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August 12, 2017 18:07

Kitchen table with his hands

main place in the home kitchen is always occupied.It serves for cooking, dining and reception of long-awaited guests.In turn, the central element of any kitchen is a table.Today, this element of the home furniture made of various materials - polymeric materials, glass, stone or metal.But thanks to its practicality, decorative appeal, strength and sustainability timber will always lead the list.


  • Choice product shape
  • Select the device material
  • perform calculations for the production of table
  • tools and supplies for work
  • Turn-table manufacturing manual
  • Final recommendations

Selecting the shape of the product

convenient and practical complement every kitchen becomes a wooden kitchen table , which you can make yourself.But before we proceed directly to the implementation process, it is necessary to determine the order table which forms you need.There are several variations:

  • rectangular product;
  • triangular;
  • in the form of a circle;
  • oval table;
  • square.


consider all the variations in more detail:

  1. kitchen wooden round tables.It forms a piece of furniture can be made either on one leg - in this case it must be massive enough to support the load.Either the three pillars that for use in the kitchen room will be more convenient.Typically, the table included attached chairs in an amount of 4-6 units.It should also be noted that the table of this form is not suitable for premises with small yardage.The round shape will not allow to bring it close to the wall, so the table of similar shape requires more space for their placement.
  2. oval wooden kitchen table gives the impression of elegance and sophistication.In addition to aesthetics, it is different from the round one important advantage of the product.It is easier to place in the room, since by virtue of design features it is more capacious.
  3. square-shaped table will be practical and convenient solution for small-sized room.This product is well suited for wall mounting and, by reducing the number of legs, there will be more free space.However, the reverse side it will entail a reduction of seats, so this option is only suitable for small families.
  4. rectangular table will bring your kitchen interior in classic style notes.It is convenient to place.This table will be appropriate and against the wall and in the center of the room.Rectangular product would be suitable for a large family as 6-8 people can be accommodated him.Kitchen tables with glass rectangular wooden type will be functional and at the same time elegant solution for room design.
  5. Furniture triangular shape looks unusual and creative.This table is suitable for those who wish to make their homes in the interior of the emphasis of refinement.However, this structure is hardly convenient for the kitchen facilities, as for it can not accommodate many people.But as the coffee or the coffee table it will be very functional.


Select the device material

There are many variations of the raw materials from which can be made kitchen wooden tables.Undecided, consider:

  • durability of the material;
  • exposure to mechanical and chemical resistance;
  • its resistance to possible deformations;
  • cost.

choosing the material, pay attention to the density of the wood.This point is crucial when it comes to the kitchen table.It is appropriate to use rock solid as a soft material is easier to mechanical stress.Despite the high cost, tables formed from the array, are durable in use and environmentally friendly.


Wood, depending on the density of the indicators can be divided into three categories:

  • solid (beech, larch, apple, ash, rowan, oak);
  • most solid (yew, dogwood or false acacia);
  • soft (alder, spruce, silver poplar, pine, juniper, chestnut).

consider in more detail the materials to make a table:

  1. table walnut is reliable and massiveness.If the manufacturing process produces decorative carving, walnut avoids chipping.Kitchen sliding wooden tables made of this material are very comfortable, tough and will last owner 50 years.
  2. Pine - a popular material for the construction of buildings.Kitchen tables, wooden, photo can be found in many design magazines, need to be further processed by several layers of varnish to impart rigidity and strength.
  3. most successful choice for kitchen furniture will be made of oak wood.The product of such a material will be durable, resistant to deformation and will last for many years.Also, this table will not succumb to decay.This condition is very important for the kitchen, because the humidity in the room is always increased.
  4. Larch - this is an option for eco-friendly furniture followers, which also must have medicinal properties.If this fact was the reason for choosing this material, you must remember one thing.Protection products, which necessarily cover the product, prevent the release of beneficial properties.
  5. Lipa different ductility.This is a good choice for the implementation of point elements.However, this material is also very attractive to insects, so in order to protect the product should be applied stain.
  6. material for furniture can be not only wood.Tables kitchen in the photo design publications often made of alternative raw materials.For this purpose, chipboard plates.The thickness of the fragments of 17-23 mm.Also, use plywood and MDF.To close the ends of these materials specialists use melamine or PVC tape.These materials, of course, inferior to natural wood in many respects.They are not environmentally friendly, have a shorter life and do not have high strength.But the ease of handling and low cost of attracting the attention of many consumers.

Important! most common and accessible woods are walnut, pine, oak.When choosing the material should be guided by the rule - only buy the wood, which is well dried and the humidity does not exceed 10%.Only in this way you will avoid warping the structure.


perform calculations for the production of table

If you decide to make your own table of solid wood, you need to have certain knowledge and skills in carpentry and Joiner is.As well as the appropriate tools and the room where you will perform the work.

Before starting the manufacture of furniture is necessary to make certain calculations:

  1. First of all you need to determine the order, the table needs to be done for a number of people.To avoid mistakes, to the number of family members should be added 2-3 persons per room.
  2. If guests often visit your home, the best solution is a folding table that will seat up to 15 people.folding function allows you to save space.
  3. next step after determining the number of persons will be multiplying the figures by 60 cm. It will be "working" perimeter.Also it is necessary to take care of the creation of the internal shelves and drawers that will also contribute to space saving.
  4. addition is to decide where it will be located the table - in the center of the room or near the wall.In terms of accommodation the most practical first option.
  5. should also take into account all the features of the selected model.


tools and supplies for work

To make a table you need to prepare the following:

  • wooden boards at least 22 mm thick;
  • machine for grinding;
  • plane;
  • hacksaw;
  • jigsaw;
  • furniture board;
  • sandpaper;
  • milling machine;
  • bolts;
  • varnish;
  • drill;
  • brush for painting purposes.

Turn-table manufacturing manual

To make the wooden kitchen table with his hands must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Initially should determine the size of the future product, given the yardage kitchen facilities.In our example, turned 60 on 160 cm.


  1. Then Saw future countertop to the size of the table and washed the ends of the timber.Let
  2. bar on the lower side.This solution will give the countertop stiffness, otherwise the table will sag.


  1. We put a wooden fragment to the product and finding the sizes.If everything matches, fix it to the web by means of screws countertops.
  2. On the reverse side of the product do the layout of places for legs.


  1. Then, using a jigsaw, do the holes and secure with screws four legs.


  1. is followed to perform a grinding surface.To do this, first strip the product coarse sandpaper, and then proceed to the re-polishing has a fine-grained sandpaper.
  2. edges of the table and the bars should be slightly rounded.
  3. If there are any irregularities need to fix them using the plane.


10. In the next step, well-polished table, cover it with varnish.Luck is desirable to apply a matte.We cover several stages.

11. Once covered the first layer, you must endure the time to paint has dried.

12. After it dries rise pile.We remove it by sandpaper and repeat the coating.

13. If after re-applying layer hairiness preserved, should go again and again sandpaper skin varnish product.

14. Kitchen table is ready.

Important!Instead metal legs can also be used square-shaped beams.


Final recommendations

There are a number of important recommendations for the implementation, which should pay attention:

  1. should not have a long side table along the wall.In this case, fewer people will be able to stay with him.
  2. avoid discomfort distance between the product and the nearest objects should be at least 1 meter.
  3. If possible, it is not necessary to place a table near the stove as it can get hot splatter during cooking.
  4. Also, do not choose the place for air conditioning under the table.

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Investing a little time and effort, under certain abilities and skills, you will be able to make practical functional table, thus saving a significant share of the budget.

Video tutorial on making the kitchen table is shown below: