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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose the front metal door professional advice

Choosing the front door - it is a crucial moment, because of its design will depend on the preservation of all property of the house or apartment, and sometimes - and the lives of the owners.Today, the range of specialty shops generates a plurality of manufacturers presenting their products, which has a wide price range - from the most modest to very high.Therefore, you can always choose a door that will fully correspond to the capabilities of homeowners.

How to choose the front metal door professional advice

How to choose the front metal door professional advice

Purpose front door - it's not only the protection of property from intruders, as it must prevent the penetration of external noise and cold air masses.In addition, there are models that can create a reliable barrier, even an intense flame during a fire.How to choose the front metal door professional advice - they certainly are, depending on where it is installed: at the entrance to an apartment or a private home, as well as the number of criteria that directly affect the performance and exterior of the structure.

Selection Criteria door

Article Contents

  • 1 Selection Criteria door
  • 2 estimation of the basic characteristics of the doors
    • 2.1 metal frame elements doors
    • 2.2 Hinges
    • 2.3 door locks
    • 2.4 Seals
    • 2.5 Insulation materials for doors
    • 2.6 exterior and interior
  • 3 Video: professional advice on door selection
  • 4 Firedoors
    • 4.1 marking of products
    • 4.2 materials manufacturing
    • 4.3 fitting elements

There is a list of the main points that you need to pay special attention to acquiring the door:

  • installation place.The door can be installed outdoors or in a private house at the entrance to the apartment, that is protected from the direct external influence room entrance.This will determine the choice of material and insulation of the outer skin.
  • level of protection.By this criterion include several aspects:

- the thickness of the metal used for the manufacture of a door;

- frame construction;

- the number of metal layers in the door leaf;

- the number of stiffeners in the web of the frame;

- the number and design of locks and hinges;

- the presence of the element of the review.

  • insulation material.To door did not miss the cold mass and the background noise, it insulated with mineral wool, foam, polyurethane foam or cardboard.In some of the cheapest models of insulation may be absent altogether.
  • number of seals.They can be installed on the door leaf or the box in one, two or even three rows.For fire-proof structures used sealing contours of special materials.
  • Weight door.High-quality product should be heavy because it has a reliable and stiffeners made of high-quality, sufficiently thick metal sheet.
  • design solutions that harmoniously fit into the overall design of the door facade, if the door is installed in a private home.
  • Fire-quality materials if you plan to buy a door, having protection against flame spread.
  • Vandalism cover - especially important in the presence of animals in the house, which can scratch the door trim, or in an apartment, where the entrance to the staircase there is no security lock.
  • door should have a quality certificate or a passport for the product, where all its characteristics are listed.

estimation of the basic characteristics of the doors

Knowing all the selection criteria, it is necessary to consider each of them in detail, to stop exactly on the version that is suitable in all respects for a particular case.

Metal door frame elements

  • design of the door frame can be U-shaped type, ie without a threshold, and whole, self-contained, with a threshold.The first option is used in the manufacture of inexpensive models of economy class, and has a low protective qualities.The second applies to all other classes of entrance doors.
  • metal structure can be made from cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel sheet:

- better, but more expensive option is a cold-rolled steel.The canvas and frame doors are made from bent on special equipment profiles.

The best option - cold- formed sections of metal

best option - cold-formed sections of metal

Therefore the door in this case, it turns out easier, but high and able to withstand long-term operation.With this method of manufacturing the profile of the door frame obtained by multi-stage, and it immediately provides the porch and sometimes the metal casing.Spot welding is performed only on the design of the corners and the installation of stiffeners, making the door more reliable and stronger.

Bent steel profiles

Bent steel profiles

- When using the door of hot-rolled steel profiles or square corners, all design elements are cut separately, and then are assembled and welded frames box and a door cloth.Thereafter, the frame and the stiffeners are welded metal sheet.

Assembling the metal frame of the door leaf

assembly metal frame of the door leaf

A simple and inexpensive embodiment the door is considered, made of angle steel, but it is unreliable and subject to deformation, such as shrinkage at home.The design of this material is used for installation in technical rooms or in apartments located in the entrance, where the door is installed reliable and intercom.In such a private house door particularly undesirable, since it is inevitable shrinkage.

more rigid structure is obtained from the square profile when installed in her ribs and reliable use of at least one side of the door leaf steel sheet in 2 ÷ 3,5 mm thick.

The design of the doors of the specialized steel pipe

door design of the profiled steel pipe

1 - doorway.

2 - sealing filling with foam.

3 - frame made of shaped tube 50 × 25 mm.

4 - the porch of the shaped tube 40 × 25 mm.

5 - steel casing, the metal is not less than 2 mm.

6 - leaf frame, pipe profile 40 × 25 mm.

8 - stiffener, pipe profile 40 × 25 mm.

9 - outer casing - steel plate at least 2 mm.

10 - insulation, and insulation - polystyrene BSS.

11 - trim - MDF panel.

12 - outer loop seal - Profile seal "E".

13 - inner contour of the seal - the seal profile «D».

This door may well be a reliable protection for the entrance of the apartment, as well as for private homes.With proper design registration, it does not spoil the form either outside or inside.

  • Another important parameter - the stiffeners, as their number and location depends directly on the reliability of the design.
Required element - stiffening ribs leaf

Required element - stiffening ribs leaf

three types of installation of these elements can be used in different variants of doors:

- horizontal;

- vertical;

- diagonal.

Stiffeners can be mounted only in the above methods, or they are combined together.The number of these elements may be different, but more of them, the door construction will be more rigid, but at the same time and heavier.An important factor is the reliability of their location, as their efficiency is important in the event that they are evenly distributed throughout the plane of the web.

