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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make children's bed with his hands

Factory cribs are very expensive and are purchased on the short period until the child grows.It is possible that the furniture, descended from the conveyor and beautiful quality, but serial production and many such models.An original and sturdy cot with his hands to make a not very difficult.To start with the size and purchase children's mattress.


  • Detailing baby cot
  • frame for a cot
  • slats for mattress baby cot
  • Feet baby cot
  • Byltsa and sides for a baby cot
  • Children's bed with drawers

Think model and outline the scheme before starting to make a children's bed with his hands, photo options and schemes, you can spy on the Internet.A well-chosen materials and competent assembly will allow you to make a baby cot factory better and more interesting.The unique atmosphere of peace and comfort will appreciate your child and wife.For information on how to make a baby bed, we consider in this article.


Detailing baby cot

  1. Mattress - good, orthopedic buy in the store.Remember that during the growth period in the child formed and strengthened spine and skeleton.Do not skimp on the health of the child.From the size of the mattress, all subsequent work is planned.
  2. frame - the bed base, calculated based on the size of the mattress.For its production will approach dry planed boards.Its thickness should be at least 2.5 cm, and the width of the mattress no longer thickness.
  3. Lamella - is a lattice of rods encased in a frame or a thick sheet of veneer (20 mm) diameter vent holes 40 - 50 mm, installed in the bed frame and supporting from below the mattress.
  4. Sides - act as a safety fence.Species sides very much.From the grid of beams and rails to solid plywood or chipboard.
  5. Byltsa - at the foot of traditionally lower than in the head.They can be used as chipboard, plywood or wood pulp.
  6. legs - sometimes glued and are monolithic plane sidewalls, and often are attached separately.They can be bought in the shop of furniture accessories or make your own from a wooden beam.

frame for a cot


  1. Frame frame for the mattress, in fact - a rectangular wooden box made of boards or boards of laminated chipboard.The width of the board depends on the thickness of the mattress.In view of the mounts for the slats, mattress can protrude above the upper edge no more than 5 cm.
  2. If a cot, folding is done, the two longitudinal sidewalls boxes, can be mounted on byltsah.They are hung on hooks special furniture for beds.You can buy them in the shop of furniture accessories.

slats for mattress baby cot


  1. slats are designed to support the children's mattress in the frame based on the bed.The frame is measured by an internal frame perimeter and going from a bar 3x3 cm on the frame sewn rack 5 cm wide, 0.5 cm thick, and in increments of 5 cm
  2. second option -.. On the frame stuffed plywood thickness of 1.5 - 2 cm. The plywood drill "pen ", made of 10 20 vents diameter of 4 - 5 cm and distributed uniformly over the plane.
  3. On the inside of the frame box, sewn locking bar 3x3 cm or metal corner.

Feet baby cot


  1. Feet cot can be purchased in a store or furniture fittings made of wooden beams.Bruce fit 5x5 cm, it can be a bit pierced on the trapeze.Fasten feet at the corners of the frame box, and recorded through-bolted with a diameter of 8 mm.

Byltsa and sides for a baby cot

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  1. Figured byltsa and sides are made from solid laminated chipboard or cohesive board.By drawing children's beds - a sketch is transferred to a sheet of chipboard and cut electric jigsaw.If desired, you can cut shaped parts for child car beds.
  2. Sides byltsa and chipboard, are attached to the wooden frame using evrokonfirmatov.Angular connections are not joined wooden stud.For this nasverlivayutsya holes in the front and side walls of the mating side and byltsa, pin greased with white glue and a plane dock.For dense docking connection inciting a wooden mallet.

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Children's bed with drawers


  1. Practical and convenient to make a children's bed with drawers.According to the drawing, child's bed with drawers make the frame.Pick for drawers suitable size and color facades with handles.They can be cut out of chipboard or buy ready-made.
  2. on the sides and back wall fit board thickness of about 1 cm with a slotted kerf for the box bottom.The bottom is made of chipboard or thin plywood.Assembled on the SCREW and wooden studs drawer is equipped with a guide on the sidewalls.
  3. There are several types of guide for drawers.Depending on your desire, you can pick up a roller or sliding guide.It can be primitive or guide rails from the corner, but they are not very convenient.
  4. in furniture accessories store better to pick up the guide for the full rollout of the drawer.To equip them drawer is not difficult for a child's bed.Guides versed in two parts.The wide strap is attached to the sidewall of the frame box, and narrow small screws fastened to the side of the drawer.The boxes are inserted in its place.

visually see how to make a child's drawing of the machine bed and assemble it can be seen on the video.