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August 12, 2017 18:06

Submersible pump for the well - what to choose ?

Submersible pump for the well - what to choose ?

Submersible pumps are used to pump water from wells, ponds and wells.

Apply submersible pumps for pumping dirty water.

from other pumps submersible pumps are distinguished only by the fact that they are immersed in water, so that they can pump water with a large enough depth and apply it to a considerable height.

other consumer characteristics of submersible pumps, their price-quality ratio is almost indistinguishable from the surface units.

Deciding to buy a submersible pump for the well, what to choose?

purchasing the pump, above all, correctly identify the purpose of the pump, its features, advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing a submersible pump should pay attention to ease of installation, quiet in operation, saving valuable space, high efficiency.

All submersible pumps have an undeniable and important advantage, unattainable for surface pumping equipment - depth fence pumped water compact.

disadvantage of submersible pumps in one - due to the fact that they sometimes are at a very great depth are difficult to maintain.



  • Manufacturers and prices
    • «Tiny»
    • «water jet»
    • «JEELEX»
    • «brook»
    • «Aquarius»
    • «Grundfos»
    • «Dab »
  • Types and purpose

manufacturers and prices

Buy submersible pump for well snap - today manufacturers produce a variety of models of submersible pumps for uninterrupted supply of water of various volumes.

All of them are widely used for water supply, irrigation and watering, and in private homes on private land, where there is no possibility to establish a surface pump.

Many models of submersible pumps are made entirely of stainless steel, which improves their quality, functionality and durability.

Price submersible pump for well quite accessible to everyone and varies depending on the manufacturer, quality and capacity of the submersible pump.

All information provided in the sale of submersible pumps can lift water from great depths and submit it to the surface.But how to choose the right pump for you?

choosing a pump, first of all - take into account the depth of the pond.It is necessary to determine the strength of water pressure, as well as necessary for your needs of water volume.


example, submersible pump for well, "Baby" is able to provide water to large areas of a country house or cottage land.

This pump can be installed in wells, boreholes or any other containers more than 8 cm in diameter.

pumps "Kid" are industrial and domestic, to the lower or upper wall of water.They cost a bit - in the range of 2000 rubles.


«water jet»

Submersible pumps "water jet" wells - a multi-stage centrifugal units with operating "floating" wheels, built-in capacitor and motor "watered" with water.

With it you can easily pump water from wells and boreholes with a diameter of 100 m, and even from open reservoirs.

pump is used for water supply, watering the garden and the garden.Choosing the right pump will help the two numbers that are in the pump designation.

first number - the maximum flow rate that produces the pump per minute.The second number - the maximum head of water in meters.


pump "JEELEX" intended for home use.

When selecting a pump, pay attention to the marking - it will tell about the important parameters of the equipment - the height of lifting of a liquid and the volume of water pumped.

pumps firms "JEELEX" different volumes and destination characterized by high quality, reliability, availability, cost and ease of use.


Universal pump "trickle" to lift water from wells, reservoirs and wells to supply water to the house, watering the garden and the garden.This pump can pump water horizontally at a distance of more than 100 m.

This pump has the best price-quality ratio, overload protection, and by ingestion of any mechanical impurities from the bottom of a well or other water body.

«brook" meets all the safety requirements to the same reliable and fail-safe operation.



pumps "Aquarius" has long deserved fame dependable pumps used in daily life.

These models of pumps are made of high quality materials: food grade plastic, stainless steel, brass.


Depending on the model, they run without problems and clean water and dirty water, which greatly increased the level of sand.

Pumps «Grundfos» - is a compact submersible pumps small diameter, with built-in protection and high wear resistance.


Pumps «Dab» specially designed for collective and individual irrigation systems and water supply.

This type of pump is equipped with an electromechanical control with integrated pressure sensor and flow.

They work noiselessly, not silt pit and does not muddy the water.They may be used in boreholes with a diameter of 6 cm and more.

Types and purpose

Submersible pumps come in various types:

  • centrifugal;
  • vibration;
  • drainage;
  • pumps with automatic;
  • pumps with integrated check valve.

centrifugal submersible pump for wells used to supply water from a depth of 30 m.

They have a small diameter, elongated shape and can work in a sand and limestone water.It is easy to provide the house with water, even if the well is located quite far from it.

Submersible pumps for wells vibrating pump water used for individual needs and watering the garden without any impurity: algae, silt, sand, so they have a meter from the bottom of the well.

Such pumps are easy to operate with frequent immersion.

submersible drainage pumps for wells used for pumping dirty water from wells, ditches, flooded basements and cellars.

They really help out during the spring flooding and also during heavy and prolonged rainfall.

Submersible pump for wells with automatic - effective and reliable solution for independent water supply.

Automation protects the pump from surges and many adverse factors.

Submersible pump for wells with a non-return valve prevents the return of water back into the pond.

When choosing this pump should pay attention to the check valve characteristic, its quality and integrity.

We hope we have helped you to make the right choice!