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August 12, 2017 18:05

Tandoor own hands

oven, a fireplace or a simple fire for shish kebab, pilaf or soup - it's all so familiar and, in truth, already fed.And breaking their heads over how to stand out among its neighbors and make your yard the country house the ideal place for a pleasant meeting with friends and family, the best solution would be to think about the possibility of the construction of the tandoor.This article will tell and show you how to build a tandoor with their own hands, to serve for a long time and does not require regular renovations and improvements: detailed instructions, photos and videos presented on the page to help you in this.


  1. foundation laying
  2. Walling tandoor
  3. internal "padding»
  4. clay Finish
  5. cover and door
  6. test design
  7. Video manufacturing tandoor own hands

Laying the foundation

Construction tandoor can not do without preparation of the foundation - it's not laborious work, and pretty easy.To do this you will need to dig a shallow pit.

now be half (about 10 cm) to fill the hole with something that is good at trapping heat, but rather the heat.As zharouderzhivayuschey sand cushion fit perfectly.

on the sand, it is desirable to install a metal mesh, which, after the concrete is poured.Concrete top layer should be flat and smooth after drying.Not perfect, but still.

Use a builder's level, to ensure the evenness of the surface.The preparatory phase, it is desirable to start in advance, because after you've poured the concrete is required to wait for about a week, so that he gained the necessary strength.

Walling tandoor

proceed to the construction of the walls of the tandoor.To do this, you can use a brick, but in the photos you may notice that applies a large sandstone - where it is considered the best material for a stove rather than brick.Also, you need to arch that serves as a blower.Her you can cut with a grinder attachment, cutting stone, or buy ready-made in the hardware store.

So, first you will need to cut a few pieces of roofing material (about 7pcs.) And paste them on the cement, as shown in the photo.

top of their schedule a perfect circle, which will serve as a benchmark for masonry tandoor.On the cement has set the prepared arch.

Next, using cement and trowel, place the sandstone of your choice, create your own design or make the same project tandoor, as in the photo.

After laying make sure that the upper stone construction are more less the same level.To do this, use the building level.When irregularities in the right places add a little cement.

not forget between the individual stones to put pieces of wire.They serve as a kind of reinforcement, retaining cement expanded clay mixture that will be used later.

internal "padding»

Next, in a separate container, mix cement and concrete block one by one.

Now, using PVC sheet, tar paper or vinyl for about 5 mm and a height to the height of the tandoor, it is necessary to make something like a cylinder.Use with durable construction adhesive tape.Place it inside the structure being built, and follow the instructions.

Next you will need to fill in the "moat" between the cylinder and the walls of the tandoor with a mixture of cement and expanded clay, which you have prepared.But before that, the cylinder must be filled with stones, otherwise it will lose shape under the pressure of the mixture.

When cement and expanded clay mixture dries, the cylinder will need to remove the stones, and then from the tandoor - the cylinder itself.If necessary, the inner surface of the structure can be trim, using a spatula or other tool is convenient for you, such as a trowel.

tandoor at the bottom needs to be done a certain stage, bypassing the place near the arch, as shown in the photo.Before its complete solidification can prop up the tape holding the mixture bricks.After remove it and the tape itself.

top of wall construction, set a marble slab, which in addition to its functionality and design will give a presentable appearance.

To better understand how to make their own hands a tandoor, a video on the page attached.

If you decide to make the tandoor from a brick, a good solution would be to decorate the walls on the outside with natural stone.This will not only give it an attractive look, but will maintain the desired temperature inside.


clay Mix clay with sand and straw, just one part.You can also use fireclay clay.It will serve as a finishing material for the interior of the walls and floor.Clay layer must be at least 3 cm, preferably 5 cm. Aim possible to achieve a smoother surface so that it was smooth with no projections and depressions.

Now you need to give the clay to dry.If the outdoor temperature is low to dry in the middle of the tandoor, you can install the spark, or heating lamp.You can also try a hot air blower.

cover and door

Buy store in the building or make custom cover and door of the resulting furnace.

test design

Tandoor at the cottage with his hands ready.And it's time to check his "strength".Put some wood inside and inflame them.Fairly quickly after the temperature will reach + 111ºC.Even more firewood will give you a higher temperature + 345ºC and above.

Now you can cook meat here (kebabs, kebab, etc.), Delicious bread cakes and many other dishes.

Video manufacturing tandoor own hands