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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a canopy over the porch of polycarbonate

canopy over the porch, not only to protect the entrance to the house from the negative manifestations of nature, but is rather an important part of the decor in general, the exterior, so before the construction of the visor must be carefully approach the selection of the shape, size, type of shelter, as well as material for its manufacture.With minimal construction skills to make a canopy made of polycarbonate is very simple.


  • polycarbonate Choice
  • types and forms canopies
  • frame for the canopy
  • Stages of construction canopy over the porch of polycarbonate
    • Determining the future canopy size
    • frame Mounting
    • polycarbonate Mounting

polycarbonate Choice

recently, a remarkable alternative to the glass acts as polycarbonate, available in various structures plates, the size and thickness of a direct impact on the pros and cons of the material.sotpolikarb4

polycarbonate Advantages:

  • excellent indicator of transparency;
  • perfect protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • high flexibility of the material, contributing to the production of original works;
  • biological, chemical resistance;
  • excellent load-carrying capacity;
  • good heat and sound insulation;
  • low degree of flammability;
  • small share, which opens wide possibilities of construction;
  • high impact resistance;
  • security application, because the destruction of polycarbonate avoids the formation of sharp fragments;
  • durability.


  • exposure to thermal expansion requires the mandatory presence of expansion joints during installation;
  • eventually likely damage the surface of the polycarbonate abrasive particles.

material has a mass of rare properties produced 2 types:

1. Monolithic polycarbonate - is a single sheet without any inclusions and voids formed by the molten polymer granules until smooth.Monolithic polycarbonate 500x450

Monolithic polycarbonate, as compared with a cell has:

  • higher bearing strength;
  • better impact resistance;
  • excellent transparency (90%);
  • resistance.

However, the high cost and a greater proportion of solid polycarbonate rather than the cellular make irrational use it in the construction of sheds, gazebos and other structures in the home.

2. Polycarbonate - is characterized by the presence of two or more sheets, connected by an internal jumper, playing the role of stiffeners.

Polycarbonate 500x450

Polycarbonate monolithic exceed the following criteria:

  • insulation;
  • ease;
  • cost.

In respect of other performance characteristics, polycarbonate is slightly inferior to monolithic, so often used for the construction of greenhouses, sheds, various types of partitions.Strength properties of polycarbonate depends on its structure, shown in the photo:

polycarbonate sheet structure Types table 500x450

Thus sheets can be made reinforced structure, in times of raising the strength of polycarbonate.

polycarbonate structure table 500x450

Thus, the use of monolithic or multi-wall polycarbonate is largely dependent on the shape of the canopy, its size and attachment method.When using polycarbonate, is considered the optimal thickness of the sheet of 8-10 mm.

types and forms canopies

Canopies from polycarbonate have a variety of shapes and sizes that correspond to a particular frame, which differ by the method of fixing the visor, depending on the frame type, as well as material for its manufacture.Based on the method of installation, canopies are divided into 2 types:

1. Support - awnings, attached to the supporting pillars.Apply to the sheds made of heavy materials or large sizes.

Reference canopy 500x450

2. Suspended - attached directly to the wall constructions are used for relatively light canopies are small.

Suspended canopy 500x450

Since the canopy over the porch is an extension of the design registration of the entire structure, the shape of the hood must comply with the overall style.Polycarbonate can be made canopy of one of the following forms:

3. Shed - the easiest technique for manufacturing and cheapest shed, despite the use of solid polycarbonate.

Shed shed 500x450

4. Direct with woodcarving - constructed of reinforced material.From lack of pent different angle of inclination of the canopy and the presence of rectangular inserts, intended, for example, to store signage.


5. roof - more complex canopy structure, is made of a monolithic or polycarbonate, promotes good protection against adverse weather porch manifestations.

Gable peak 500x450

6. arched canopy - constructed from polycarbonate.Like gable canopy, perfectly protects the front part of the building and modern design suitable for any architectural style.

Arched canopy 500x450 ( 1 )

7. The concave canopy - attracts an unusual shape and provides unimpeded descent of snow from the roof.

The curved canopy 500x450

8. The dome-shaped, like a concave canopy mounted from polycarbonate.Ideal to the porch, having a semi-circular shape.

The domed canopy 500x450

thus made of polycarbonate canopies, which presented a photo above, are simple and, at the same time, the originality of the design used.

frame for the canopy

frame, along with the shape of the canopy, is an integral part of the decor of the front part of the building, so the choice of material should come not only from a cost standpoint, but also a harmonious combination with other construction elements.The frame for the canopy to the house is made of polycarbonate:

  • from a tree - differs simplicity of installation, availability, and low cost of the material.This wooden frame is very short service life, under constant exposure to rain, snow, sun.Extend the life of this material may be drawing on elements of the framework in 3-4 layers of varnish or preservative impregnation, prevents the decomposition of the wood.

