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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bedroom country-style with their own hands

Country style interior looks romantic and gentle, it is perfectly suited for people who are tired of the bustle of modern cities.Decorate your home in this way, you will always be able to enjoy its comfort and warmth, soul relaxing after a busy day.In this article we will talk about the features of the design bedrooms in country style.


Country-style décor and views of the main features of

first thing that comes to mind at the mention of this style - it is the word "comfort" and "comfort."And where else but in the bedroom, we strive to create an atmosphere of relaxation, rest and harmony?That is why the country style is considered one of the best options for the design of a bedroom.

In contrast to the high-tech, the predominant features of which are considered to be innovative technology, strict forms, cool shades and artificial materials, like country style brings us closer to nature, back to the past, to our roots.Natural materials, an abundance of textiles, fine details and interesting handmade accessories - these are the main features of these interiors.Country is not for nothing called a rustic style, in fact, any manifestation of urban minimized it.Traditionally, these interiors do not use modern technology and electronics, and only natural materials are used for decoration: wood, stone, straw, wool.The naturalness and can be traced in fine detail: linen and cotton textiles, handmade products.

modern rustic style combines several similar trends:

  1. English country.Present in the room, decorated in a similar way, if you are transported into an old English house, built somewhere in a small village.Features style: massive wooden furniture, parquet flooring, cotton and woolen textiles.The interior of the welcome warm pastel shades, floral prints and embroidery, the composition of dried or live plants.In such a room will be very appropriate wicker wicker chair with a soft woolen plaid.
  2. French Academy - Provence.For bedrooms in a country style characterized by bright colors, elegant shapes, graceful lines.The entire interior creates an impression of lightness, of weightlessness and airiness.Unlike English direction, which is dominated by coarse wooden furniture, Provence is characterized by a refined and elegant details.For example, the bed can be decorated with unusual forged headboard and the same legs.The French country frequently used shades of purple and lavender, are also found here floral motifs, homespun textiles, carved wood details.
  3. Russian country.Its distinguishing features can be considered a deliberate roughness and originality.It is in the interior you can find bare wood, antique beams, rough plastered surface.The county is dominated by textiles, sheepskin, burlap, often discreet, gray or brown.
  4. Scandinavian direction.For this style is characterized by simplicity, modesty, simplicity.The color scheme consists mainly of light colors, the surface is often painted in white, the furniture and accessories are also designed in bright colors.The room is decorated in Scandinavian style country music, creates a feeling of spaciousness and freedom.The interior is often complementary and bright accents of blue, red, blue.

Ideas for bedroom country style, there are many.If you decide to decorate the home this way, look at the main features of this style:

  1. Environmentally friendly and natural materials - a distinctive feature of the rural interior.All man-made materials such as concrete, metal, plastic, synthetic fabrics replaced natural: wood, natural stone, rattan, straw, wool, linen, cotton, burlap.In such interior is dominated by wood, which serves as the basic material for the furniture and interior decoration.
  2. Country Style does not use a particular color scheme.The predominant hues are considered bright pastel colors: peach, lilac, sand, pale green, beige, terracotta, lavender, cream, pink and others.Bedroom interior, made in the style of the country, characterized by mixing several different colors, among which there are sometimes bright and saturated colors.In the Scandinavian direction permissible predominance of white, although often rooms in rustic style make out in a warm palette.The walls, for example, is rarely painted in pure white color, so as not to make the room too cold.As a replacement for used milk, ivory, ivory.When choosing the dominant colors is based on the direction of national style, for example, preference is given to the Italian interior olive, terra cotta, green.
  3. distinctive feature rustic simplicity is considered, which helps to create in the room an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.Every detail must support this impression, which is why even the smallest accessories should choose carefully.
  4. country-style interiors is rare to find a modern home appliances and electronics.
  5. For such design direction characterized by the use of rough, rough, rough surfaces.
  6. furniture is simple, solid, durable, good quality.
  7. This style prevails natural textiles, synthetic materials are hardly used because violate the general impression, look out of place, do not fit into the interior.
  8. for country style is also inherent in the abundance of interesting details and accessories, many of which are handmade creations.

