoration can be done by mixing a few styles.Interestingly, the next version: the working zone issue in strict laconic style, relaxation area - in a conventional or a playful style.

apartments feature of such a plan in the absence of unnecessary partitions and walls.In any type of project can be entrusted with the role of partitions furniture, various kinds of screens, etc.Tip: it is necessary to clearly approach the issue of zoning areas, or studio apartment will become a square, cluttered furniture.

When choosing decorative elements and finishes to know that any lack of wall or floor can be fixed.For example: by means of horizontal lines on a wall to visually draw room.

Drawing design project apartments - studio can be divided into several stages:

  1. definition style rooms;
  2. drawing layout in paper or electronic form;
  3. selection of furniture;
  4. budgeting, which includes the required amount of materials and tools;

design options

main task - to get the maximum area of ‚Äč‚Äčopen space, as in the photo, divided into zones.When a small area will be interested to look different variant of floor covering.

The main burden will fall on the finish of the ceiling and floor.For ceiling finishing the main criterion will form a coating on the floor color, pattern and texture.

When choosing a design surface of the ceiling can be:

  • mount hanging shelves of plasterboard separating zone by means lowering the height of the level;
  • ceiling cut out various figures (geometric shapes), which will conventionally divide the area into zones;
  • set off the ceiling in various shades using mounted luminaires.

design small apartment-studio can be made unique by choosing a non-standard combination of different types of materials or colors.For example, one type of linoleum band, different from another type of coating.Select one of the zones can be mounted with the help of the podium.

If a small studio apartment size, you can expand the space visually, using a glossy floor and bright colors of the walls, a large number of mirrors, chrome and steel finish.Below the article you can see the options and ideas of design studios in pictures.

on the market enough specialized companies who take a large fee for their work.Therefore, consider the repair design studios can be their own hands, drawing ideas from the photos on our website.Modern design, as in the photo, offers unlimited possibilities for the imagination.The main thing to know the advantages and disadvantages of his apartment.

Photo design studios