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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to hold the wiring in the floor ?

One option electricity wiring in the building and the apartment is considered to wiring in the floor with his hands.This method of cabling from the electrical panel using a few.To help you decide for yourself whether to choose this type of flush and whether it can be used at all, then we will look at the characteristics of all stages of the work, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the wiring harness on the floor.

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Weigh "FOR" and "AGAINST»

To begin with talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the wiring inside the floor.

Wiring harness in the apartment

Among the advantages of this option wiring release:

  • wiring safety.If you decide to mount electricity under the floor, the situation is unlikely to happen, when his carelessness you accidentally hammered the nail into the cable or punch pereb'ete the conductors.
  • Economy.The question at issue between the high flow of funds to the wiring in the floor, and, on the contrary, this idea profitable.The advantages include the significant cost savings of the cable, asit will not drag on the perimeter of the room (the walls from one to another), and a tie, the shortest path to the sockets and switches, as shown in the photo.
  • Easy electrical work.Except screed, you do not have to do anything complicated.All that is needed - to pass a cable or corrugated pipe, wiring securely on the floor and bring all the ends to the "electric points" for connection.

As for minuses, negative wiring under the floor of the parties are considered:

  • complexity of the repair and replacement of electrical wiring.If you suddenly will open circuit (due to a rodent or a bad twist wires), to find the problem area will not work.All you can do - pull out the cable and replace it with a new one, and then, if before this installation was carried out correctly.
  • Increased costs for the purchase and repair of corrugated flooring (if you suddenly have to break the concrete floor for access to the affected area).

As you can see, there are both positive and negative aspects of cabling under the floor, so you need to seriously weigh the pros and cons before you carry out the wiring under the floor.

Where should I use?

There are two situations where it is appropriate to carry out the wiring in the floor.First - if you have bought an apartment in a new building.Very often the developers rent accommodation without repair, in which the entire Wiring in the ripples on the floor, as in the photo below.Posting in a new photo

To perform laborious shtroblenie walls, you can simply fill coupler and output cable to connect to all the sockets and switches.Such a solution to the problem has a very significant advantage - You can hide the cord and bring it to exactly the right place, without disturbing the integrity of the walls.

Video Review outdoor version flush

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second situation more urgent.When installing the electrical wiring in a wooden house has to choose: either to do retro wiring, the cost of which is much higher.Either perform the cable wiring in the special cable channels, not very good complementary interior wooden private houses.So, the wiring in the floor allows you to "kill two birds with one stone": hide the cord under the wooden flooring and at the same time to conduct electricity at all desired rooms area.Junction box in a house made ​​of wood


So, we come to the most important part of the article, which describe how to carry out the wiring in the floor.To make electricity in a private home or apartment safely, observe the following rules and guidelines when electrical work:

  1. cable must be protected during installation flexi hose runs under a concrete screed and the steel pipe or metal hose with electrical wiring under the wooden floor.Mount the wiring under the floor as possible, but keep in mind one unpleasant moment without corrugations - replace the wiring in the house without the complete destruction of the floor covering you will not succeed.
  2. no twists in the floor should not be.All connections of electrical wires should be in distribution boxes, bred on the floor covering.If it fails to comply with this rule, make the junction box in the floor with the inspection cover.This place is sure to note on the diagram to further you can quickly find the electrical unit.
  3. When laying wires in the floor, the corrugation should be filled no more than 40%.
  4. maximum length of one track (for example, when installing from the apartment to the panel outlet in the back room) should not exceed 20 meters.To resolve this problem, install the transit box in the floor.
  5. forbidden to create more than two turns of the cable, if they are at right angles (and cooler, of course).
  6. If you decide to carry out the wiring in wooden floor, it is not necessary to do so directly on the joists.It is better to create a special technical openings through which miss corrugation, as shown in the photo.Electric Wiring in the room
  7. When installing the electrical wiring under the wooden flooring, be sure to treat the tree means to prevent burning.
  8. In no case do not do branching from the track shield.In this case, replace the damaged section of cable would be more problematic.
  9. screed thickness over the flexi hose must be at least 30 mm.
  10. Try not to do an overlay on top of each other runs (intersection), becausein this case it is necessary to increase the thickness of the concrete ties for the wiring in the floor.

Given these rules and regulations, you can easily make a secure wiring under the floor.The procedure may be different: either you first create a network of pipes, which then prodenete cable, or you will immediately perform the installation with the cable runs inside.The main thing, consider the important point - prior to pouring the concrete floor or the board to fill in the logs, check the finished grid multimeter for shorts and continuity.If you did everything correctly, you can proceed to the installation of floor covering and connecting sockets, switches, lighting fixtures.

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to do the wiring in the floor with his hands.As you can see, there are many serious issues that need to be taken into account, to the wiring was safe and convenient to use.Therefore, before installing again consider whether to carry out such an option wiring needed, or it is better to hold the cable on the ceiling and walls!

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