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make out the room with his hands

Decorating the walls

When decorating the walls in the bedroom should not be based on any strict rules or criteria.The only recommendation is that you do not need to do the wall perfectly smooth and white as well as the interior will turn cold and lifeless.To make fit a wide variety of materials that you have enough imagination, as long as they meet the requirements of natural and naturalness.For example, the walls of a bedroom can be oblitsevat decorative plaster, decorate the stone or wood.Not bad look and wallpaper, especially if they mimic the textile surface.In such an interior looks good floral motifs, so the wallpaper can be decorated with a pattern in the small flower.

ideal option for a rustic bedroom walls will be textured, which can be done with wood paneling, decorative fillers, thick paints or corresponding dense wallpaper.Wallpaper in country style bedroom are quite diverse, but if you decide to pick up finish in the small flower, think hard to paste over them only one of the walls.If the whole room is decorated in such a material, furniture and textiles have to do monotonous, not to create the impression of too much variegation.

walls in the bedroom can make rural and self-colored, but the tone in this case must be warm, pastel.Against the background of such surfaces will look harmonious delicate curtains with floral prints, as well as good-quality wooden bed.


floor and ceiling decoration

The bedroom, decorated in a country style, it is better make the floor of the timber, for example, from the parquet boards or wood flooring.The best thing in the interior looks oak, but the use of tile, linoleum, self-leveling materials in this case is not allowed.If the original timber is too expensive, it is quite possible to replace the laminate budget.

coating will look more interesting, if skillfully combine different types of wood or, for example, cover material impregnation of various shades, colored by paints.

finishing the ceiling in a rustic bedroom is quite simple and is carried out with the help of whitewash.The whitewash is often added to a variety of pigments, in order to emphasize the dominant color scheme of the room.In modern interiors whitewash replaced with more modern materials, such as light water-based paint.The ceiling of the bedroom in country-style can be decorated wooden beams, interesting chandelier or other lighting fixtures.Try to make so that the beams are not looking too flashy and pretentious.Paint them bright colors, close to the color of the ceiling, or in the shade of furniture.

Decorated bedroom plays an important role right lighting.Rooms in rustic style should always be clean, bright, spacious.This effect can help make large windows, draped translucent curtains or draperies, mirrors, well located artificial light fixtures.


Bedroom Furniture country style

Features rustic furniture for bedrooms - naturalness and simplicity.In such an interior fits harmoniously and untreated wood, and artificially aged subjects, and painted wooden surface.A main advantage of the style that all these parts of the interior can be combined in the most unimaginable combinations, which gives the room a sweet simplicity.

If you choose to furnish the direction of the English country, do not forget about the wicker furniture.The traditional rustic design must be present massive bed of wood gruff.For specific details Provence, painted in subtle tones.

Furniture for a bedroom can be decorated with forged elements, and can be made entirely of metal forging handmade.Interior successfully complement the colorful pillows and bedspreads, made in patchwork technique.By the way, built-in furniture in a bedroom will look harmoniously, so that all items must be freestanding.Functionality and ease of placement will give a great dresser or a triple wardrobe.Pay attention to the decor: chest legs, cabinets, tables, chairs and beds are often decorated with carved patterns.Effectively part of the room will be a large trunk, which is not only a convenient place to store things, but also to accentuate the design originality.By setting the chest in the foot of the bed, you have a great bedside table.


decor for bedroom country style

Bedroom, made in rustic style, is inherent in the abundance of accessories that complement the overall ambience and focuses on the features of the interior styling.For the decoration of the room selected elements are designed in the predominant colors of the room.It is very appropriate to look objects made personally.You can decorate the bedroom, for example, homespun carpets or tracks.Incidentally, the carpet can not only to lay on the floor, but to hang on a wall.By pressing for style accessories include antique clocks, paintings in carved frames, family photos, plates with decorative painting.On the ceiling you can place an interesting chandelier with an unusual shade, and shelves and other surfaces to decorate vases and figurines.

Country Style loves floral motifs, so the composition of fresh or dried plants here will be very helpful.Mistresses are fond of weaving macramé embroidery or can use their creations to complement the bedroom decor.Another central focus in this room will be a fireplace, as a real and artificial.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of textiles.Curtains and pillows in the bedroom, made in the style of the country, must be made of natural materials.The colors of floral motifs are common, cell, strip, small peas.

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