  • very high quality metal door leaf is made from a sheet of not less than 1.8 ÷ 2 mm thick.Do not buy a door, a metal which can be easily prozhat finger, since an attacker could discover its ordinary or a can opener.These designs have a low price and many people trying to save money, it is their gain.However, this is a case where we can say that the "miser pays twice", because, quite possibly, will have to pay more if the apartment all valuable things will be smoothly rendered.


door hinges are no less important than the web itself or a box, as if they are unreliable, apartment or house from intruders will not save any thick steel, no cunning castle.

on the door can be installed outdoor, overhead loops that are fixed and hidden from the outside, set inside the frame.

The door to the external circuits

door to external circuits

If you select a door with external hinges, it is necessary to check whether there were in this design the anti-beams, which do not allow to remove the door, even in the case where the loop will be cut by a burglar.

Anti-theft bolt

Anti-theft bolt

When you close the door crossbars are included in the specially made for them holes in the profiles of the box and an additional fixed blade that provides protection against burglary.

Internal hinges are not visible from the street or the entrance, and they can not be cut off or unscrew the outside, but they have a drawback.This design can jam at the wrong moment, and he homeowners will not be able to get in, so it can not be considered completely reliable from this point of view.

The door with hidden hinges

door with hidden hinges

In addition, we must note that when the door is selected to be sufficiently massive, this must be installed hinges with ball bearing.They allow effortless opening and closing the fabric and exclude the occurrence of unpleasant squeaks.

Bearing ensures smooth door travel

bearings provide smooth door

progress on the construction of high-end doors are often installed hinges, adjustable in height, with built-in lubricator that keeps them always in working condition.

Door Locks

  • Professional masters recommend to get the door, having two locks with different designs - lever and cylinder.This protective system would be difficult to discover a common tool cracker.
Best of all, if the door will lever ( left) and cylinder locks

Best of all, if the door will lever (left) and cylinder locks

locks on the door must be of high quality, having a guarantee from the manufacturer.Often the "brand" manufacturers of door locks and specialties are doing for them, and individually for each design.If there is an opportunity to purchase such an option, it is not necessary to give it up, as always, you can invite a customer service engineer, who in case of damage will repair.Two

lock installed in the door, it is also convenient in that if one of them gets stuck, it will be possible to temporarily close the second, until it is not the master or the replacement of the closing device.

  • On metal doors often set lever locks "crab" designs that have proven themselves well.It is important that this type of lock requires proper installation when installing the door in the opening.If the wizard will generate incorrect installation, the system can jam.
Замок с "крабовым" расположением ригелей

Castle with "crab" position crossbars

design such lock involves extension crossbars to the side when closing the leaf, making the entire door system even more rigid.In addition, it is difficult to find enough space for the cutting of each of retractable pins as they may take place in different areas of the web.Sometimes these elements are additionally placed in a durable metal tubes that are difficult to cut.

  • cylinder lock installed on metal doors, should be strengthened with armored plate that does not succumb to drilling when attempting to cut part of the structure.Some locks of this type are provided with a latch, which the owners closed inside - it becomes an additional protection of an apartment or house.
Bronenakladki for cylinder locks

bronenakladki for cylinder locks

  • very important to choose the right door installed locks - they should not be next to each other.The optimal distance between these elements - 250 ÷ 350 mm.This factor must be considered in order to make it practically impossible to simultaneously cut using grinder.
Locks should be of the highest quality

locks should be of the highest quality

If there is an opportunity to order a lock to the door, it is not recommended to choose the model of China.They are much cheaper, but also break down very quickly.It is therefore necessary to take the door with a lock, manufactured on the same production as the door construction or production model known companies - that such options have proven to be long-term and reliable, thanks to the quality, which adheres to the manufacturer.


Seals - it is fitting items, used in the construction of metal doors to prevent the room from the outside extraneous smells, sounds and cool air.They contribute to a more snug fit fabric to the porch of the door frame and quieter closing doors.

O circuits can be made of rubber, silicone, polyurethane, foam rubber or plastic.

Rubber seals are the most durable and reliable, since the material is hardy and able to withstand a variety of long-term effects.The elements are made of special acid-resistant and oil-resistant rubber composition, which is also used in high technology and in the food industry, and is considered environmentally friendly.

It is best to show itself by means of its special rubber profiles

best to show itself by means of its special rubber profiles

Sealing with time bands can be replaced with new ones made of other materials.Installation and dismantling of seals is very simple, as they are fixed on the adhesive applied to them by the manufacturer and covered with a protective film which is removed immediately prior to installation.

to the front door to the apartment is enough to the canvas or the vestibule was glued a strip seal, and the private home, where the output is carried out directly on the street, and that there are at least two sealing contour.

For private homes optimum door with two circuits seal

For private homes optimum door with two circuits seal

magnetic sealing strips are installed on some doors.But if between them will arise a strong attraction, the door is difficult to open a child or elderly person - this factor must also be provided in the selection.If the door will be manufactured to order, it is necessary to clarify what the seals must be installed on the structure in the formulation of the requirements.

Thermo tape, expanding when heated

Thermo tape, expanding when heated

In the manufacture of doors, having a fire protection on the porch with a second sealing loop is attached thermosetting tape, which also has both heat and sound insulation properties, as it can have a different thickness.

Insulation materials for doors

Qualitatively made doors should be equipped with a layer of insulation.To this end, the following materials are used:

  • Styrofoam (polystyrene).
  • polyurethane foam or polyurethane foam.
  • Mineral wool based on basalt - it is best suited for thermal insulation works in a residential area.
  • Sound-absorbing materials.

If insulation is applied slab material, it is placed between the outer and the inner panel.It should fit snugly to all inner walls of the structure - the frame and stiffening ribs.Mineral wool is placed vraspor between metal elements and insulation foam when the inevitable gaps between them filled with foam to create a sealed plane.