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August 12, 2017 18:06

Replacement pads to tap their own hands

Replacement pads to tap their own hands

If you hear a rhythmic podkapyvanie when the valve is closed, it is likely to come an issue where have to learn how to change a gasket in the valve.

That leaky gasket is often a cause of leakage of the valve.

most often fail laying on the hot water tap in the kitchen (in the bathroom taps are used much less).

replacement - it is a simple job that actually make their own hands.

After watching the videos and reading our step by step instructions you will see it yourself.

preparatory stage

If you do not plan to make a pool in the room, the first thing I turn off the water supply valve to the apartment, and private homes, perform a sequence of actions, which resulted in the pumping station will not supply water.

If the valve is missing or does not work, then, of course, need to call the plumber.The pipe between the valve and the valve will remain for some amount of water.

opening the valve, you can release the sink is only part of it.

The device faucet

Some amount (depending on the height of the water pipe, the length of the flexible hose and the water pressure in the system) will remain in the pipe and may be very unpleasant surprise, if will not only change the pad and produce additional work.

Therefore, it is recommended to evaluate the amount of water remaining in the pipes after the outage.

Requires a rough estimate, so we simplify the formula for the calculation and accept it as the square of the diameter of the water pipes in meters multiplied by the distance in meters from the shut-off valve to the faucet and multiplied by 3.

If the apartment is in a tube with a closed valve can remain half a bucket of water,then in a private home, this figure may well be half the volume of the bathroom.

As mentioned above, a significant portion of this water will leave after the opening tap, but prepare for the evacuation of the remaining bucket or deep pan.

Prepare a quantity of cloth, it will do the job practically dry, not allowing the water flowing over the furniture, for example, in the kitchen.


Excellent if Coverings such as blankets cardboard or rags in the kitchen sink or vanity in the bathroom.And women appreciate, and how plumbing when accidentally dropped tools can be avoided.

Prepare a bucket of warm water, in fact, may have to not only change the gasket, but to carry out the washing inside.Now you can shoot a home video on "How to change the gasket at the tap."

How to change pad - Walkthrough

first step in a bit of theory.At present, use one of the three types of cranes - the classic version, equipped with a crane-axle box, mixer with ceramic head or single-lever mixer.

gaskets fail in the first two types.Single-lever mixer is equipped with a cartridge that is either cleaned or be replaced.

If your mixer is a metal head parts, the malfunction may be one of two parts - the very laying of the journal box (water dripping from the spout when the valve is closed) or the inner sealing ring (the water flows from under the head to the body).

For ceramic axlebox characterized by the flow of the sealing gasket.In this case, it is sure to need repair kit.

Cooking tool.It takes wrench or adjustable wrench diameter corresponding nut tap, screwdriver (Phillips often).

If there is a set of keys, then you will cope with the dismantling of the mixer, regardless of the size of the nut.

Parse mixer.If you've never had to change the mixer before starting work worth seeing the video for his replacement.To remove the crane, first remove the handle.

most often handle attached to the head of the gate with a screw, which is covered by a cap.

Usually cap red (for hot water) or blue (cold).The cap can be easily removed using a narrow pointed object (eg a knife), a screwdriver screw unwinds.

Removing the worn pads

now handle can be easily removed, access to the head open.It is possible to remove the head and remove the gasket.

eliminates the problem.Inspect the gasket.If you see a hole in the middle or on the edges of gaps, it is necessary to change it for a new one.Buy gasket available in any hardware store.

If you bring with you to the store the old one, as a model, you can buy a pad of the desired size.

If you can not find the right item for sale, it can be made independently of a piece of rubber desired thickness.However, rubber gaskets - it is called, the last century.

Now go paronita gasket (the rubber mixture and the addition of powder inclusions).

They are much safer than rubber because when wet, they increase in volume, effectively filling the space below the nuts that will ensure even more tightness.

Check whether you can use a new gasket if it fits very easily - well-chosen gasket included in the groove with some effort, not falling, but not bulging out of it.

Clean the dirt from the inner surface of the crane, combining place pieces, and thread the nut.Rinse the head parts of lime and rust.When

replaced and cleaning, you can begin the installation.Crane going in reverse order - first set the head, which is fixed with a spanner or wrench.

During the tightening of the head should be to achieve a snug fit, but twisting produce without significant effort.Following mounted handle.The last set in place a decorative cap.


And now - check.When the mixer is assembled and connected, reveals little common the water valve and make sure there are no leaks and strength of the compounds.

If the valve is opened gently and evenly, and the water flow stops at the closed position, it means the system is assembled correctly.

If there is leakage or podkapyvanie water, the valve closes or opens jerky scrolling idle is present, it is necessary to disassemble the faucet and make sure the gasket is flat, and the thread was not garbage.

With an open mixer position slowly increase the water pressure in the system, opening the shut-off valve before the operational norm.

If and when fully open valve are no leaks, it may be said that the replacement of the gasket is made right.

We presented step by step guide how to replace the gasket in the valve, but do not specify the reasons, which is why there is a need for such repairs.

The progress is possible with the whole, but incorrectly installed gasket.This is easily solved by disassembling the mixer and giving a true position.

If the gasket is worn out, it is almost always the reason for this are the small grains of sand and tiny pieces of the inner casing pipe.


Contact with such debris under the gasket leading to damage.Change the gasket is easy and inexpensive, however, do not allow foreign objects in the water supply system.

This can be achieved if the water inlet pipe to put the coarse filter and change the old pipe on the modern.