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August 12, 2017 18:06

White bathroom - black and white design , red and white colors, white furniture

White bathroom.Classic interior
  • psychological impact of white
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Versatility
  • combination with other colors
    • combination with black
    • With red
    • With blue
  • Plumbing fixtures and furniture
  • Decorating the room (walls, floor, ceiling)
  • Choose white tile
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • How to create comfort

If you are going to make repairs in the bathroom, but are afraid of non-standard colors, the best option would bewhite bathroom.And do not be afraid that you will be accused of lack of originality.The snow-white bathroom will never go out of style and fill the volume of the space.

White primarily associated with purity, and because it is a natural cleansing - the main function of the bathroom.In addition, this color is universal in nature and perfectly combined with any color.And, then, it does not take much to dilute the cold chamber-white interior with bright accents. White is ideal for small-sized bathroom.

White bathroom .The purity and spirituality

psychological impact of white

White symbolizes spiritual purity, therefore, does not bear the emotional danger to humans.On the contrary, it can be used for stabilizing the psychological state.In particular, white helps to calm down, relieve tension and stress, stimulates the sense of determination, freedom and satisfaction.However, it is worth noting that in some cases, incorrect use of white in the design can provoke anxiety and denial.This may be due to the association of snow-sterile interior of a hospital ward, which naturally negatively perceived on a subconscious level.

Calm white bathroom


better to abandon the dominance in the interior of dazzling white. Let it be its shades, allowing to recreate various moods.

If you want to make the design visually cool bath, the ideal would be to use snow-blue tiles.For example, this bathroom is good for the southern regions, saturated with light, when there is needed a break from the sun.

White and blue bathroom

warmer interior obtained by using white with a hint of beige and is perfect for northern latitudes.

White bathroom


Regardless of color preferences, creating a white bathroom has a number of positive aspects:

1. Filling light bathrooms, deprived of windows.

2. A visual extension of the space.This quality makes the white indispensable in the repair of a small bathroom.

3. Opens the possibility to frequent changes in the interior.Bathroom, decorated in white, like a blank sheet of paper - it can create any design by simply changing color accents.

White bathroom in a light - beige shades
white bathroom with orange accents


Selecting once white as the main color of the bathroom, you can save a few repairs. not have to arrange a major face-lift, every time the interior of your bath will start to annoy you.It will be enough to increase the presence of color in the interior, accessories Change the color or add a new color.This design space is possible due to the versatility of white.

For color accents colors fit perfectly: gray, beige, yellow, red, green, orange.

However, when filling in the background drawings in combination with darker shades such accents can be quite a bit, but the room will Neskuchniy and original.

Versatility white interior bathroom
A bright white and orange bathroom
White bathroom with large colored accents

combination with other colors

Choice companion color to white may be limited only by your preferences and design ideas.The versatility of the color it can be used equally well with absolutely any shade: pink, purple, blue, green and so on.But there are several contrasting combinations that allow you to make exclusive the most modest white interior.

Modern white bathroom with bright accents

One of the most positive combination of a tandem white and yellow.This suite will bring sunny moods and will be as if filled with light.We wrote about it in another article about the yellow-white bathroom.In it you will find many interesting things.

combination with black

combination of two of the most obvious contrasts true at all times and gives an unsurpassed artistic effect.To some extent, black-and-white bathroom can cause association with the cinema of the early twentieth century.

Depending on the size of the room are various options for layout of black and white.

Black and white bathroom .Bright accents

In the small bathroom ceiling, floor and walls make the white and the black color is made in the form of accents.It can be strip, a small fragment of the wall, lined with black tiles, black countertop sink, black mat.Such a color scheme for the bathroom will enable visually expand the space and get a stylish interior, even in a small room.

Small black accents in white bathroom
black and white beautiful bathroom
White- black bathroom

is not necessary to delineate the contour of a small white room with black stripes - a play on visual reduction of the area.Mirror should be placed so that it is not reflected in the black interior elements.

The design of the spacious bathroom, you can safely give supremacy to black.For example, black may be the walls and furniture, and white will be plumbing, floor and ceiling.

Black and white bathroom

advantageous looks and a combination of black and white in decorating the walls and floor.For example, it may be a geometric pattern or ornate white pattern on a black background or vice versa.Possible black border on a white perimeter of the ceiling - the ceiling will be visually similar to the dome.

Black and white bathroom was discussed in our other article.Read and implement the most daring design decisions.

combination of black and white always looks spectacular.

Black and white bathroom

In any case, the black and white combination gives excellent results - the room turns severe, stylish and simple at the same time.In such a bath is easy to find emotional balance and tune into a working harmony.If you do not want to look too strictly interior, excellent fit small bright accents.

large black and white bathroom with olive accent

The black-and-white bathroom mirror should be positioned so that it does not reflect the dark surfaces.

in white and black bathroom frequently inserted yellow accents that add positive energy and gives the interior.This combination we wrote about the yellow bathroom paper.Read how to make a similar design organic and cozy.

With red

Another contrast decision design white bathroom is its combination with red.Bold design course allows profitable beat the space, hide flaws and highlight the dignity.

bright red-and-white interior carries a powerful energy boost. If in the morning you just can not wake up, the white and red bathroom is exactly what you need.Red increases the degree of interior evokes a feeling of excitement.White does not allow gambling to escalate into aggression.

often use black color, which allows you to place the emphasis in the spectacular red-white bathroom.

There are various options when you make a bathroom in red and white shades.It can be red plumber and furniture on a white background or general and does little touches of red in the form of accessories.This solution is ideal in creating the interior in the middle area and small bathrooms.

