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August 12, 2017 18:07

Self-adhesive wallpapers : characterization and application

Today there is a huge choice of wallpaper, which differ from each other not only in design but also technical properties.In a separate category, you can select the wallpaper adhesive, installation of which takes place without the use of glue. Traditionally, this type of wallpaper designed for the decoration of bathrooms and kitchens, but now, due to improvements in production, they are quite suitable for decoration of any premises.

From this review "Dream House" offers you to learn about the varieties of self-adhesive wallpaper, the features of their installation, as well as the use in different rooms - the bathroom and bathroom, kitchen, living room, nursery, etc.

Self-adhesive wallpapers

Self-adhesive wallpaper

Varieties of self-adhesive wallpaper

Wrong side of absolutely all the self-adhesive wallpaper is covered with adhesive backing and a protective film, and the outer side can be made of various materials, the most common of which are:

1. PVC film

outer side of wallpaper covered with a matte or glossy PVC film, which lasts well and is highly durable.If you choose self-adhesive wallpaper furniture, the PVC film is the perfect option.It can be self-colored, patterned or imitation.

Self-adhesive PVC film

Adhesive tape PVC

Self-adhesive wallpaper texture

Self-adhesive wallpaper texture

2. Satin

Satin self-adhesive wallpaper is also called tissue.Wallpapers of this type are characterized by a beautiful design.Most often they are used for the manufacture of wall photos.

Self-adhesive wallpaper fabric

Self-adhesive wallpaper fabric

3. Plug

Cork wallpaper adhesive are improved view of the finishing material.In addition to standard features, they have high sound and thermal insulation properties.Often the surface of cork wallpaper is applied further layer of wax, so that their service life is over 20 years old.In addition, a wide variety of designer cork wallpaper allows you to use them in the design of any premises.

Self-adhesive cork wallpaper

Cork wallpaper adhesive

Cork wallpaper adhesive on the wall

Cork wallpaper adhesive on the wall

Unusual coverage and simulation

Also, manufacturers often singled out self-adhesive wallpaper with chalky finish.The peculiarity of these wallpapers is that on their surface can write and draw with chalk, due to which they are often used in the design of children's rooms.And since then, as the chalk board in the interior gained unprecedented popularity of such began to use the wallpaper in the living room, the kitchen, etc.

Wallpaper adhesive coated with chalk

Wallpaper adhesive coated with chalk

Wallpaper in the kitchen chalk self-adhesive

wallpaper in the kitchen chalk self-adhesive

Chalk wallpaper adhesive

Cretaceous wallpaper adhesive

addition to the above types of self-adhesive, self-adhesive wallpaper, we note under the tree.The surface of these wallpapers in exactly the same texture and shade of various species of wood, making them ideally suited for the creation of certain styles of interior.Background There are also of the same type, whose surface imitates leather, stone and marble.

Self-adhesive wallpaper wood

Wallpaper self-adhesive wall wood

how to apply self-adhesive wallpaper

choosing this particular decorative material for decoration of an apartment or house, all interested in the question - how to glue adhesive wallpaper?In fact, everything is simple.Since the inside of the material is applied dry adhesive agent for wallpapering is not necessary to use glue - just enough to remove the protective film.

With a strip of wallpaper to the wall or other surface, recommended for reliability and eliminate the possible ingress of air to walk on it with dry roller.If the wallpaper applied on plastic, metal or glass surface, it is necessary to moisten a bit before removing the protective film.

Mosaic self-adhesive for bathroom and kitchen

Mosaic self-adhesive for bathroom and kitchen

Since wallpaper adhesive are applied to the walls is very simple, often to cope with this task by the owners.However, before pasting the wallpaper is very important to perfectly align the wall, becauseself-adhesive will not be able to disguise even minor defects, unevenness and roughness.

Self-adhesive wallpaper is not only easy to apply but also easy to dismantle.Removal takes place without a long maceration and stripping material from the surfaces of walls.Self-adhesive strips removed, which significantly reduces the time of repair work.

Self-adhesive wallpapers in the interior premises

Since one of the characteristics of self-adhesive wallpaper is a high moisture resistance, they are likely to use in bathrooms and lavatories.The characteristics of self-adhesive to the bathroom does not yield a ceramic tile - it can also be glued near the sink and shower.Water falling on the surface of the wallpaper is not absorbed in its structure, and remains on the surface, and removing it leaves no traces.

Self-adhesive wallpapers for the bathroom are rich in stylistic diversity.Depending on the interior of the room, you can choose a plain wallpaper with drawings or patterns, or even repeating mosaic laying.Mosaic-self-adhesive for bathroom often has a convex surface or a relief form, so its appearance does not differ from the real masonry.

Self-adhesive wallpaper for the bathroom

Self-adhesive wallpapers for bathroom

Self-adhesive mosaic bathroom

self-adhesive mosaic bathroom

Self-adhesive mosaic bathroom photo

Mosaic self-adhesive photo bathroom

Also, this type of wallpaper are often used for the decoration of the kitchen area.Self-adhesive wallpaper kitchen suitable for wall design and decorating furniture or signs of functional areas.If you want to completely draw the walls of these wallpapers cuisine, choose products with more wax impregnation which repels moisture and any pollution.

Self-adhesive wallpapers for the kitchen furniture with photo printing

Self-adhesive wallpaper furniture to the kitchen with photo printing

Self-adhesive wallpaper kitchen

Self-adhesive wallpaper kitchen picture

Self-adhesive wallpapers , striped apron for the kitchen

Self-adhesive wallpaper with stripes for a kitchen apron

Adhesive tape for kitchen furniture

Adhesive tape for kitchen furniture

Self-adhesive photo mosaic for kitchen

Mosaickitchen self-adhesive photo

However, the bathroom and kitchen - this is not all the rooms where the self-adhesive is used.Bright colors and varied textures make it possible to use them for decoration of any premises, whether living or children.If desired, this type of wallpaper can be combined with other materials.For example, the use of self-adhesive wallpaper to highlight only one wall for decoration or any particular area.

Photo Wall Murals adhesive

Photo Wall Murals adhesive

3D Photo Wall Murals adhesive

3D Photo Wall Murals adhesive

To make children's rooms there is a special category of this type of wallpaper, in the manufacture of which are used only environmentally friendly materials.As a rule, they are different bright colors and beautiful patterns.

also often self-adhesive used for decoration door.If you do not want to change the doors, but the urgent need to update them, you can pick up such self-adhesive wallpaper on the door that mimic wood.With these wallpaper door will look as naturally and gently.

Self-adhesive wallpaper on the door

Self-adhesive wallpaper on the door

How to paste over the door self-adhesive

How to paste over self-adhesive door

Wallpaper adhesive under a tree on the door

Wallpaper adhesive under a tree on the door

Self-adhesive wallpapers will help you quickly and relatively cheaply upgrade your interior.In addition to the above advantages, this type of wallpaper are attractive by the fact that caring for them can be carried out smoothly wet cleaning, becausewater did not harm the surface.

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