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August 12, 2017 18:07

4 Ideas Christmas composition of cones and 25 photos to them

Interior Decorating - this is the most exciting part of the pre-training, especially if you decide to do your own home accessories.It is important that Christmas decoration associated with winter comfort, fairy tale and magic, and, of course, reminded of the long-awaited holiday.

Christmas composition of cones to help you fast, easy and, most importantly, beautifully decorate the house for the New Year.Today, the "House of Dreams" has prepared for you a few ideas of creation of such decor.

Christmas composition of cones

Christmas composition of cones

Idea 1: Christmas toys from cones

Cone - is a versatile natural material, which can be the basis for the creation of virtually any toys.It is no secret that to do crafts like most children, especially they like to create figures of various animals.To make Christmas toys of cones is enough to choose the appropriate additional materials and dream a little.Surely every child has a collection of articles made from plasticine.If we imagine that a bump - it is the body of the animal, make it original toy, for example, bunny, is not difficult.

Hare from bumps and plasticine

Hare from bumps and plasticine

If there is a small old toys that the kid is not playing, you can turn them into original decorations.For example, the surface of the dyeing cones with gold or silver paint and sticking to her head, tail and legs, you can get a cute penguin, deer, squirrel, or any other little animals.

Toys on the Christmas tree , the little animals from cones

toys little animals on a Christmas tree from the cones

toy on the Christmas tree from the cones can be done completely by hand.Suffice it to paint a suitable paint, glue the ribbon to match and tie a thread to the top, and your Christmas tree will become an exclusive decoration.Very nice look cones, completely covered with sequins.

Toys from cones with their hands photo

Toys from cones with their hands Photo

How to make a toy out of the cones

How to make a toy of bumps

Christmas New Year decoration of cones

Christmas Christmas ornaments from the cone

And if the house has at least a little felt or felt, then you will not be difficultpile, for example, New Year's gnome.But to all of the toys they clung to each other, glued parts best hot glue.

crafts from cones Christmas

Crafts from cones Christmas

And to make the main symbol of Christmas - Santa Claus, a lump must be pre-dipped in red paint and allow to dry well.The most important thing - to create a magical grandfather's head.If there are no options, it is possible to sew fabric.This will require to choose a small ball, sheathing his beige cloth, cotton wool at the bottom of glue in the form of a white beard and a red cap at the top to build.Eyes Santa Claus can be drawn, and it is possible to glue small black beads.

Santa Claus on a Christmas tree from the cones

Santa Claus on a Christmas tree from the cones

Beautiful toy from cones with their hands, you can do this by using their scales.First we need to determine the shape of the product and make a suitable blank, for example, of foam or papier-mache.Then, gently removing the scales of cones, glue them on the surface of the workpiece.Since the New Year is associated with the snow, you can decorate a toy with silver sequins.

Original Christmas decorations from cones photo

original Christmas decorations from cones photo

Idea 2: Wreaths of

cones Cones are ideal for creating wreaths, which in many countries decorate the front door before the holidays.

First of all, you need to prepare a soft, but at the same time a solid billet for making Christmas wreaths.The material for it can serve as a conventional foam or twisted into a bundle of paper.Made of selected material round wreath, its surface is desirable to roll tape, so that it did not lose its shape.Then wreath pasted over cones.Because this natural material is beautiful in itself, it is not necessary to paint paint bumps, varnish or aerosols.It is only on request.

Christmas wreath of cones

New wreath of cones

This christmas wreath made of cones can decorate other natural gifts, such as dry leaves or twigs.

The wreath of cones , twigs and dry leaves

wreath of cones, twigs and dry leaves

Very nice look wreaths of fir cones, decorated Christmas trappings such as Christmas decorations, snowflakes, ribbons, flowers, etc.Also, before you make a wreath, you can paint with bright paint bumps, best of all - a spray from the spray.

Beautiful wreath of cones photo

Beautiful wreath of cones photo

round wreath addition, you can create any composition of spruce cones on the front door.All depends on the shape and the preform additional ornaments.

The wreath of cones in the form of heart Photo

wreath of cones photo

Idea 3 heart-shaped: Christmas fur-tree from the cones

Christmas trees does not happen a lot.Since the bump its shape is reminiscent of fluffy forest beauty, the easiest way to make her Christmas tree - a paint cone bright silver paint, put in a small container and garnish with tinsel.

This hack looks great as decoration New Year's table.To stand under the Christmas tree is convenient to use a variety of candle holders.

Christmas trees from cones photo

Christmas trees from cones photo

Christmas tree from the cones

Christmas tree from the cones

Herringbone of cones will certainly be the main decoration of the interior.A more sophisticated version of the main attribute of the holiday can be made, plastered with tapered cones.The form easiest to create from loose cardboard, securing it on the edges of a stapler.Tape off the workpiece cones, it can be put in a flower pot or on a comfortable stand.

Large tree of cones in a flowerpot

Large tree of cones in a flowerpot

Christmas tree from the cones painted in green color

Christmas tree from the cones painted green

If you have a hollow conical shape, for example, made of wood or plastic, the bottom can be attached a small stand, and the whole structureput in a flower pot.Then your composition will be similar to the original ornamental tree.

Christmas composition of cones photo

Christmas composition of cones photo

Idea 4: Interior Decoration crafts from cones

Very nice Christmas decorations created using painted cones.For painting, you can use any dyes - aerosols, construction paint, acrylic, etc.But we must bear in mind that in a dry and warm place cones rapidly expanded, losing its shape.To avoid this, before painting bump to dip into the glue and let it dry well.

finished decoration can be used to create any composition, but the cones also look great in the "solo" version.For example, they can decorate the shelves, a fireplace, and put bright buds in a vase or basket.

cones Christmas decor

decor of cones Christmas

Christmas decorations from cones

Christmas decorations from cones

Christmas decoration of cones in a vase

Christmas decoration of cones in a vase

cones also can be nice to decorate Christmas candle.It is enough to attach themselves on the stand candle, fir branches, Christmas toys and bumps, and original composition ready.

Decor candles from cones

decor candles from cones

In addition, cones - a great material to create a garland.To bond them together by using wire or strip.If desired, the bumps can be dyed in a bright color or add other decorations garland.

Garland of cones

garland of lumps

Decorative Christmas garland cones

Decorative Christmas garland cones

To conclude our review of another original idea of ​​New Year's decor - it hung fir cones to the chandelier or wall lamp.

Decoration of the cones for New Year

Jewellery cones for New Year

Christmas composition of cones will be an excellent opportunity to prepare original and beautiful home for the upcoming holidays.In addition, dip into the fascinating process of creating them, you are sure to fully experience the atmosphere of magic and fairy tales.

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