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August 12, 2017 18:06

We control costs - perform the installation of the water meter

We control costs - perform the installation of the water meter

Today installing water meters makes it possible to control its flow in the apartment and a private home, which in turn can significantly reduce the cost of utilities.

If earlier it was necessary to pay for consumed water according to established standards, based on the average value, today the consumer can decide how best to do it.

course, you can keep the old order and to continue to pay the average statistical consumption of water, but in this case, even if you do not live in an apartment or private house, water bill is still to come.

Installing water meters in an apartment or private home allows you to take a water flow control and pay for exactly the amount of it is directly and has been used.

scheme and how to connect this device does not require any specific knowledge of the artist, and so its installation can be performed independently.

Of course, there are certain requirements for the installation of the water meter in an apartment or house that you want to be sure to perform.

In addition, it should be after the device connection will be registered by the relevant authorities, and within the period required to carry out checks.


  • Advantages of water meter installation
  • Requirements and Guidelines for installation
  • device
  • meter Basic parameters
  • counter Materials
  • The procedure works

advantages of installing meters for water

over the years, water payment scheme was imperfect, and often had to pay a significant amount.

As a rule, there were an average water consumption of each individual and if the house had been prescribed, for example, three people, and one lived in fact, the bill still came for three.

In addition, even if a person left anywhere and any time not lived in the apartment at the end of the month to pay for the water he was obliged to.

Packaging unit

Until now, requirements guidelines require all tenants in the building, in the event that they do not have water meters, pay and uncontrolled water loss.

also on the shoulders of decent tenants lay down the cost of pay and those who ignore the bills and is malicious defaulters, and it happens quite often.

All these facts only confirm the feasibility of installing a separate house on the water meter, the more that modern requirements and standards is strongly recommended to do so.

As for those who live in a private home, the picture with the payment of water is even more complex.

As a rule, the owners of private buildings, if they have no water meter, in addition to the usual tariff will be charged also an additional, if this is not taken into account the actual living of people in the house.

Everything else is worth noting the fact that the installation of the meter makes people follow the flow of water, which helps to control your costs and make timely repair of water supply systems.

rules installation of water meters allow for all the necessary work themselves, of course, be met if the specifications and comply with the relevant requirements.

is mandatory after installation will be made independently of the counter, it is necessary to register, and exactly on time.

Despite all this, it is better to install the meter in his house, and how to do it quickly and correctly, described in the video below.


Requirements and Guidelines for installation

order to independently make installation of the water meter, you need to perform all the work in time and correctly, as required by the specifications.

only if they complied with the established requirements and conditions authorized by the organization will register the device and put it on the record.

Typically, most organizations install the meter under water scheme obliges home owners additionally make installation a special filter that can effectively protect your device from dust and dirt, being in obschedomovoy water system.

Also, in some individual cases imposed conditions and to install a check valve, which makes it impossible for unwinding reading device.

Moreover, Vodokanal may insist that the installation be carried out only in an accessible place.

better fulfill all of these requirements on their own, only to avoid problems with sealing devices officials.

Vodokanal may insist on the acquisition and installation of a particular model on the water meter, but very often the customer himself makes the choice of the devices, which have a license and comply with generally accepted standards.

In this case, better to choose a meter under the water, a man decides for himself, as long as the term of its inspection and technical conditions were right.

If you perform all the necessary work themselves, the pre-acquainted with the best terms and conditions guiding the organization and only then get to work.

should also not forget that there is a fixed term counter checks on the water, followed by should his owner.

In any case, the installation of water meters with their own hands - it is responsible, and therefore need to approach it accordingly.

device counter

Before you decide which one to choose the meter under water, it is necessary, first of all, to understand what it does.Most

aggregates are used in everyday life, working on the same principle.

In these devices, the working fluid flowing stream has a corresponding rotational movement into smaller impeller or impeller.

counter device

Thereafter, the torque either mechanically or electromagnetically fed to special counting device.

