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August 12, 2017 18:05

Table cottages with their own hands

Each owner garden looks forward to the arrival of warm spring days, when you can escape from the city.Getting to the country house, you always want to spend more time in the air.This is useful, and work up a good appetite.And, of course, eat well, everyone is trying, sitting in the courtyard or on the terrace.Comfortable and large table will be just in time.


  1. Tools and materials
  2. Preparation rails
  3. table assembly
  4. Video table manufacturing to give their own hands

However, modern chalet tables are made of plastic and special durability boast notcan.Therefore, in this article we'll show you how to make a table to give their own hands.

To start, you need to choose the material.It should be durable, easy and convenient to operate.Table made of wood, will be the best option.

Based on the number of people who are going for him to sit, you need to determine the size.It is necessary to make a drawing and scheme of the holiday table, and start working on them.

Tools and materials

  • wooden slats;
  • hacksaw on a tree;
  • roulette;
  • screws;
  • drill;
  • wood glue;
  • 8 metal corners.

Dimensions wooden slats are different, you can use 50h50h1200 mm.The larger the size, the respectively to be stronger but heavier and construction.Based on the size of the selected strips, choose the appropriate length screws.When all you need is ready, you can begin to make a wooden table to give their own hands.

Preparation rails

Knowing the size of the table 120x120 cm, sawing the required number of strips of the same length.Then, the rack should be put on a flat surface and measure the length and width of the resulting.For these dimensions, four rails, gets off the frame, which will be laid out trained, the same rack.

Next, it should be all legs.They, too, must be of equal length.It will depend on the height of the table, which can be done at the level of 75-80 cm. Since the entire load will be on the legs, one on each foot rail will not be enough.

Therefore, I fasten rails 4 together.To do this, first attach them to each other using a special glue on the tree, and then fasten them with screws.

This preparatory work ended.Our photo and video assembly table to give your hands thoroughly will help to understand each stage of construction.

To extend the life of a wooden table, before assembly, rails and legs to be processed Bioprotective means.

Assembling table

Made frame put on a flat surface.Then, begin to be installed in the rack frame.

Thus, each sizing and fastening screws together in several places, and with the frame on both sides.Thus, we will worktop without legs.

Feet first, connect with the plane of the table with screws.Then reinforce the corners of the metal, two for each.

Now, a wooden table ready.Use it once is not recommended asIt needs time to dry the glue.Then, it can be covered with varnish or paint, and it will delight you with the beauty and reliability for a long time.

table manufacturing Video to give their own hands