White bathtub with red furniture
Stylish white- red bathroom
red- white bathroom

In the spacious bathroom you can allow more red, making it the main decoration of the premises, with white furniture and fixtures.Good will look, if part of white to replace the gray. White underline the dynamic red and gray it gently "cool down", creating a generally favorable palette.

White- red bathroom

Less aggressive, but is bright and juicy orange.On Orange bathroom we wrote in another article.The combination of white and orange echen spectacular, it is capable to charge you with energy for the whole day and give a good mood.

With blue

One of the most common combinations - tandem blue or blue and white.It creates weightless "air" atmosphere, associating with the infinity of the sky and sea, associating with the sea.For more information about the blue bathroom read in another article.

Blue and white nautical theme bath

There are many variations of this combination.We looked at them in detail in the article on the design of a blue and white bathroom.Read this article, take a lot of ideas on voobruzhenie.

White and blue bathroom

Plumbing fixtures and furniture

When choosing furniture and plumbing for white bathroom is no certain rules, but there are some guidelines.

  • In a small bathroom, decorated in white and black colors, better use of sanitary ware and furniture rectangular shape with concise design.
  • The interior looks spectacular furniture with an unusual texture or pattern.
  • Add comfort to the bathroom, you can use wood.This will be a win-win option.
  • Simple forms and abstraction - the key success factors of the white bathroom in the style of Art Nouveau.Consider a few of these elements - and individuality will appear in your bathroom.
  • in black and white looks good spacious bathroom furniture with straight shapes and plumbing made in smooth, classic lines.It will also contrast as a combination of white and black, but the lines will not have feelings of conflict.
  • Plumbing irregularly shaped able to decorate any interior and make it smooth and harmony.
  • interesting is the use of sanitary ware, painted in two colors. example, the white shell is mounted in a black or white table top with a black toilet seat mounted on a square of black tiles or bath can be white on the outside and black (red) inside.
  • Effectively will look plumbing and furniture juicy colors.
a combination of lines of furniture and sanitary ware
Furniture in white bathroom with an unusual texture
The use of wood in white bathroom
Abstract in white bathroom
Black and white bathroom
White bath of unusual shape
White tub with black surface
Plumbing orange color in a white bath

Finishing room(walls, floor, ceiling)

Traditionally, the use of tiles in the decoration of bathrooms, but also suitable for the finishing paint, wallpaper or wood.

White bathroom in bright colors

tile size is best to choose according to the size of the room.Thus, in small bathrooms do not use a large tile and mosaic, to visually discriminate space.However, in the case of white mosaic possible exception.

Mosaic in white bathroom

Part of the wall in the small bathroom, lined with white mosaic, harmoniously fit into the interior.

Often the floor in a white bath spread dark and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern.

White and black bathroom with a checkerboard pattern

will also look good with imitation white floor pattern marble .The ceiling is also often leave a light (white, light shades of beige, blue and gray), observing the rule - the color of the ceiling should not be darker than the color of the walls.

The stylish white bathroom

smaller bathroom, the more it should be white.

accents in white bathroom

Choose white tile

When selecting tiles it is possible and even necessary to play with texture and texture.For a small bathroom is well suited glossy snow-white tiles.It will create the sensation of light, filling the air with the room.If you are afraid to receive from the use of white tile "sick" effect, it is possible to dilute the interior with white tiles with silver-gray or gold patterns. In large rooms looks good matte tile, tile with imitation leather or stone.

tiles with imitation texture

tile with ornaments should be applied in doses, as well as decorative elements.Otherwise, you can overload the interior parts, and the white color symbolizes the simplicity and clarity.

White and blue bathroom with simple lines

Lighting Lighting white bath depends on the size of the room and choose colors.

to spacious bathrooms decorated in black and white or in bright shades of red, perhaps a softer ambient lighting.The red-white bathroom fixtures are aimed appropriate.

about different ways of finishing, read our article on choosing the type of ceiling.A well-chosen design to complement intereer ceiling and make it even more attractive.

If the area is small, the lighting should be bright enough. To create the effect of freshness and sterility underlined suitable lamp cold and neutral (day) light.

White and gray bathroom with spot lights

The smaller the room, the better it must be illuminated.

A well-lit white bathroom


creating white bathroom, special attention should be paid to accessories.They may be the same snow-white as the walls and ceiling in the bathroom.There may be a couple of shades darker than the main decoration room or have a bright contrasting color.

create a mood in a white bath help such subjects as:

  • Mirror
  • Holders
  • mat
  • Towels
  • Wicker baskets and furniture
  • Live plants
  • items nautical theme (it is desirable that they werepainted in unusual white color)
  • Ceramic products - vases, pitchers, dishes, etc.
Accessories in a small bathroom

How to create comfort

To get rid of the atmosphere of the hospital and make a cozy atmosphere in a fairly deserted and the inert white interior, a good use of wood in the decoration. It can be a wooden frame for a mirror, furniture made of solid wood or veneer, wood floor and even the ceiling.The main thing is that the color is not drowned out the natural pattern.The texture of the tree should be highly visible.

comfort in the white bathroom can help create textiles

Add comfort to help the fluffy white rug or mat oriental pattern in the center of the room.And near a bath or shower, you can put the mat.

excellent help color accents.Choose a nice looking colors.

Color accents in white bathroom

Creating a white interior in the bathroom does not require complex knowledge in the field of design.But for best results, should learn the simple rules of working with this color and dilute the interior contrasting elements.