Wooden 500x450

  • steel corners, at least - tubes - enough reliable design at a low cost.However, the production of the steel frame is invariably associated with welding.In addition, after the end of the frame assembly, it is necessary to clean up the seams, primed surface of the entire structure and to paint, to prevent corrosion on the metal.

Steel 500x450

  • From aluminum parts, tubes - ease give any shape or profile corner allow to make the frame for the canopy of any complexity, forming a solid construction.The only disadvantage of using aluminum is a considerable cost.However, this arrangement does not require additional treatment, since aluminum does not corrode.

From 500x450 aluminum

  • By forging metal - is justified by the high cost of carcass unmatched uniqueness of the finished product.

Forged 500x450

frame Selection depends largely on the size and shape of the canopy, so it is necessary to take into account this factor in the final decision.

Stages of construction canopy over the porch of polycarbonate

Determining the future canopy size

Because the canopy is not only the decoration of the building, but also protection against bad weather conditions, it is necessary to comply with the following conditions:

  • shed should exceed the widthporch 30-40 cm on both sides;
  • desirable to provide a projection visor exceeding 10-20 cm length of the porch;
  • angle of the visor shall not be less than 20 ° C, in order to avoid difficulties with the disappearance of the snow in the winter shelter.

of measurements better display as a thumbnail of the future structure, after which you can begin to assemble the frame.

frame Mounting

To Shed, direct overhang:

  1. Perform cutting racks, supporting bars, beams and struts relative sizes counted.
  2. Attach the rack to the porch by nails or concreted in the pre-dug pits right up to the porch, a depth of 0.5-1 m.
  3. Fix on the wall uprights and cross-bars, beams, rafters.

For gable overhang:

  1. Calculate the size of the brackets presented a triangular shape, given the length, width and height of the canopy.
  2. Craft brackets connecting strut perpendicular to the beam, adhering to 45-60 ° C.
  3. Fix the brackets on the wall with a few screws on the need for a peak width of a similar framework for the pent shed, put the uprights, the top of which is connected to the bearing beams.
  4. Construct rafters, fixing the desired angle of inclination of the canopy using the crossbars.
  5. Secure the rafters on the upper beam supports.

arched canopy:

  1. Construct 2 arc bent tube or profile.For a smooth arc from the need to profile the center to the edges to make shallow cuts in increments of 4 cm. The curving arc, it is better to keep both its edges, providing a uniform radius.
  2. resulting arc to connect segments of the profile corresponding to the length of the porch.
  3. When attaching the frame to the wall, it is welded to the back of the arc connecting beam to which are welded awnings for fasteners.
  4. When using struts, the frame of the arc is attached to the uprights by welding, then it is necessary to sand the joints, cover the primer and paint.

polycarbonate Mounting

Laying polycarbonate sheets assumes that the following features:

  1. polycarbonate Mounting made protective against UV rays, the film up.
  2. to create thermal gaps, fixing holes are drilled into the polycarbonate slightly larger diameter than the diameter of the screw or thermowashers, in compliance with the pitch between the holes of 30-40 cm. When bond with polycarbonate frame, between the cap and screw set sheet rubber gasket that preventsingress of moisture and dirt into the structure of the leaf.
  3. for joining the constituent elements using a special connecting element that serves as the cover of the expansion joint.At the same time insert a sheet into the connector is necessary in view of the expansion gap.
  4. mount docking sheets takes place from the center to the sides or from the top down.
  5. ends of the polycarbonate sheets are glued special adhesive tape or closing end plates that contribute to a condensate drain from the cavity plate and preventing the penetration of dust.
  6. For Arch bending polycarbonate pre-attached to the profile, because in this way provide the necessary bending sheet will be much easier.Bending polycarbonate only perpendicular to the length of the internal channels, in order to avoid subsequent fracture polycarbonate.The minimum bending radius is 80 cm.
  7. After the complete fixing of polycarbonate sheets should immediately remove the foil, because later it will be quite difficult to remove.

Based on the above, to construct a canopy made of polycarbonate with their own hands will not be difficult even an inexperienced person.