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August 12, 2017 18:06

Advice on choosing the best septic tank for questioning

Advice on choosing the best septic tank for questioning

Many avid gardeners, engaging arrangement suburban area, are scratching their heads over what the septic tank to give the best to choose?

In fact, the answer to this question is found not so easy.

Let us first try to understand what a septic tank, and a principle of its operation.

Septic tanks are the basic elements of artificial systems for the purification of waste water, which is set if there is no centralized sewage system.

construction consists of a sealed reservoir which in turn is divided into chambers.It is in these chambers and processed fall into impurity.

process is as follows: after the sewer drain is in the first chamber septic tank, where sludge passes through the steps required for the initial separation of the masses.

After heavy particles will appear at the bottom and the lighter will rise up, water is poured into the next compartment.

second chamber are special bacteria that contribute to the process of fermentation.The water in this process becomes considerably lighter.

Then she falls into the compartment of the third chamber, where the one extra cleaning, and then sent to the filtration chamber: the well field or seepage tunnel.

Many owners of country houses prefer to install the structure in which there are biological filters deep cleaning.

The two-chamber septic tank

If you choose this equipment, there is no need to install filtration well or field.

Of course, when compared with a simple septic tank, the construction will cost is not cheap, but it is worth to summarize the costs for filter elements sewer system, and the price of both options will be almost the same.


  • Types of materials Types of designs
    • Mini septic
    • Savings septic
  • How to choose a septic tank?
  • Selecting Performance
  • Model Selection under the ground

Types of materials

For the manufacture of septic use different kinds of materials, we present a brief overview:

  • First and foremost, of course, plastic. Plastic constructions are very popular, as are light weight and easy installation process, which is easily done by hand. Plastic septic tanks are available in the form of cameras with extra thick walls and pillars for rigidity (however, in this pit for the septic tank, it is desirable to establish concrete supports).If you make a comparison with other models, the plastic septic tanks represent the best budget option - it is also one of the main advantages that attracts gardeners when buying.But establishing a septic tank, it should be remembered that the pipeline conducted to design, should be straight and have a certain angle of inclination towards the septic tank;
  • If you need a deep cleaning, then you should choose as a stainless steel material.Models made of stainless steel are complex constructions with a connection of additional units, consisting of compressors, filters and protective nets.Such models are difficult to install without professional help, and they cost a lot of money;
  • More recently rated materials for the manufacture of fiberglass septic tanks were refilled.This is a new development of scientists and developers as claimed, material characteristics are far superior to conventional plastic (but as the prices of these models is going wild, it is best to transfer his attention to the rating of cheaper materials).

we more or less decided on the materials.Let us now try to understand the structural variants.

Forms designs

By type of construction installations are divided into teams and complete (homemade).If a comparison of prices, the prefabricated are a cheaper option, rather than ready.

But the setting at the same time takes much longer, someone will leave it a few days, someone for weeks.


With ready models no such problems.

Installation can be performed in a single day: dig a pit the size required and place in it the design (if it is made of plastic, it is better to make concrete fastening around her), to carry out the connection to the sewer system and then fill in the remaining gaps between the pits and septic tanks underground.

Prices for ready-made structure on the order above teams, but despite this, it is better to choose a ready-made model.

Do not forget, many of the company with the purchase of finished septic tanks include price delivery and assembly design, so do not be afraid just to see expensive price tags on goods.

Let's do a review of two of the most cost-shelf models.

Mini septic

These mini design, usually installed in the country, are only designed for 1-2 people, because they have the smallest vessels.

or install in areas that are extremely rare.Septic small volume is not more than 1 cubic meter, therefore, it has the most compact of all known models.

This compact design provides a small number of advantages:

  • Easy to install (for the delivery and installation of mini models do not need to use special equipment);
  • absolute autonomy (mini septic tank, as a rule, non-volatile);
  • attractive price.

installing mini septic tank, it should be understood that it can handle only a limited amount of liquid.

Therefore, if you are planning to invite guests or giving regularly to exploit it, the need to replace the mini design and put the other, which will provide greater efficiency.

Savings septic

Typically, the storage septic tank is made of plastic, and it is a structure for cleaning, which is, in fact, an alternative cesspool.

system structure at the same time extremely simple (as the cumulative septic non-volatile), and the price is more than acceptable.But the cumulative septic tank has a number of disadvantages.


Primarily these include the need for frequent call scavengers (which is not cheap), and secondly, the storage tank can not cover up odors from being in its mass.

Third, the need to constantly monitor the flow of water due to the limited volume of the container, which has a storage tank.

addition plastic is easy enough, and that it does not "pop up" when picked up groundwater in the pit is better to establish a concrete slab, which is not always easy when working with their hands.

This design is better to choose to give, not used for permanent residence, and that does not have a large number of plumbing fixtures, or to a septic tank maintenance costs quickly exceed its original cost.

How to choose a septic tank?

Realizing what are the structures and materials, proceed directly to the selection of a septic tank, which is influenced by certain factors:

  1. shall be designed taking into account the number of people living in the country people and the number of plumbing fixtures (the more people live in the country, thea greater volume of the septic tank to be installed - for these purposes it is better to take a large reservoir of volatile with multiple cameras, and you can put mini septic tank with a small for two people);
  2. necessary to take into account the soil and proleganiya groundwater at the site.These figures are substantially affect the ability of the field devices to filter.If the level of groundwater is high, the installation of the filter elements becomes difficult, and in some cases even impossible;
  3. Appointment septic tank - it will operate continuously or only in certain seasons;
  4. price threshold, which depends directly on the choice of a good design;
  5. rating structures allows you to learn about the most popular and proven models, so as to be guided by it, when you do not know exactly how to select a septic tank;
  6. electricity consumption (when purchasing, pay attention to the review of these indicators, for some current models need a specific electricity consumption, therefore more profitable, of course, take a nonvolatile septic tank).

elaborated on some aspects, study them, to continue to make the right purchase and deliberate design.

Selecting Performance

volume of the septic tank is calculated by taking into account the three-day content of sewage.

If the content is less than 1 cubic meter, then you can safely put a volatile mini version with a single camera.

drawing septic tank

If the volume does not exceed 10 cubic meters, the two cameras you should also be sufficient.

If the filling volume wastewater exceeds 10 cubic meters, it is necessary to take the largest septic tank of three chambers, which requires additional power consumption.

How to be if the cottage are very rare, for example, only on weekends?Needless in this case a full installation of a septic tank having a complicated purification system is not needed.

Alternatively, you can carry out the installation of concrete wells or ordinary plastic containers.

If you go to the country permanently, and in the area there is a full bathroom, toilet, sauna and a swimming pool, then, of course, the volume of waste water you will not be small.

In such cases, the ideal option is to install design with aeration.Aeration processes improves the efficiency of the expansion, which improves installation efficiency.

Model Selection under the ground

Standard models require additional device cleaning systems - fields filtration.However, as mentioned earlier, not every soil allows them to install.

If your site a high content of clay layer, the filtration and purification of waste water in this way is impossible.

Alternatively, some do on clay soil artificial soil filter for septic tank for the garden.


To do this, they take most of the clay layer and replace it with gravel and sand.Of course, this work is rather extensive and takes a lot of time.

money spent on these actions, are also quite significantly hit the budget, increasing the overall cost of construction.

choosing a septic tank for the garden, it is necessary to examine the entire review provided models and get acquainted with all their characteristics.

The comparison of designs, find out which option is most appropriate for you, and if the price is too high, podyschu more affordable alternatives.