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August 12, 2017 18:07

Curtains on the arched windows : photos and design ideas

irregularly shaped windows are always interesting architectural interior complement.Especially stylish and elegant look arched windows.Many people think that to pick up the curtains on the arched windows - is a complex and hardly feasible task. But, in fact, the windows of this form can be designed in various ways, each of which accentuate or complement the geometry of the window opening.In several of them today, and will stop the "House of Dreams".Let's see what kind of curtains would look at the arched windows is best and whether the use of blinds for such windows.

curtains on the arched picture window

Curtains on the arched windows Photo

Skins curtains arched windows Arched windows

attracted by its unusual shape, which perfectly complements the interior and exterior, as a country house, and the usual city apartment.Often, in addition to the non-standard semi-circular shape, they are also non-standard dimensions.For example, in the attic are often small arched windows, and on the first floor - a large, height from floor to ceiling.Despite the fact that these windows themselves look beautiful and stylish, the interior of the dwelling almost always requires completion of a trim window opening using blinds or curtains.

curtains for the kitchen arch photo

Curtains for kitchen arch photo

curtains on the arched windows

Curtains on the arched windows

There are several ways to design curtains on the arched windows:

  1. Curtains below the arch bend

With this method of registration used conventional straight curtains, onlythey are mounted below the level of the arch bend.For this purpose, a standard flat cornice, slightly greater than the width of the window opening.Hanging curtains below the arch bend, you can emphasize the unusual shape of the window.Furthermore, since the upper part of the window remains open, it helps to increase the illumination of the room.

design curtains arched windows

Making arch window curtains

Beautiful curtains on the high arched windows

beautiful curtains on the high arched windows

  1. curtains above the window opening level

This design curtains arched windows to visually increase the height of ceilings.For this embodiment design also used a conventional flat ledge, but he mounted the highest point between the window and the ceiling.To the curtains completely obscured the unusual design of the windows, it is recommended to choose the curtains of the light translucent materials - printed cotton, voile, organza, etc.Also complement the design of the window opening is possible by means of different grabs and holders, which are often set at the level of the arch bend.

Drapery Rods above the arched windows Photo

Drapery Rods above the arched windows Photo

  1. Blinds-Pleated

Curtains or blinds, pleated blinds are made of two aluminum profiles, between which is mounted a special fabric, which included a polyester is used.Blinds of this type are ideal for decoration of arched windows, as they can be mounted directly to the window frame.If there is a window canvas partition, then each part mold is removed, which is created by two pleated curtains.In addition, these blinds are exactly the same shape as the window, their advantage is the ease of use - if necessary, they are raised or folded in the likeness of a fan.In the folded width of the drapes is not more than 5 centimeters, which does not spoil the appearance of the window.Also Pleated - a convenient way to design curtains for the arch in the kitchen.

Blinds-Pleated attractive by the fact that they can be combined with lambrequins, blackout curtains and any other openable curtains, which are mounted on the cornice.

Blinds -Pleated arched windows

Blinds-Pleated arched windows

Red curtains Pleated arched windows

Red curtains Pleated arched windows

Making windows with arched cornices

Since the arched windows are often a bright interior decor, i do not want to hide in their designOn the contrary, to show such an unusual shape.Harmonious often it turns out, if the blinds, curtains or drapes are not attached in a standard way, and through a special arched cornice.Arched cornices are made of flexible aluminum profile, enabling them to perfectly fit the curve of the window.Depending on the particular design, the cornice can have from one to three rows.For wall or ceiling cornice mounted using special brackets and curtains are attached to it on the runners.However, note that the curtains on the windows arched, fixed to flexible moldings will not move, so you need to choose either a very light fabric, or arrange windows with two flat curtains that can tie up at the sides.

Also, this type of cornices are the ideal fastener, if you want to draw the curtains on the arch of interior.

Satin curtains in the arched windows

satin curtains on the arched windows

Curtains design on the arched picture window

Curtains design on arched windows Photo

How to hang curtains on the arched windows

How to hang curtains on the arched windows

ideas for decorating the arched windows with curtains

Arched windows can execute virtually anycurtains, most importantly, that they looked harmoniously with the overall interior room.For instance, the French or Austrian blinds, which are decorated with paintings scalloped folds look beautiful in the classical interiors bedrooms and living rooms.In doing so, the arched windows are suitable for both short and long curtains.For a more modern interior decoration fit the standard combination of curtains and curtains.Typically, this combination of light curtains selected translucent fabric and curtains have to be more compact.

Curtains design for arch-type windows

Curtains design for arch-type windows

Curtains on the window arch photo

Curtains on the window arch photo

very harmoniously on the arched window looks variant design, in which the curtains are hung overlapping.For this purpose, we hung window opening two fabric pieces, which are then collected at the sides by means of grabs or decorative holders.In this curtain may be formed of light and of dense materials.In the second case looks very stylish combination of dense curtains that contrast with each other in color.

As you can hang the curtain on the arched picture window

As you can hang the curtain on the arched window Photo

arched cornices

arched cornices

also as a functional alternative to the usual curtains and blinds curtains can be used on the arched windows.Due to the ease of not violating the geometry of arches, shutters can be used both in the design of window openings, and instead of curtains for the arch of the door.

Shutters on the arched picture window

Shutters on the arched windows Photo

Arched blinds on the window opening

arched blinds on the window opening

Another interesting variant of registration arched windows can be created with muslin curtains, created from a plurality of filaments or decorative cords.Such curtains look harmonious with the interior design of the arches and windows in the kitchen.

muslin curtains for arched windows Photo

muslin curtains for arched windows Photo

Whatever the curtains on the arched windows you choose, remember that their unusual shape is the main decoration.Therefore, when you make such openings designers recommend to give preference concise and simple drapes, which will be a worthy setting for such an elegant and beautiful box.

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