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August 12, 2017 18:07

Instructions for assembling the electrical panel

So you made wiring in the apartment and the last thing you need - to collect the switchboard with your own hands, setting it all machines, RCD and electricity meter.Many electricians newcomers are afraid to engage in self-assembly of the electrical and prefer to call this Wizard, which will make all for a decent price.To readers of "electrician himself" knew how to carry out the assembly of boxing, then we will look at step by step instructions and video tutorials to give visual.

  • important to know
  • basic process
  • Step 1 - Create
  • scheme Step 2 - Prepare materials and tools
  • Step 3 - Putting the electrical
  • Useful tips

important to know

Electric installation work

to begin to explain to you what are the switchboards for use in homes and apartments.

Photo electroboards so-called "boxes", which set all the protective equipment and the electricity meter can be presented in the following varieties:

  • Material production : plastic or metal.The first option is more practical, becauseIt is lightweight and aesthetically attractive appearance shield.As for the metal - it is safer and more durable.
  • method attachment: overhead and recessed.Accordingly, for the latter necessary to produce a special niche in the wall, but at the same time they do not occupy space in the room.Installing embedded distribution boards harder, but at the same time, they are more often used when installing concealed wiring.Surface option is attached to the wall of the dowel-nails or screws, which significantly simplifies installation work.

should also talk about producing the highest quality "boxes."Since you are in any case you will buy a guard in the store, be sure to give preference to the following companies: ABB (ABB), Legrand (Legrand), IEK (iek), Schneider Electric (Schneider Electric).These manufacturers have occupied a stable position in the market and have become the standard of quality for the majority of professional electricians.

advantage of the choice of the products of this leading quartet is as follows:

  • quality manufacturing materials (if plastic, the heat-resistant), if the metal, all welds are made carefully;
  • cost slightly higher than the average quality models;
  • included are auxiliary parts for the assembly of the switchboard, which would have to buy separately: zero and earthing bar, stickers with symbols, fixing screws.

Well, the last thing I would like to tell you before providing instructions - what it consists of an introductory junction box in the apartment (private home).

main components is:

  1. box itself with a door.
  2. DIN-rail (it is carried out mounting the entire automatic).
  3. Distribution bars (PE and N) for connecting all grounding and zero conductors.
  4. Group breakers with RCD (or combined variant - a differential automatic).
  5. electricity meter.
  6. wires to connect all circuit elements.

Protective equipment and electric meter

Here it should be noted that the choice of connecting fared better in advance to calculate the cross section for power and current, to independently choose the most suitable diameter of the conductor.With regard to automation is a separate issue, however, we have already seen, it is better to choose: Emergency circuit breakers or RCD, the information will be useful to you.

With introductory part sorted out, go to the instructions, which will help raise the switchboard in the house with his own hands.

Very interesting video instruction on the topic:

How to carry out installation of the flap with your hands
YouTube Preview

basic process

Step 1 - Create

circuit First you must create a connection diagram of all the machines, counterand distribution of tires, in order to quickly and correctly collect a junction box in the apartment (or farmhouse).At this stage, the most suitable place to install each item on DIN-rail, you must also choose yourself.The compact and logical machines are placed, the more you'll save more than connecting cables and make boxing convenient for maintenance.

To your attention an example of how should look the scheme of assembly of the switchboard in an apartment on the 220: Simple circuitry

Your version can be anything radically different, and it does not indicate that the circuit is made up incorrectly.In each individual case, the switchboard can collect in their own way.

Step 2 - Prepare materials and tools

Among the tools you will necessarily be required:

  • multimeter (prozvanivat wiring after the connection of all the elements).
  • set of screwdrivers (tighten the screws on the terminals).
  • stripping tool or, in extreme cases, mounting a knife electrician.
  • screwdriver (mount box to the wall)

As for the elements of the circuit, everything is up to you to choose, depending on the total load on wiring, the voltage on the network (1 or3 phase) and set up the branching scheme.We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following block of articles, which are closely related to the self-assembly of the switchboard:
  • How to select the RCD for houses and apartments?
  • How to choose the electricity meter?
  • Feature breakers

After reading these articles, you can go to the store for a suitable automation and materials, and then will only collect switchboard with their own hands.

Step 3 - Putting the electrical

Here we come to the most important part of the article.Now that you already know, from what will be "filling" of boxing and how to select each of the items, you can proceed to the assembly.

Immediately it should be noted one very important caveat - you need to agree with the distribution and sales, who will install the meter.If you are allowed to install it on their own, you can make the act and go get to work.

Step by step instructions for installation of the electrical panel is as follows:

  1. Hang casing on the wall (or set into a prepared niche).
  2. Get to the distribution panel input wires and those that come from each room / high-power electrical appliances.
  3. Strip the wires for good connection to the terminals.
  4. Using screws secure the DIN rail inside the housing, which will serve as a mount for all "stuffing."
  5. Secure all circuit breakers, RCD and even counter (if match fixing) on ​​a fixed bar.Everything is simple, the shield structure includes a special lock, which is quickly and easily snaps onto the rail product.
  6. Set zero and ground bus.
  7. Cut the connecting wires to the appropriate segments.
  8. Connect together all the elements according to the scheme.Do not forget that the introductory phase and zero for the circuit breaker and the RCD must be got to the top terminals.
  9. Carefully check the build quality of the switchboard, once again tighten the screws on all the terminals if necessary.
  10. Invite and sales representative to ensure that he sealed the counter.
  11. Check the work performed, including the opening gun.

If after you include electricity, has not appeared characteristic odor of burning, there was not a spark never happened trip limit, then all electrical work carried out correctly.

illustrative video lesson all the main process:

Correct assembly
YouTube Preview

Finally be sure to check with some simple tips that will help more accurately assemble the switchboard in the apartment and a private home.

Useful tips

The first thing I would like to suggest - the inside of the box lid to stick diagram symbols (where it is).If there is an emergency situation and you do not have in place any other will be able to quickly turn off the electricity or vice versa include the machine, who knocked out.Symbols scheme

also recommend that all cables inside the panel to identify the group tags and an additional group of plastic clamps, as shown in the photo.This will make maintenance and repairs more convenient to people not puzzled when searching for the desired contact.Identification tags wires

Do not forget about an important feature of RCDs connection and circuit breaker - input wires need to be sure to start from the top, even duplicates the manufacturer on the front panel.Replacing the automatic

After you have carried out the first inclusion of the electrical after assembly, leave it open for a couple of hours and then go up and check the automatic temperature and wires.If where the insulation melts, immediately turn off the electricity and start finding problems, otherwise a short-circuit in the future you can not avoid.Photo switchboard in a private house

Every six months it is necessary to tighten the screws on the terminals inside the box automation, especially if you use aluminum wire.

Do not buy a compact switchboard, which is right next place.Firstly, it is possible, after you add new elements to the schema.Secondly, the close space will contribute to the overheating of the devices and their rapid failure.A sufficient amount of free space

That's all that I wanted to talk about how to build a switchboard with their own hands.We hope that the information was useful and interesting for you.If you have any questions, ask them in the comments our experts or category "FAQ"!