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August 12, 2017 18:05

How and what properly nailed slate - Tips and Instructions

Slate is a fairly common building material - it is caused by his durability, and ease of use, and low cost.In most cases, it is used for roofing equipment.Brief look at how to properly arrange the sheets, what and how to nail slate?

Location sheets

In practice, two methods are used.The first edges of adjacent sheets are aligned, the second - are laid overlapped (wave subsequent to the previous sheet wave).The method of combining a time-consuming and requires certain skills and accuracy.

second method is more simple, but more costly, because of the overlap decreases the width of the sheets, thus increasing consumption.In this way, you need to take into account the direction of the prevailing wind.Therefore it is necessary to stack the sheets so that the "joint" sheets was located in his direction.Otherwise, the top sheet will "try" to get up in the wind.

The nail

It is best to use special nails slate with necessary boring.In this case the drill slate sheets is not required.But if the hand is not nothing but a conventional long nails, it is possible the sheets and nail them.You can apply and screws, however, have to drill sheet.In addition, the need to find a suitable washer under the head of the nail (screw).If the roof design is not important, instead of washers may be used any suitable material (pieces of sheet metal, thick skin, thick rubber, etc.).

Nails for slate

How to beat

You have to understand that the quality of the roof half depends on how it was put.Therefore, before nailing slate, you need to carry out preparatory work:

  • drains better set in advance, otherwise, then there will be some inconveniences at their installation;
  • build a crate on the roof surface - namely its rails and will need to nail slate.The fact that not all roof boards (if laying solid) are in perfect condition.It may be that in the place of nailing a tree rotten, and, therefore, the nail will stay bad.A plurality of holes drilled in the slate, to find "strong" place ???Clearly, this is not an option.The distance between the rails is taken on the size slate sheet.References come from half a meter, but the sheet has a width of 53 cm It should be taken into account.;
  • before laying slate roof insulation should be made.For this purpose, a lath is applied roofing material.

Sometimes joints adjacent rows of sheets it is advisable to seal the mounting foam.It must be borne in mind that the top row of sheets stacked on the bottom - is provided as the normal drainage of water from the roof.