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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a paper Christmas tree with his hands , quickly and easily

Without a Christmas tree, as well as without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, it is impossible to imagine a meeting of the New Year holiday.Firs put everywhere - in homes, in offices, on the streets of cities and towns.Tree becomes the center of attraction for all people, regardless of age.And, of course, most of all, this forest beauty pleases malyshni.How many people are concerned about the problem at the end of the year - where to get the tree popushistee, ponaryadnee.

paper Christmas tree

However, nastaёt day when it is necessary to leave, and feel sad at the thought that she was so happy we have for so many days of its splendor, and now would be a landfill and never have become as green andbeautiful.Many people prefer to decorate the Christmas tree artificial, that can serve more than one year, and you do not need to be disposed of.There are artificial trees and selling, but much more fun to make your own Christmas tree.

There are many options for a beautiful forest, depending on the material used, but we will focus on the most accessible.It is good that in the process may be involved and the children, and this will give them a special joy.The material used is very simple - plain paper, of course, green.More will need scissors, glue, and some frame, the base for Christmas trees.On it will be installed Christmas tree.

make paper Christmas tree

cut a tree first to be cut several circles with different diameters.The method works with the same circles.It is necessary to bend the strict circle in half, done it four times consecutively.Then you need to cut a piece of the crown (small).And so with each round.On the frame (it can be a metal or wooden rod the required thickness, thick wire) put on a smaller circle (this will be the top Christmas trees), not forgetting to leave a small distance to the very top of the head (star or something else).Following in the same way we put the rest of the circles in view of increasing diameter.Circles must be secured to the frame (to a wooden rod can be ordinary glue stick).

fir-tree There is another option of manufacturing the Christmas tree, however, it is a bit more complicated.Similarly, the following harvests.Divide each circle into sectors by holding them in pencil several diametrical lines.Lines are carried out symmetrically.Thereafter, in this circle denote another circle of smaller diameter.Then make cuts on the great circle to the inner circle.At the end of the tips of the sectors should bend and glue.It turns out that something like a star with many rays.And then each star pierces the center and strung them on the base (pivot).

After completing assembly of the rod is placed on any base.It all depends on your imagination.Decorate a Christmas beauty herringbone labor will not make.You can use colored beads, colored foil decorations, which are sometimes called "Christmas-tree waste of time."Children quickly figure out that you can hang the finished tree.The only thing one should remember that the Christmas tree made of paper.Therefore, jewelry should be light.And as far away from open flame.As a result of your work will turn a beautiful decoration for any holiday table.