It should be noted that in this device one full revolution of the working body corresponds to a certain amount of water.

The apartments, in most cases, carried out the installation of devices in which the impeller is.

Its dimensions and the number of blades in a certain way is calculated and taken as the standard value, which makes it possible to produce the most accurate calculation of water.

It should be noted that the standard of meters under the water, which are usually installed in the apartments, there are certain disadvantages.

So, their main working body is subject to inertia and the influence of certain turbulent flows that are formed during the passage of large amounts of fluid, which in turn leads to disturbances in the accuracy of calculations of water flow.

Typically, the magnitude of this error is negligible and does not affect much on the rate of water flow on the scale of a large house.

In the event that you need to calculate the water flow in large arteries, the units use a turbine type.

These devices have a higher level of accuracy, respectively, and their cost is much higher than conventional devices.Also counters may be of the combined type under water.

includes either a special valve system, which directs the flow of water to the various organs of readers, depending on the flow rate.

Anyway, to answer the question of what the counter under the water the best choice, it is advisable to begin to study the requirements applied to him, and on which device to buy.

Basic parameters

counter Currently meters under water are available separately for hot and cold water.To find out their allowable operating range, you need to examine your passport carefully that comes.

addition, appropriate indicators can be found on the body of the device.In some models, provides color coding, for example, the case of blue or red.


Today the market can find and universal counters, which are equally suitable for both cold and hot water.Typically, these devices are performed in the universal housing of gray.

also of great importance and plays a counter argument, the diameter of conditional pass.

It denotes the size of the pipe and wiring must conform to the parameters of the pipe at the point where it will be mounting.

When choosing a counter should pay attention to its accuracy class, as of this indicator will depend on the error in the operation of the device.

Everything else, when choosing a meter under water should be clarified, and the pressure that the device can withstand during operation in the system.

Among the main operating parameters of the meter, which should be paid attention to, is also present, and water consumption.He, in turn, is divided into nominal and maximum.

If you mount a counter in the apartment, which is not in its operating parameters to approach the parameters of the system, it is likely, the device will be released quickly from the system, in addition, his testimony may be different from the actual.

Be sure to check the expiration date and the device and check that the seller has delivered a note of the date of purchase.

All this will help, if necessary, carry out warranty repairs and to avoid problems with the registration of the device in water utilities.

only after the counter will be checked, you can proceed to install it locally.


Decide what kind of water meter set, must purchase all the necessary materials for work.

necessarily require shut-off valves that will enable, if necessary, block the flow of water going to the counter.


It is best to opt for the ball, but you can use plastic taps.Also necessarily need to purchase and filter strainer.

These filters help protect water meters from premature failure and blockages.

course, will need to have on hand and various consumables, and sufficient rubber gaskets.

With their acquisition should pay attention to the quality, as products with low density will break down quickly, may leak causing compounds.

From the tool at hand should have a set of wrenches, an adjustable wrench can do in some cases.

addition, require pliers and screwdrivers and a hammer.

Before starting work, check the test period under the water meter, and more familiar with his statement that necessarily comes.

should then be cut off all the water in the apartment, and you can begin installation of the water meter.

For more information on how to self-correct and quickly install the counter under the water in the apartment, described in the video, which is available above.

The procedure works

First, you need to combine all the elements and components of the meter for water between themselves dry.For this purpose all components are arranged in a line, after which in a certain order are interconnected.

One should not forget about the reliable sealing of all connections.Also, do not twist the elements, in order to prevent disruption of the thread.

At the end of the connection is the water meter, and should control its direction in a horizontal position.


should be pre-make sure that on the general system was shut-off valve, which regulates the entire water supply to the apartment.

Install it must plumbing professional as it takes to block a common standpipe water.

After the shut-off valve is installed, tightly fastened to it under the water meter with pre-assembled with additional elements.

After this will only connect system that goes to the house and check on the performance of the assembled circuit.

Next, call the experts who check everything and put a period following inspection.For more information on how to connect the meter under water to the system described in the video in this article.